Hobart Mercury Saturday 4/12/2010


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Hobart Mercury Saturday 4/12/2010

  1. 1. Hobart Mercury Brief: HOBARTCC Page 1 of 1 Saturday 4/12/2010 Page: 24 Section: Editorials Region: Hobart Circulation: 61,123 Type: News Item Size: 237.21 sq.cms. Published: MTWTFS-Think outside the spot MERCURY all know the Tasmanian commercial activity, the real beating attitude to parking. heart of Hobart in many ways, particu-WE We will complain if we cant get a spot right outside ourfavourite shop or cafe and we will circle larly at weekends, evenings and at the height of the summer festive season. It is at its best when the cobblestonesthe block relentlessly until a gap magi- are turned over to Saturdays inter-cally appears. nationally renowned market and it We will also harrumph if we have to becomes a car-free zone.walk more than a block or two from our Yet for the other six days, barringparking spot to our ultimate destination. special events, it becomes the realm ofAnd, of course, we will be ill-prepared the car again and of course, thosefor the capricious weather when we do. dogged Tasmanians circling the block We will complain about the cost of just waiting for another car to depart.parking, even though it is vastly chea- Finding a spot right outside yourper than in cities interstate. In fact, we favourite watering hole, cafe or wine barwill go to extraordinary lengths to find a is obviously a special moment for some.free spot. If we are to realise the Gehl vision Such are the attitudes that are deeply and there should be extensive publicentrenched in Hobart. debate about it it cant be simply by But if we are to realise the vision demonising the motor vehicle and try-outlined by renowned Danish architect ing to regulate it out of the city.Jan Gehl in his plans for Hobart, then What we need to do instead isour attitudes are going to have to change encourage further development of park-significantly. That doesnt mean we ing on the city perimeter to end thehave to abandon the car far from it. parking-space shortfall, encourage aThe car gives us extraordinary freedom park-and-ride or park-and-walk philos-and flexibility that no amount of public ophy, develop easier links to the water-transport can match. front area and slow the traffic all The problem, however, in Hobart, is ideas that have been aired before in the long debate about our capital citysthat parking is eating into the amenityof our favourite areas, such as the future.waterfront and the Queens Domain, There are already new parking sta-places never designed for that role. tions being constructed in Hobart and What we need to do is be prepared to the Gehl plan will be a catalyst for morewalk a little more and be prepared to if the vision for Salamanca Place, themake such small sacrifices. Just think of waterfront and the twin highways ofthe benefits not just to our city but our Davey and Macquarie streets are re-own health and well-being. alised. Of the many recommendations in the The resistance of many Hobartians toGehl report, the one that goes to the walking more than a few blocks or, inheart of what Hobart could be is the the case of some businesses, expectingsuggestions for Salamanca Place. their customers to pull up outside is It is the gem among our waterfront a tradition that needs to change.gems. A great meeting place, a hive of Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) licenced copy. Ref: 85091045