Metering Energy Consumption in Data Centres - Chris Rudge and Rob Elder


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Metering Energy Consumption in Data Centres - Chris Rudge and Rob Elder

  1. 1. Energy efficiency, monitoring and meteringRob Elder, KeysourceDr Chris Rudge, University of Leicester
  2. 2. Agenda• University of Leicester Project Brief• DCIM explained• Industry focus and research• Our DCIM offering• Core functionality• Virtualization!• Closing notes and next actions
  3. 3. The Project• Centralisation of High Performance Computing (HPC) across the University• Creation of Research Computing Team to support the new service “The university recognised the importance of• Construction of new Data Centre to efficiency, so wanted a accommodate consolidated hardware facility with an annualised Power Usage Effectiveness• 30 racks with up to 30kW per rack position (PUE) of less than 1.5.”• Scalable from 150kW to 300kW IT load• N+1 resilience• Modular high efficiency UPS
  4. 4. Data Centre Solution
  5. 5. Keysource
  6. 6. Haven’t we come far…
  7. 7. … and now we understand so much more
  8. 8. Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) covers the integration of the physical M&E infrastructure (Facilities) with the technology infrastructure (IT), to centralise monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning of a data centre’s critical systems.
  9. 9. Optimize for Fix expected Build orAct efficiency failures buy capacityAnalyzeReportCollectdata
  10. 10. University of Leicester – what to monitor and why? • Monitor everything • Design it that way – you’ll never add it later • Monitor for function / failure / alerting • Monitor for performance / optimisation • Monitor to understand what it’s doing • Monitor for service cost
  11. 11. A single solution for all monitoring?• Not yet….. – A single product won’t do all of this• Data centre infrastructure - APC ISX Central – Proprietary, easy to use, access for Keysource• General server, network monitoring – OpenNMS – Free, network & server, customisable• Specialist HPC - Bright Cluster Manager – Proprietary, monitoring & management
  12. 12. Bespoke views – a better at a glance snapshot
  13. 13. IT activity and Data Centre Power
  14. 14. Cooling loop tuning
  15. 15. Power monitoring at all levels Facility Loadings UPS Loadings Rack Loadings
  16. 16. Proving correct operation Supply air temp Fans adjust to match IT AHU Fan air volume speed IT Load Pressure Differential Control
  17. 17. Product development
  18. 18. DCIM – the next step COMPUTE PHYSICAL management management Virtual machine manager Operations Trouble OK, taking action! Moving VMs Keeping watch for best productivity on power and cooling
  19. 19. Everything, everywhere
  20. 20. How does it help others?• We can demonstrate what’s possible – PUE of <= 1.2 without need for new build – Rack density of >20KW without water to racks! – Rack densities do not need to be predetermined• We have better data to inform decisions – Power saving features in blades are better than servers – Investment in an efficient data centre is worthwhile
  21. 21. A successful IT projectWhat does it REALLY mean? “This will strengthen • Key to securing the University’s position as a Leicesters position as an leading research institution international leader in computational • HPC service has high utilisation with users from astrophysics.” nearly 20 departments from astrophysics, through Justin Read, Lecturer in genetics to economics Astrophysics • Has changed the view of researchers demonstrating that centrally provided services can benefit them • PUE for last 30 days just 1.17 • Electricity saving, compared to old efficiency, of approximately £140,000 per year
  22. 22. Dr. Chris Rudge Rob ElderResearch Computing Services Manager Associate DirectorUniversity of Leicester Keysource 252 2223 0845 204 3333