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PRO Players Power and Gas ... Energy Savings Made Easy!

PRO Players Power and Gas ... Energy Savings Made Easy!

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  • 1. WELCOME ! Congratulations ! Thank you for taking your time to look at one of the fastest growing business opportunities in North America. Here, you are your boss!
  • 2. will provide you the fastest and cheapest and most convenient way to make your residential and commercial energy choices !
  • 3. REP REPs
  • 4. Electricity Deregulation The objective of deregulation is to offer energy customers a greater choice, both among suppliers and services. Ideally, that will result in increased efficiency and dollar savings to the customer. U.S. Department of Energy “ Energy is the last major industry to deregulate! ”
  • 5. What is Deregulation? Deregulation divided the electricity business into 3 parts: Generation Delivery Supply
  • 6. Deregulation / Generation Generation is how electricity is produced … some examples: Natural Gas - Coal - Nuclear - Oil - Solar Wind These types of generation are produced at energy power plants and the energy produced is sent to the GRID to sell to energy suppliers.
  • 7. Deregulation / Delivery Delivery is the Utilities delivery of the energy. The utility companies are responsible for making sure the consumer receives their energy through the power line etc. TDSP Charges – (transmission and distribution service provider) Delivery charges usually consist of: Transmission> Funds to maintain the Power lines. Demand Side Management> Funds allowing for customers to ٠become more energy efficient. Renewable Energy> a Statewide Green Energy Charge
  • 8. Deregulation / Supply Supply is the actual kWh used by the consumer. The Supply portion of the bill is the kWh usage that the home or company has used in any given month. The utility is usually the default biller of supply, and cannot make or lose money on this side of the business, so it makes sense for a customer to go with a 3rd party supplier. Supply is also what your commission is based on.
  • 9. Electricity Overview Facts about Electricity Electricity is measured in units of power called watts. One watt is a small amount of power. kilowatt (kW) represents 1,000 watts. kilowatt-hour (kWh) is equal to the energy of 1,000 watts working for one hour. The amount of electricity a power plant generates or a customer uses over a period of time is measured in kilowatt hours.
  • 10. Things to think about ! Volatile natural gas prices: Who knows the coming of the next major hurricane? Who knows how cold this winter will be? Who knows if we will have a summer heat wave? Who knows if we will have economic disruptions? Remove the uncertainty! Control your household budget. Get a guaranteed ‘price protected’ fixed rate plan. Your rate remains the same for the term of your contract. Your local company still reads your meter and provides emergency services. Peace of mind.
  • 11. WHY US What We Do: PRO Players Power and Gas recognizes that everyone has different needs, therefore a customized Energy Cost Savings Analysis is created on behalf of each client. Our Services: ‘Energy Consultant’ Short and Long-Term Service Agreements FREE no obligation energy analysis
  • 12. FREE Energy Cost Saving Analysis
  • 13. FREE Energy Cost Saving Analysis
  • 14. FREE Energy Cost Saving Analysis
  • 15. Worry Free Switching No switching fees. No interruption of service. Same poles, wires and power quality. You will receive a final bill for your old supplier. You will receive a welcome package from New Supplier. New bill will come from the New Supplier. You will notice new Supplier on the bill & your new low contracted rates. Pay the bill as normal. Be aware that switching a customer that is under contract will likely result in a cancellation charge from their current REP. We cannot advise someone to cancel or alter their current contract!
  • 16. The Energy Portal
  • 17. Electricity Gas
  • 18. Let the Portal do the work … The Energy Portal serves as the informational gateway between PP&G, the PP&G brokers and agents, and our Retail Electric Providers (REP). The comprehensive information the Energy Portal provides, assures the most comprehensive quotes available in today's market. This unique process essentially completes administrative work and increases our efficiency, reduces business risk, promotes favorable pricing and delivers all of the information back to you in the fastest and most comprehensive method that will explode your business! While you make money!
  • 19. The Express Portal Process All Energy Consultants will have their own Username & Password 1. Get customer 2. Add 3. Load / print info. from their bill “ESI ID’s” “LOA” have customer & sign & upload “Enter Quote” ES I 4. Request 5. HUD returns / “ HUD” PP&G upload “HUD” H UD Contract 6. Generate LO A 7. Confirm “Contract” “Contract” Finalize Contract !
  • 20. Pricing & Closing a Deal Submit a customer electric bill information for a Quote Look up your ESI ID’s Order your HUD Get your Pricing Generate your Contract FORWARD A BLAND CONTRACT FOR THE CUSTOMER TO REVIEW PRIOR TO MEETING Set closing date, have portal refresh pricing and print contract. Remember, pricing desk opens at 10:00 am central. DO NOT GIVE RATES BY PHONE. SIGNED CONTRACT MUST BE UPLOADED TO PORTAL THAT SAME DAY BEFORE 3:30 PM CENTRAL TIME. Finalize Contract !
  • 21. Lets Talk About Money !
  • 22. Money … Money … Money ! Commission is calculated & governed by several factors Market Contract Size Competition Commission is a millage on the TERM kWh contract. A customer using 2,000,000 kWh a year who contracts for three years. This is 6,000,000 TERM kWh. Term kWh x Millage = REP Commission
  • 23. Money Makers Good Credit ! kWh demand of 500,000 kWh and up ! Current contract expires within 12 months We can write a contract today, and lock in today’s rate, then flow the energy the following month after expiration of the current contract … even if the expiration date is a year away!
  • 24. … ADD IT UP … Making Money Typical Customer Profile A consultant closing 4 deals a month with an average of 1 million kWh annual term could earn you $12,000 a month based on the standard commission scale.
  • 25. A Successful Energy Consultant will … Make 8 new contacts a day – work nights and weekends. Submit 7 to 10 bills a week … every week. Close an average 1 to 3 deals a week averaging 1 million kWh term per contract. 1 to 3 million new kWh term contracts per week or 4 to 12 million kWh term contracts per month. Earn $12,000 to $36,000 per month.
  • 26. How Commissions Are Paid Total Available Commission (TAC) is usually known at the time the client contract is submitted. Should it vary, you will be notified. TAC is the commission due the rep over the entire term of the deal and is “As Earned”. The commission is earned as the power is consumed. PRO Players Power & Gas will advance up to 30% of the total TAC within 45 days of the customer’s normal billing cycle less REP and company clawback protection. Up to 30% of the TAC will be advanced on the second anniversary of the contract and the final 30% on the third anniversary of the contract. An “advance fee” is deducted from the commission by the REP, this is a fee for advancing the commission. Consider that the REP takes the risk for the commission advance payment. The commission has not yet been earned because the power has not been consumed. Clawback protection! Some markets do not advance commission payments.
  • 27. Build Your Business List Build a list of at least 50 businesses where you know or know someone who knows the owner, President, CFO, chief engineer Ask for referrals and introductions. Commercial Lenders. Accountants. Insurance Agents. Associations. Chambers of Commerce. Realtors.
  • 28. Required Information Legal name of customer. Are they under contract. When does it expire. When did they initiate it. Who are they contracted with. Current price per kWh. LOA if required. Customer quote form completed.
  • 29. Do’s and Don’ts DO NOT release any customer personal or proprietary information. DO NOT switch a customer without their full authorization. DO NOT be discourteous or impolite. DO provide all the information possible. DO give potential customers the option to sign up later. DO be courteous at all times. DO NOT GIVE RATES OVER THE PHONE ! Be aware that switching a customer that is under contract will likely result in a cancellation charge from their current REP. We cannot advise someone to cancel or alter their current contract!
  • 30. Code of Conduct Professional Honest Be honest Be professional Customer Satisfaction Be courteous Courteous Respectful Be respectful
  • 31. Slamming and Fraud The number one problem facing the energy industry today is Slamming. Slamming is the unauthorized change in a customer’s electricity or natural gas supplier. Slamming is illegal (subject to large fines) and it put’s everybody’s business at risk. “ZERO Tolerance” – Slamming is not tolerated by PRO Players Power & Gas or the REP and is cause for legal actions, fines and immediate termination.
  • 32. Quality Assurance Control VERY IMPORTANT “ZERO Tolerance” policy will be enforced by PRO Players Power & Gas to ensure a reputable sales process. PRO Players Power & Gas will contact a random sampling of your customers to verify their satisfaction with your involvement in their energy choice. UNAUTHORIZED ORDERS OR SWITCHES ARE GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF YOUR ENERGY CONSULTING POSITION.
  • 33. Code of Conduct It’s Up to YOU! You are the voice of PRO Players Power & Gas. Before selling PRO Players Power & Gas, you must fully understand the PRO Players Power & Gas Code of Conduct and customer charter. You represent the PRO Players Power & Gas brand in the marketplace. This is a huge responsibility and your fellow Energy Consultants are depending on you. Treat all customers/prospects like they were your own – always treat them as you would like to be treated!
  • 34. Best to your Success ! We have shared information to help insure your success and we are available to assist you as needed with any customer negotiations. Welcome and best Success as an Energy Consultant with
  • 35. We thank you for time and consideration. Your comments regarding PRO Players Power and Gas will be most welcome. We look forward to your favorable response and the possibility of working with you. Don Stanhouse - Principal Owner 4 Creekmere Drive Trophy Club, TX 76262 Tel. 817-528-8800 Fax. 682-237-7743 Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention, Confidential Information Non- Non- PRO Players Power and Gas wishes to disclose to you and you wish to receive certain confidential information which is proprietary to the company. In consideration of the company’s disclosure to you of such confidential information, you agree to treat this information as confidential. You understand and acknowledge that such confidential information has been developed or obtained by the company by the investment of significant time, effort and expense, and that such confidential information provides the company with a significant competitive advantage in its business. Because of the unique nature of the confidential information, the company could suffer immediate, irreparable harm. Any employee or associate given access to any confidential information must have a legitimate "need to know" and shall be similarly bound to this Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvention. Confidential Information shall not include information that is now generally known to the industry, or which is later published or generally disclosed to the public by the company.