North American Power Opportunity!


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The energy market is open for business.

Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania are 3 of the 17 states to deregulate their energy markets.

This has created an electrifying opportunity for results-driven individuals like you to earn full-time, part-time or supplemental income by helping residents and businesses lower their utility bills by choosing our lower energy rate. The more people you help save money, the more income you earn. It's that simple!

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North American Power Opportunity!

  1. 1. Introduction North American Power helps residents and businesses save money on their electric bill by lowering the rate they pay for electricity. The company launched in March 2010, and is currently helping thousands of customers to save money on their electric bills…and that number increases daily. 2
  2. 2. Everyone should be paying less for their electricity. You should be saving money on the same electricity that flows into your home to power everything from your fridge to your flat screen. Why North American Power? Right now. This very second. 4
  3. 3. Why North American Power? This is not about saving energy. This is about saving money on the energy you use by lowering your rate. 5
  4. 4. Why North American Power? Every resident and business in deregulated states could be saving thousands a year using the very same electricity just as they always have. Nothing will change but the rate they pay. How is this possible? 6
  5. 5. 7
  6. 6. Deregulated Energy There are 17 states that have deregulated their energy markets. As a North American Power Energy Broker you could make a great deal of money showing people how deregulation gives them the power to save money on electricity. 8
  7. 7. Deregulated Energy How Deregulation Works: Before deregulation, your utility “bundled” together the cost of the electricity you buy with the cost to deliver it to your home and service the wires, pipes and poles. 9
  8. 8. Deregulated Energy But you had no flexibility on the cost of the electricity! You had to pay what your utility charged! 10
  9. 9. You now have the power to choose a lower rate. Nothing else changes. They still deliver the electricity to your home, still service the wires, pipes and poles, and still handle emergencies. Same electric. Same service. Same bill. The only change is the rate you pay. 11 Deregulated Energy
  10. 10. Deregulated Energy They deliver the electric. We supply the savings. Your utility encourages their customers to choose an energy supplier because they don’t earn a profit on the supply. So it’s no loss for them. 12
  11. 11. Who is North American Power? A licensed energy supplier with your local DPUC. Its reason for being is to save people money on electricity. 13
  12. 12. Who is North American Power? Founded by energy veterans: Kerry Breitbart and Carey Turnbull. Over 50 years of combined experience in the energy business. They know energy. 14
  13. 13. Who is North American Power? NAP is not a network marketing company. It’s our goal to build a world-class energy company that helps people save money in the utility industry just as State Farm and Geico do with insurance and AT&T and Verizon do with phone service. 15
  14. 14. Your Opportunity Most of us are still unaware of deregulation and pay too much for our electricity! You can change that and earn money doing it! Make money helping people save money! 17
  15. 15. Your Opportunity WE gain customers with: Traditional advertising such as TV, radio, billboards and mailers. But, traditional advertising can’t convert everyone, however, it does make your job easier. Many consumers still need to speak to somebody before they feel comfortable making a decision. 18
  16. 16. Your Opportunity That somebody is YOU! YOU - a world-class direct sales force of Independent Energy Brokers. 19
  17. 17. Your Opportunity You can earn substantial income full-time or part-time by being a member of North American Power’s growing sales force. THIS is your opportunity 20
  18. 18. It’s So Simple Everyone uses electricity and everyone wants to save money. We simply help people save money on a bill they’re going to pay anyway. We’re not selling anything. We’re simply helping people save. 22
  19. 19. One bill simplicity. It’s So Simple 23
  20. 20. It’s So Simple Competitive rate No cost to switch No contract to sign No cost to cancel No interruption in service 24
  21. 21. It’s So Simple No product No inventory No collections No deliveries No monthly quotas 25
  22. 22. It’s So Simple No paperwork No signatures All you need is their electric bill Just 3 minutes for customer sign up. 26
  23. 23. It’s So Simple You simply help people make a brighter energy choice and we pay you for each accepted customer you sign up. You can also receive residual income when they pay their monthly electric bill. 27
  24. 24. Getting Customers & Earning Income •! Don’t have to change your life •! Don’t have to change your job •! Don’t need to bring in other brokers • You could be your first customer! 29
  25. 25. Getting Customers & Earning Income Everyone is a potential customer! “From households to hospitals.” 30
  26. 26. If you become your first customer, you’ll earn that $30 back from your Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB), lower your rate and earn residual income! Getting Customers & Earning Income Just $49 and your back office support website is free. Pays for: Training 32
  27. 27. Getting Customers & Earning Income How does an earn money? $15 per residence $15 per small commercial 2 mils residual income commencing with the 4th billing cycle. 2.5 mils in any given month your personal usage is 500,000 or >. 33
  28. 28. Getting Customers & Earning Income How it all adds up. NAP Avg. Cust. 1,000 kwh usage/month10 customers per day = $150 per day 5 days per week = $750 per week 2 mils x 10 customers = $20 residual income for one day 5 days = $100 FMRI (Future Monthly Residual Income) 4 weeks = $400 FMRI 12 months = $4,800 FMRI 5 years = $24,000 FMRI For illustrated purposes only. Personal results may vary. 34
  29. 29. Getting Promoted & Earning Income 1. Must personally acquire 20 customers 2. Must personally recruit 5 Energy Brokers 3. Each of 5 EB’s must acquire 5 customers – must have a total of 10 EB’s who have acquired 5 customers in the 1st two levels of your organization. How does an become an ? Congratulations! When 1-3 is met and monthly kWh usage is 500,000 from your entire organization (but no more than 200,000 kWh from one leg or personal customer) you are an Area Manager. 35
  30. 30. Getting Promoted & Earning Income Customers 36
  31. 31. You’re Promoted! Getting Promoted & Earning Income $5 Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB) override on every accepted customer acquired by Energy Broker to unlimited depth. What if you had: 10 Energy Brokers making 10 sales per day, or 100 EB’s making one sale a day. Either way it’s $2,500 per week = $10K per month CAB = $120K per year CAB Plus, ! mil residual income on Energy Brokers customers to unlimited depth and 2.5 mils on Personal Customers 37
  32. 32. As an Area Manager personally recruit 3 new EB’s into your AM Organization and get them promoted to Area Manager 38
  33. 33. Congratulations you’re Promoted! As an RSM earn: 3 mils on personal customers $21 on residential $21 on small commercial 1 mil residual override on EB in your RSM Organization 39
  34. 34. Conclusion A career opportunity with tremendous earning potential! Getting started is virtually free! The energy market isn’t the future, it’s the now, and it’s deregulated and untapped! You’re simply showing people how to do what they should be doing anyway: lowering their electric bill. 40
  35. 35. Thank You.