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MTV & Gomez - An Inside Look At How MTV Delivers Rich And Compelling Web Experiences
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MTV & Gomez - An Inside Look At How MTV Delivers Rich And Compelling Web Experiences


An Inside Look at How MTV Delivers Rich and Compelling Web Experiences …

An Inside Look at How MTV Delivers Rich and Compelling Web Experiences

Customers expect great online experience - and the bar gets higher every day. MTV has mastered the art of captivating kids, teens, and adults with online games, music, and streaming video - all while efficiently managing performance levels and optimizing infrastructure investments in these tough economic times.

Join Rob Roskin, MTV's Manager of Operations, who will share best practices and tips that have made MTV's online operations so successful. In this complimentary webinar, you will learn how to:

* Enhance business/IT alignment through proactive, clear communication of the impact of web performance
* Spend wisely by leveraging your performance monitoring solution to validate investments and plan capacity
* Enhance your users' online experiences with the latest technologies like streaming video and flash without compromising performance
* Address the web performance challenges of tomorrow today

Watch the entire presentation online at:

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  • 1. An Inside Look at How MTV Delivers Rich and Compelling Web Experiences Rob Roskin, Manager of Operations, MTV Networks Imad Mouline, CTO, Gomez
  • 2. Today’s Web Teams Face Tough Challenges New Technology High User Requirements Expectations Performance Recession Transparency Realities
  • 3. Today’s Web Teams Face Tough Challenges …so how can you succeed?
  • 4. An Inside Look at How MTV Delivers Rich and Compelling Web Experiences Rob Roskin, Mgr. Operations, MTV Networks
  • 5. Who is MTV? ▪ MTV Networks is… ▪ MTVN Entertainment Group ▪ Adult-focused programming and online content and games for primarily male audiences, 18–34. ▪ MTVN Kids & Family Group ▪ Educational and entertaining programs and websites for kids, 2–17, and their families. 2 17, ▪ MTVN Music & Logo Group ▪ Music and pop culture brands, generally targeting brands men and women, 18–34. ▪ MTVN International ▪ Multimedia entertainment brands seen in 160 countries and 33 languages around the world.
  • 6. MTV Operations Environment ▪ Team of 8 monitoring 865 tests across 150 websites, from 2 data centers, 24/7 ▪ Flash, PHP, .NET Technologies ▪ Dozens of different 3rd Party Vendors (Ads, Analytics, Content, etc.) ▪ Ongoing measurements against external and internal SLAs
  • 7. MTV Operations 2009 Goals ▪ Improve site availability to 99.7% as measured externally ▪ Continuously improve web page and application performance over base-lined response times ▪ Improve streaming Flash video performance for end-users
  • 8. MTV Operations’ Challenges 1. 1 Keeping business & IT/operations aligned on web performance 2. Making wise vendor and infrastructure g investments—especially in tough times 3. Enhancing the user experience with new technologies while maintaining top performance hl hl f 4. Always being ready for the next challenge— MTV s MTV’s users always expect the latest and greatest … so how do we do it?
  • 9. MTV Operations’ Best Practices 1. 1 Proactively communicate to stakeholders across the organization
  • 10. 1. Proactively communicate to stakeholders in the organization ▪ ISSUE: The business, who often initiates site changes, needs to be aware of performance. It is h dtb f f i up to the Operations team to deliver information. ▪ What does MTV do? ▪ Proactively works with business to define metrics and goals ▪ Customize reports to meet executive needs ▪ Monitor competitors to understand industry position and share with business stakeholders ▪ Report on performance regularly for both p p g y major & minor changes
  • 11. Customize Reports to Meet Executives’ Needs High-level summary reports Hi h l l t give the business the insight they require. More detailed reports are for operations & technology managers. thl
  • 12. Watch the Competition & Share Rankings Is 2 8 I a 2.8 second response d time good if competitors beat us by 1 second?... In light of our page sizes? Benchmark reports show Executives how MTV performs relative to competitors & showcases IT service delivery quality.
  • 13. Monitor Performance When Changes Occur New & heavier released New release with similar Old response times results
  • 14. Monitor Performance When Changes Occur Larger page delivered at same or faster speed and with New & heavier N h i improved consistency highlights hardware efficiency. released here.
  • 15. MTV Operations’ Best Practices 1. Proactively communicate across l stakeholders in the organization 2. Don’t waste a penny
  • 16. 2. Don’t Waste a Penny ▪ ISSUE: Need to maximize performance, minimize bandwidth usage and get the most out of every usage, vendor dollar… all with shrinking budgets ▪ What does MTV do? ▪ Routinely evaluate your investments in vendors like CDNs ▪ Conduct ongoing capacity planning from the end-users end-users’ perspective ▪ Watch the small stuff (persistent connections, first byte time) ▪ Cache what you can to keep the number of calls down
  • 17. Routinely Evaluate Vendor Investments Ongoing tracking of CDN vendor performance lets us track the quality of service that we originally contracted for.
  • 18. Conduct Ongoing Capacity Planning in Virtual Environments MTV’s virtual First byte time are a key environment allows health indicator. Times shown indicator us to add capacity here are a warning that MTV quickly but requires servers are “underwater”. constant monitoring. First Byte Time Defined — The time between initial connection and receiving the First Packet (a.k.a. first byte) for an object, page, image
  • 19. Watch the Small Stuff Shoot for fi t b t times to Sh t f first byte ti t be less than 0.10 seconds. Use Persistent Connections to save time.
  • 20. Cache What You Can 100 90 Cache C h 90% of content f tt 80 from the origin f th ii 70 “Break apart” the page to Break apart identify what can be cached. 60 50
  • 21. MTV Operations’ Best Practices 1. Proactively communicate to stakeholders l k h ld in the organization 2. Don’t waste a penny 3. Conquer new technologies intelligently
  • 22. 3. Conquer New Technologies Intelligently ▪ ISSUE: User expectations have increased, and the business wants t enhance the user experience bi t to h th i with the latest and greatest technologies. ▪ What does MTV do? ▪ Have a plan and monitor when possible p p ▪ Define new metrics as needed ▪ Balance cost vs. reward with new technologies ▪ Keep end-user performance in mind from the beginning
  • 23. Have a Plan & Monitor Where Possible New questions come up with streaming New technologies may content like “Is a stream available if it require new metrics q takes too long to start-up for end- such as “start-up time” users?” and “rebuffer ratio” to evaluate performance.
  • 24. Balance Performance & Costs vs. Technology Rewards Faster, more consistent start-up times from Global CDN 1 vs. Global CDN 2 are expected based on the level of p investment made in each. Global Gl b l CDN 2 Global CDN 1
  • 25. Keep End-User Performance in Mind From the Beginning Measure end-user performance end user with new technologies and vendors across geographies to identify issues & set Service Level Agreements.
  • 26. Plan for Tomorrow, Today ▪ ISSUE: Monitoring and managing the convergence of page content plus video content requires tools that are competent and flexible. ▪ MTV Challenges Business Requires Deeper Video Monitoring ▪ Driving for new metric that combines page load time + start-up time ▪ Combines webpage and streaming monitoring metrics taken from end-users point of view
  • 27. Plan for Tomorrow, Today PLAN: Work with Gomez to deploy end-user dl d monitoring POC of MTV Flash Video Player of Actual Experience XF (passive monitoring). ( i it i )
  • 28. 3 Hot Topics 1. 1 Availability - What does good Availability mean today? 2. Virtualization - When getting started with virtual applications, what should Operations teams look out for? 3. Caching - What is the most effective caching technique out there for Web applications?
  • 29. Hot Topic - Availability ▪ Does 99.999 still exist TODAY on the Web? 99 999 ▪ Is the site available if it is accessible? OR Does a visitor have to be able complete a task? Key Takeaway – It matters where you measure availability from and what you set as success criteria.
  • 30. Hot Topic - Virtualization ▪ When getting started with virtual applications applications, what should Operations teams look out for? ▪ What’s the best way to measure delivery quality of virtual services? Key Takeaway – Virtualization can be great but companies need to be ready for: • Increased management complexity • Incident management improvements to see the specific causes of failures for end-users
  • 31. Hot Topic - Caching ▪ What is the most effective caching technique out there for Web applications? ▪ Does caching at the network’s edge vs. using the browser make a big difference? Key Takeaway – Caching is a very effective technique and caching at the browser is very cost effective.
  • 32. Gomez Offers Full Lifecycle Solutions for Web Application Management “Gomez has made spectacular progress in the last 18 months…to become the leader in web experience management.” Jean-Pierre Garbani, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Tech Horizons: Evaluating Gomez’s Web Experience Management Services, August 2008
  • 33. Thank You QUESTIONS?
  • 34. Find Out How Gomez Can Help You Gomez is here to help Some of Our Customers http://www gomez com/instant test pro/index.php To receive a complimentary copy of the Aberdeen report entitled: “The Performance of Web Applications – Customers Are Won or Lost in One Second” please visit Speak To A Gomez Solutions Expert Toll Free: 877.372.6732