Recognize Israel's Accomplishments


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If there were more honest reporting about Israel, you would know about these accomplishments.

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  • Hokay...ANY nation that picks on the Jews is doomed. Look at any country that had been open open to Jews and subsequently robbed them of their wealth and their intellectual prowess and took a nose dive. Spain was a mighty country until they expelled their Jews in 1492. The Church and royalty stole everything the Jewish people that had made Spain the strong country it was. So Spain was 100% Catholic and that ended the might of Spain.

    The Church never learned their lesson: Touch the Jews and the King of the Universe would destroy the country that had messed with the Jews.

    One thing that makes me smile is Poland. Yes, there were incredibly brave, righteous people who hid Jews from the Nazis, but the vast majority of Poles went out of their way to hand Jewish neighbors over to the Nazis. Why? Pure jealousy...they wanted to take over the Jewish homes and everything they contained. So what makes me smile? Have you ever seen what so many Poles ride around in? Horses and buggys with pneumatic tires.

    To this day, the majority of Poles are still violently antisemitic. And they are still paying for their crimes.

    Germany? A new book 'I Slept in Hitler's Room,' is a must read to understand modern Germany.

    Bottom line: Don't mess with the Jewish people. Those who bless the Jews will be blessed, those who curse them will be cursed. My opinion? Nope. It is in Genesis.
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  • CBS' comment proves that my decision to switch from watching CBS news to ABC news is the right decision. The national news media is supposed to report the truth, whether it is popular or bot. As I understood CBS' comment, anti-Israel reporting is in, and the truth is out. My father (of blessed memory) swore by CBS news. He must be turning in his grave.
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  • To Mirza: ' Ignorance is bliss'
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  • To: beep1, It is even odder, that no nation ever fought besides Israel when she was attacked by her 'neighbors'. And it all started in 1948.

    And if you really read and saw the countless deeds Israel has done on behalf of victims in other countries, perhaps you might change your opinion. The anti-Israel bias is foremost when it comes to the media. The media knows what draws attention to their biased reports.

    here is a quote from the former president of Richard Salent of CBS News.' Our job, is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.'
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  • Those who call Israel an apartheid state are repeating ignorant comments which they were spoon-fed, without checking them out. The majority of Israelis of all faiths, want to live in peace with all peoples. All that the doubters have to do is to visit Israel. Tourists are not followed, and they may socialize with all Israelis.
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