World Heritage Convention
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World Heritage Convention



Presentation by Muhyiddin School (K. Villimale) Students on 11 May 2009

Presentation by Muhyiddin School (K. Villimale) Students on 11 May 2009



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World Heritage Convention World Heritage Convention Presentation Transcript

  • An overview …
    The world heritage convention
  • Heritage is a legacy from the past what we live with today and what we pass on future generation. Our culture and natural heritage are both irreplaceable source of life and inspiration.
  • Encourage countries to sign the world heritage convention and to ensure the protection of there natural and cultural heritage.
    Encourage States Parties to the convention to nominate within their national territory for inclusion on the world heritage list..
    Encourage States Parties to establish management plans and setup reporting system on the state of Conservation of their World Heritage site.
  • Help states parties safeguard world heritage properties by providing technical assistant and professional training;
    Provide emergency assistance for world heritage sites in immediate danger;
    Support states parties public awareness-building activities for world heritage conservation;
    Encourage participation of the local population in the preservation of there culture and natural heritage;
    Encourage international co-operation in the conservation of our world’s culture and natural heritage.
  • Cultural Heritage;
    Monuments: architectural works, works done on sculptures , paintings, inscriptions on cave dwellings, elements or structures of archeological nature
    Monuments are of outstanding universal value from all point of view whether it is history, art or science
  • Groups of building: groups of or separate or connected buildings because of their architecture ,homogeneity or their place in the landscape
    Site: combined work of the nature and men or areas including archaelogical sites
    This is of outstanding universal point of view from anthropological point of view
    What is anthropology?
    It is how people behave around a culture
  • Natural features: consist of physical or biological formations or groups of such formations which are of outstanding value from a scientific point of view
    E.g.: Maldives has a very good natural heritage
    Geological and physiographical formations: precisely delineated area which constitute the habitat of threatened animal and plant species
    This is very valuable from a conservational and scientific point of view
    Natural sites: precisely delineated natural areas of outstanding universal value for natural beauty and conservation
    Natural heritage:
  • Protection, authenticity, management and integrity of the properties are important considerations.
    Maldives and world heritage:
    Maldives became a signatory to the world heritage convention in 1980
    First submitted natural sites in 1984
    This was deferred for the questioning of the outstanding universal value of the given sites.
    2nd submission of a site was in 2007 which was successful in appearing in the tentative list of the 32nd WHC meeting in Quebec Canada
    The nominated site was male’ hukuru miskii, minaret, and the enclosing cemetery.
    It is hoped that this site will be nominated for WH list at 33rd session held in 2009.
    Important factors in the convention
  • It has taken part in many training programmes, workshops, seminars relating to world heritage convention and heritage management and conservation
    It is important to promote the world heritage concept within the Maldivian students for the concept to fully function in Maldives
    How has Maldives benefited
  • In 2006 a heritage act was drafted and submitted from legal review regarding the male’ hukuru miskii.
    A management plan is being drafted in order to fulfill the requirements asked in the world heritage convention list.
    It is greatly hoped that despise the many issue acting as obstacles this mosque will become a world heritage site for the significance of the site .
    Maldives towards a successful inscription
  • Schools need to incorporate about the world heritage as part of the curricula
    Heritage clubs in school need to work on awaking about the world heritage and the responsibilities posed
    Students need to be practically involved in helping in the conservations of natural heritages , preparing management plans etc
  • Thank You
    Aroosha & Shaushath