Thesis writing assignment; thesis presentation(fixed)


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Thesis writing assignment; thesis presentation(fixed)

  1. 1. Spatial Sound V irtual E nvironm ent Control w ith iOS D evice S1170144 Ryo K anno Supervised by M ichael Cohen
  2. 2. A bstract In m y thesis, I describe the system for controlling“ Spatial sound ” w ith the iOS device. A sm artphone ortablet, such as iOS device, has a touch panel on itsdisplay, and can quantify the location w here w e touch asa com bination of x and y coordinates. Based on thiscaptured inform ation, I aim to establish a new systemfor controlling spatial sound and enable iOS devices to bea new interface of virtual reality.
  3. 3. Spatial Sound Spatial sound is one of the im portant soundexpression in virtual reality, and has sam e m eaning of“ stereophony ” or “ 3D surround ” . It includes thesound of direction, range, yaw , elevation, and so on.In virtual reality, w e can enjoy m ore realistic soundby com binating these features effectively.
  4. 4. Previous W ork Tw o years ago, a previous thesis, “ Spatial SoundControl w ith the Yam aha Tenori - on ” w as published.M y research succeeds and extends this, aim ing to allow the sound m ore sm oothly and freely m ovem ent around a space. Figure: Yam aha Tenori - on, the new type of m usical interface
  5. 5. Research A rchitecture Spatial Sound Control is realized via W i - Fi. The quantified positional inform ation is sent from iOS device to CV E server through the iOS - CV E bridge, and also sent from CV E to Control PC. ( iOS - CV E bridge is the program for helping com m unication betw een iOS and CV E server.)Finally, control PC changes spatial sound in realtim e based on received positionalInform ation.
  6. 6. Flow of Research 1 M y experim ent is divided into three part.1, Com m unication betw een iOS device and CV E server2, Com m unication betw een CV E server and control PC3, Spatial sound control based on sent positional data First, I create a application for sending positional inform ation from touch panel. To achieve this, a source code of draw ing application w ill be leveraged. These application are w ritten by objective - C.
  7. 7. Flow of Research 2 A s I said, a com m unication betw een iOS deviceand CV E server is realized by leveraging iOS - CV Ebridge. This system has alm ost been com pleted inprevious research, so I use and extend it. For com m unication, W i - Fi transm ission is used.
  8. 8. Flow of Research 3 Finally, I create a program for controlling spatial sound based on captured positional data from CV E server. A program m ing language, "Pure D ata", real - tim e graphical program m ing environm ent for m ultim edia, supports the function to control spatial sound in real - tim e. Thanks to this program , w e can control spatial sound m ore freely, sm oothly, and intuitively.