Metering Energy Consumption in Data Centres - Colin Love


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Metering Energy Consumption in Data Centres - Colin Love

  1. 1. Metering, Devolved Energy Budgeting and Charging for Energy UseColin LoveULCC Data Centre Manager
  2. 2. Who are ULCC ?• Wholly owned subsidiary of the University of London• Receive no direct funding and so self-sufficient• Operate own data centre facility (568sqM of IT space)• Large number of external customers taking services ranging from simple co-location hosting up to full operating system & application management• Not for profit organisation
  3. 3. Metering, Devolved EnergyBudgeting and Charging forEnergy Use• What we meter, where and why• Who we charge for power usage• Why devolve energy budgeting
  4. 4. Electrical Distribution• Single main panel for Data Centre and associated equipment (plant kit) with dual grid feeds and standby generator• Dual feeds to dedicated plant equipment panel• Dual UPS units running as 2N• 4 PDUs within Data centre (2 per UPS), with discreet A and B supplies to every cabinet
  5. 5. Power metersDIRIS A40 Panel Meter Main Incomer
  6. 6. In rack power monitorsCL-Amp unit In rack PDU monitor
  7. 7. In rack PDU monitorClose up Raw data
  8. 8. Why monitor power usage• To ensure power demand doesn’t exceed availability (limited power availability in the Data Centre)• Understand PuE of the Data Centre so improvements can be implemented• To monitor and charge customers for excess power usage where appropriate• IT power loads are increasing, even with virtualisation• Planning for the future – PuE, CRC, EUCoC
  9. 9. Improving Data Centre Efficiency• Rack Containment• More efficient cooling (in-row, free air, ECC fans)• Higher temperatures in Data Centre (difficult in a co- location environment due to legacy kit!!)
  10. 10. ULCC Data Centre 2• Learnt from the original data centre• Hot aisle-containment solution• More efficient air conditioning, although still DX because of building fabric limitations• Metering is more focused, and more accurate in-rack monitoring as greenfield site.
  11. 11. Devolved Energy Budgeting• Why devolve – Reduced space charges typically, but.... – The risks are higher overall costs – Greater visibility of power usage – Directly benefit from efficiency improvements – Results in much closer involvement in energy efficiency overall
  12. 12. The Future• More sub-metering of supplies• Networkable meters to provide trending data• Better management software for the whole Data Centre estate• CRC challenges, EU Code of Conduct
  13. 13. Thank You• Any Questions ???• Contact Me:• GoodCampus/RECSO case study at