Cool part time jobs for students


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There are loads of cool part time paid and voluntary roles for students.

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Cool part time jobs for students

  1. 1. Mystery shopper
  2. 2. If you’re studying in a big city and love shopping, then this is the best way to indulge your shopping habits! It’s flexible enough to work around lectures, trains you in observational and report writing skills, and can be a lot of fun. You could find yourself staying at a hotel overnight, eating out at a restaurant, going to a pub for drinks or having a pizza delivered. But of course, there are also mundane tasks like opening bank accounts and pretending to be a disgruntled customer. Think of yourself like a modern-day spy! *Paid role
  3. 3. Work at festivals
  4. 4. Forget about spending hundreds of pounds at Glastonbury Festival. If you’re a mud-loving, big music fan, skip all the heartache of missing out on popular tickets and digging deep into pockets to fund your yearly music addiction. Volunteer to work at concert venues; work at the concession stand, clean the venue or collect tickets. You’d normally get a couple of days off after working, allowing you to soak up the music scene, or if your work’s done, you can always head to the stage and enjoy watching your favourite bands! *Voluntary
  5. 5. Lifeguard
  6. 6. Loads of university campuses are located close to beaches and depending which country you’re studying in, say Australia, surely the best part-time job you could get would be to work by the sea! Imagine working as a lifeguard (think Baywatch outfits!), getting a tan, playing a bit of volleyball or going out on the jetski when you’re finished work. To top it off, you get paid pretty decent money. Being a lifeguard will also make your resume stand out during job applications – you’ll be seen as responsible with good team work ethics. *Paid
  7. 7. Barista at Starbucks
  8. 8. Working in Starbucks means unlimited free drinks during your shift, and you even get to bring home a pound of free coffee every week! When you’re not on the job, you get a whopping 30% discount on beverages, merchandise and food. Now that’s a big save on your weekly coffee fix! *Paid role
  9. 9. Brand ambassador
  10. 10. There are loads of brands out there that require students to work as their brand ambassadors on their respective campuses. Whether your passion lies in fashion, food, filming, writing or business, there are different areas to suit your needs. For instance, College Fashionista is always on the look-out for Style Gurus who feature students with cool fashion sense on their campuses through weekly pictures and blogs. You’ll need to be outgoing with a bubbly character. *Paid / voluntary role
  11. 11. Babysitting & tutoring
  12. 12. If you’re studying to be teacher or would love to work with children some day, then prepare yourself and take up a babysitting job. You’ll learn all about the cute (and annoying!) habits of little ones and in some cases, coach them in their school work. You’ll also be able to get some assignments done once the little ones have gone to bed. *Paid
  13. 13. Be a note-taker
  14. 14. Are you up and early for all your lectures? Do you constantly scribble everything that Professor X has mentioned? If you’re very organised and have had friends admiring your colourfully-highlighted, notetaking skills, then why not share your notes with them for a certain price? After all, you’re already doing it for yourself, you only need to photocopy and distribute yours. Of course, it’s also important to practise a little discretion and not share every single important note that you may have taken. It could be the deciding factor between you getting a second upper or a first class. *Paid
  15. 15. Hold a car boot sale
  16. 16. We’ve always got stuff to get rid off; clothes, toys, books, unwanted Christmas presents and gifts that you may have won at the Student Union’s pub quiz. Ask from housemates, friends and go through your belongings, and when you’ve got all of them, go to the closest car boot sale. It normally costs about £2£8 to have a spot. It’ll be a fun day out and you’ll get to make money from selling unwanted stuff! How much easier could it get? *Paid