Sunday Tasmanian Sunday 5/12/2010


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Sunday Tasmanian Sunday 5/12/2010

  1. 1. Sunday Tasmanian Brief: HOBARTCC Page 1 of 2 Sunday 5/12/2010 Page: 18 Section: General News Region: Hobart Circulation: 58,968 Type: News Item Size: 511.08 sq.cms. Published: ------S Traffic solutions stuck in slow lane through inner-city suburbs. ager for the Department of Infra- It devised a plan to build a structure, Energy and Resources western bypass, which Mr Wilson Peter Todd said new infrastructureTHE road to sensible traffic management in described as a "more acceptable" wasnt the way to solve Hobarts way to divert traffic from Davey traffic problems. Hobart has been and Macquarie streets. "The bottom line is that it isplagued by U-turns and round- But politicos of the day werent almost impossible, for environ-abouts. convinced and Mr Wilson said mental and cost reasons, to build Experts have attempted to ad- traffic on the two roads still caused ourselves out of the problem," hedress the citys traffic woes since headaches for commuters today. said.the end of World War II. "I think all of the improvements Light rail, improved cycle facili- Hobarts traffic problems are [made to Hobart roads over the ties and bus services were likely toagain under the microscope, follow- years] have been very well planned be key players in any future the release last week of a joint but they just havent been able to Mr Todd dismissed the possibilitystudy by the Southern Tasmanian address the issue of bypassing the of tunnels a way of life interstateCouncils Authority and Tasmanian city centre," he said. because of population, environ-Government, and Danish architect "The big difference now is there mental and cost concerns.Jan Gehls vision for the city. were options for providing a west- "Tunnels are incredibly expens- Gehls calls for Salamanca Place ern bypass of the city back then. ive ... Tasmania simply is notto become a car-free zone and a Now those options have dried up." resourced to develop such infra-reduction of cars in the CBD has Mr Wilson said Gehls vision for structure and simply does not havebeen criticised by Tony Wilson, a Hobart was too simplistic. the population density for it to beman with 30 years intimate know- "You cant just take [cars] out of justified," he said.ledge of Hobarts traffic woes. the equation and expect a city to Tolls were unpopular and ring Mr Wilson was a traffic consult- function," he said. "I think what roads in their previously recom-ant in the 1970s and worked for the that fails to recognise is that you mended forms seemed unlikely.Department of Main Roads for 20 still need to be able to get from one "These proposed roads wouldyears until the late 19905. side of the city to the other." now be economically prohibitive to As a consultant, he helped com- He said Hobart was too spread out develop and would be unpalatablepile the 1970 Hobart Transport stretching from Sorel to Margate to the Hobart community. involvingStudy Revision one of six major and out to Brighton to expect as they do large-scale residentialtraffic reports in the past 65 years. people to rely on public transport. acquisition and in some proposals The study attempted to tone down "You have to plan a public trans- the destruction of what is nowa "radical proposal" of earlier re- port service that competes with the skyline reserve," Mr Todd said.ports to carve a northern freeway speed of private transport," he said. Roads and traffic general man- Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) licenced copy. Ref: 85172058
  2. 2. Sunday Tasmanian Brief: HOBARTCC Page 2 of 2 Sunday 5/12/2010 Page: 18 Section: General News Region: Hobart Circulation: 58,968 Type: News Item Size: 511.08 sq.cms. Published: ------S RANSPORT REPORTS1945 COOK REPORTProposed major ring road around Hobart that would have loopedaround Battery Point, Salamanca Place and near prime, historicallysignificant real estate. A new road would have been carved into the baseof Mt Wellington, connecting South Hobart with Lenah Valley.1964 HOBART AREA TRANSPORTATION STUDYRadical proposal to carve a Northside Freeway through inner-city suburbsthat would have created a bypass for Davey and Macquarie streets.1970 HOBART TRANSPORT STUDY REVISIONSuggested a western bypass, a toned-down version of the NorthsideFreeway proposal. Enforced a need for the Southern Outlet Predictedthe Tasman Bridge would be deficient by 1980, despite its tidal flowsystem. Recommended construction of the Bowen Bridge.1979 DERWENT REGION TRANSPORT STUDYIdentified Kingston/ Blackmans Bay, Bridgewater/ Gagebrook andRokeby/ Clarendon Vale as key growth areas. Considered alternativetransport methods such as foot, cycle and public transport. Warnedabout rising fuel prices and limited availability of parking. Suggestedturning Murray St into a transit mall.1985 HOBART CENTRAL AREA TRAFFIC STUDYConducted a "postcard survey" to gather commuter information andconducted roadside polls. Recommended more parking meters be put inthe CBD. Recommended more and improved public transport services.1990 HOGLEN STUDYExamined needs of northern part of the city. Approved traffic lights atseveral intersections along Brooker Highway. Approved traffic calmingmeasures in North Hobart. Scrapped the Girrabong Rd bypass andMcRobies Rd extension both previously heralded proposals. Experts have been coming up with plans to solve Hobarts road woes since 1945 but not a lot has happened, writes Hannah Martin Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) licenced copy. Ref: 85172058