GPS Container Tracking Solutions


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Our new white paper for 2011 has been released .. download at the link below:

GPS container tracking systems are a solution that can deliver multiple benefits to container shippers. These systems work via GSM or SATCOM networks with additional GPS tracking technology for location tracking and RFID for identification purposes.

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GPS Container Tracking Solutions

  1. 1. How to Devices Software SecurityCopyright  2011  |  Container  Tracking  White  Paper  |  Global  Tracking  Technology  |­‐container-­‐tracking    
  2. 2.     INTRODUCTION  In   this   briefing,   Global   will   describe   the   key   enabling   technology   and  how   this   technology   can   be   implemented   and   which   communicaEons  mechanisms  are  used.  Global   Tracking   Technology   has   been   involved   in   developing   several  container   and   cargo   tracking   soluEons   and   are   in   the   process   of  consulEng  and  implemenEng  such  soluEons  in  several  regions  around  the  world.    In   developing   these   soluEons,   Global   has   considered   a   number   of  common  scenarios  in  the  movement  of  cargo:  • That  cargo  maybe  import  or  export  bound  • That  cargo  maybe  containerised,  bulk  or  palleted  • The  vehicle  carrying  the  container  or  cargo  will  oJen  belong  to  a  third  party   Copyright  2011  |  Container  Tracking  White  Paper  |  Global  Tracking  Technology  |­‐container-­‐tracking    
  3. 3.     THE  INDUSTRY  GPS   container   cargo   tracking   customers   cover   the   full   range   of   Most   of   these   customers   want   to   get   maximum   benefits   with   minimal  stakeholders   in   the   global   logisEcs   business,   the   3   types   of   customer   effort.   Whilst   the   technology   performs   its   task   well,   the   key   element   of  are:   the  system  is  the  human  factor.  It  is  important  that  customer  should  be   ready   to   ensure   that   the   equipment   is   aWached   and   acEvated   correctly,  1.   Governments.   These   are   increasingly   concerned   with   eliminaEng   and   when   the   cargo   arrives,   that   there   is   someone   reliable   who   can  dump-­‐age   from   containers   so   as   to   ensure   they   collect   the   full   taxaEon   ensure  the  hardware  is  returned  to  the  start  of  the  logisEcs  chain  so  as  to  due  on  cargo.  In  parEcular,  governments  of  countries  who  are  handling   repeat  the  process.  containers  in  transit  are  keen  to  ensure  they  collect  necessary  custom  and   tax   duEes.   Another   driver   is   security.   Governments   are   worried  about   the   movement   of   illegal   /   dangerous   materials   /   items   inside  inter   modal   containers.   Lastly,   governments   are   trending   to   single  window  type  operaEons  whereby  all  data  relevant  to  the  movement  of  cargo   is   contained   within   a   single   plaPorm,   this   includes   for   example,  integraEng  manifest  informaEon  with  xray  scans  and  locaEon  data.  2.   LogisEcs   Service   Providers.   These   range   from   niche   providers   who  specialize   in   the   movement   of   certain   types   of   goods,   to   large   scale  shippers   of   manufactured   goods.   LSPs   are   concerned   with   security   of  shipments  as  well  as  providing  added  value  customer  service.  3.  Beneficial  Cargo  Owners.  Increasingly  the  recipient  or  owner  of  the  goods   is   turning   to   container   tracking   service   providers   to   provide  simple   technology   to   monitor   and   locate   their   container   loads.   This  could   involve   monitoring   the   container   whilst   in   transit   or   whilst   it   is   at  a  container  port  terminal.   Copyright  2011  |  Container  Tracking  White  Paper  |  Global  Tracking  Technology  |­‐container-­‐tracking    
  4. 4.     THE  BENEFITS  Companies   offer   different   kinds   of   equipment   for   container   tracking.   Beneficial  Business  Models  We   ensure   every   customer   get   a   device   what   fit   their   needs   (which   There  are  a  number  of  business  models  for  customers:    informaEon   they   want   to   know).   Governments   -­‐   these   customers  mainly  use  the  most  integrated  systems.  These  include  RFID  networks   1.   BOT.   For   governments   we   can   supply   all   the   equipment   on   a   build,  at   port   terminals   combined   with   container   mounted   tracking   devices   operate,   transfer   basis   whereby   the   purchase   is   financed   in   return   for   a  and  sensors.  LogisEcs  service  providers  and  Beneficial  Cargo  Owners  -­‐   concession   agreement   to   operate   the   system.   We   can   train   in   country  these   customers   want   a   self   contained,   easy   on   -­‐   easy   off   devices   that   staff  in  the  system.    can   be   fixed   to   the   container.   Some   of   these   customers   do   not   want   to  open   the   container   door   aJer   they   have   been   sealed,   so   we   supply   2.   Outright   Purchase.   We   offer   this   to   all   customer   who   wish   to   make   a  devices  that  are  fiWed  to  the  outside  of  the  container.   capital   purchase   on   equipment.   We   then   provide   support   and   maintenance   agreements   to   ensure   the   equipment   can   reach   its  The  main  benefits  are:     maximum  operaEonal  lifespan.    1.   Security   of   container   doors.   The   ability   have   immediate   alerts   of   3.   Lease   Rental.   We   have   developed   a   very   unique   service   whereby   a  unauthorized   door   opening   sent   to   the   manager   of   the   container   customer   can   rent   the   system   on   an   as   needed   basis.   We   price   this   based  movement  operaEon.  This  informaEon  can  also  be  stored  on  the  device   on  numbers  of  containers  and  length  of  transit.  This  offer  is  very  aWracEve  itself  for  analysis  later  if  a  realEme  data  channel  isnt  available.     to  beneficial  cargo  owners  and  logisEcs  service  providers.  2.   Tracking.   Customer   can   use   the   realEme   locaEon   informaEon   to  generate  a  wealth  of  management  informaEon.    3.   Container   Monitoring.   We   supply   devices   that   include   a   number   of  telemetry   sensors   that   can   detect   light   entering   into   the   container   -­‐  useful   if   the   container   is   being   sabotaged;   temperature   monitoring   -­‐  useful  for  reefer  type  containers,  and  also  an  accelerometer  to  report  if  the  container  has  been  dropped.   Copyright  2011  |  Container  Tracking  White  Paper  |  Global  Tracking  Technology  |­‐container-­‐tracking    
  5. 5.    TECHNOLOGY  Control CentreContainer Tracking Devices Copyright  2011  |  Container  Tracking  White  Paper  |  Global  Tracking  Technology  |­‐container-­‐tracking    
  6. 6.    TECHNOLOGY  Next  GeneraLon  Tracking  SoNware   View  device  Name  Most  users  of  GPS  container  tracking   Date  &  Time  Of  Last  Transmission  systems   are   looking   for   affordable,  easy  to  use  wireless  technologies.  Global   uElises   the   web   based   Full  GPS  RealLme  Data   GPS   tracking  plaPorm   which   is   the   leading  plaPorm   to   monitor,   manage   and   Container  LocaLon  secure   container   shipments   by   RealLme  Container  Status  excepEon.   All   users   have   a   common  view   of   the   locaEon   of   containers  and  can  manage  alerts.   Device  control  Live Online Tracking & AlertingEnd  Users’  Top  5  FuncLons  For  World  Wide  Monitoring  Geofencing  –  define  ports,  depots  and  cargo  areas  to  know  when  your  container  have  leJ  or  arrived  at  any  desEnaEon  in  the  world  RouLng   –   specify   your   major   shipping   routes   and   be   alerted   if   your   containers   change  direcEon  Door  open  /  door  closed  –  get  immediate  realEme  alerts  when  the  doors  are  opened  and  closed  –  and  see  the  exact  locaEon  this  happens  Illegal  container  intrusion  –classified  technology  alerts  to  you  to  when  your  containers  are  broken  into  even  if  the  doors  remain  closed  Set  and  Forget  –  pre-­‐program  rules  and  se`ngs  so  you  are  only  informed  by  email  and  text  message  with  the  main  events  and  status  of  each  container   Copyright  2011  |  Container  Tracking  White  Paper  |  Global  Tracking  Technology  |­‐container-­‐tracking    
  7. 7.    TECHNOLOGY   iPhone & Smartphone Alerting The   Global   container   tracking   system   can   connect   wirelessly   to   external   sensors,   and   several   sensors   can   operate   simultaneously,   giving  you  the  ability  to  protect  your  container  remotely.   Users  can  be  noEfied  if  there’s   damage   or   a   blow   to   the   container,   and  be  alerted  if  the  container  is  broken  into  bypassing  the  door.   If   the   container’s   door   opens   in   an   authorized   area,   users   are   automaEcally  alerted  on  their  cell  phones.   The   system   can   also   be   programmed   with   ‘geofences’.   These   are   predefined   areas   that   can   be   programmed   to   trigger   alerts,   for   example,   a   user   can   know   exactly   when   a   container   has   reached   any   part   of   the   world   and   can   be   automaEcally   made   aware   of   every   movement  of  the  container.   Copyright  2011  |  Container  Tracking  White  Paper  |  Global  Tracking  Technology  |­‐container-­‐tracking    
  8. 8.     TECHNOLOGY   Container Tracking DevicesGPS  container  tracking  systems  rely  on  the  hardware  hat  funcEons  whilst  being  aWached  to  the  container.     GuardLock “GuardLock  is  your  assigned  security  guard  that  There   are   a   number   of   consideraEons   with   regard   to   the   GPS   reports   every   lock   and   unlock,   ensuring   your  container  tracking  devices:   peace   of   mind   by   knowing   that   your   valuables  1.  Power:   most   devices   come   with   enough   baWery   capacity   to   are  closely  supervised  anyEme,  anywhere.” last  for  90  days  shipping  duraEons,  other  devices  can  operate   for  far  longer.  BaWery  life  is  dependent  on  the  operaEng  mode   of  the  device.  2.  FiXed   inside   or   outside:   GPS   technology   is   uElises   satellite   signals   that   are   surprisingly   weak.   It   is   for   this   reason   that   ConLock device   are   either   mounted   outside   the   container   or   have   a   “Low   Cost,   Pinpoint   Accurate   Container   Tracking   porEon  of  the  antenna  outside  of  the  container.   With   Unique,   Classified   Container   Security  3.  FuncLonality:     devices   are   able   to   act   as   simply   trackers,   Technology   That   Installs   In   Seconds   and   transmi`ng  back  their  locaEon  at  periodic  intervals;  or  some   Operates  For  Weeks.” device   are   more   sophisEcated   and   come   with   integrated   sensors  that  can  detect  when  they  are  fiWed,  removed  and  if   container   doors   have   been   opened.   Some   can   even   detect   sabotage  and  damage  to  the  container.   GlobalTag “This  tag  represents  a  breakthrough  in  satellite-­‐ based  asset  monitoring  and  tracking  technology.   The   Global   Tag   provides   GPS   visibility,   event   monitoring   and   remote   asset   data   on   a   near   global  basis.” Copyright  2011  |  Container  Tracking  White  Paper  |  Global  Tracking  Technology  |­‐container-­‐tracking    
  9. 9.     CONTACT  US  For   more   informaEon   about   the   soluEons   described   Find  us  online:  inside   this   brochure,   and   for   an   iniEal   discussion   of  your  requirements,  please  contact:   skype:  globaltracking  InternaEonal  HQ:    +44(0)870  760  7637  USA        001  813  321  5424  Middle  East      00967  733  026310   Disclaimer   The   informaEon   in   this   document   is   subject   to   change   without   noEce   and   does   not   represent   a   commitment   on   any   part   of   Global   Tracking   Technologies   Ltd.   While   the   informaEon   contained   herein  is  assumed  to  be  accurate,  Global  Tracking  Technologies  Ltd  assumes  no  responsibility  for   any   errors   or   omissions.   In   no   event   shall   Global   Tracking   Technologies   Ltd,   its   employees,   its   contractors  or  the  authors  of  this  document  be  liable  for  special,  direct,  indirect  or  consequenEal   damage,   losses,   costs,   charges,   claims,   demands,   claim   for   lost   profits,   fees,   or   expenses   of   any   nature  or  kind.   Copyright  2011  |  Container  Tracking  White  Paper  |  Global  Tracking  Technology  |­‐container-­‐tracking