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GAC Orientation/ Gov. 101 Slides


Slide from FCBR's Government Affairs Committee Orientation/ Government 101

Slide from FCBR's Government Affairs Committee Orientation/ Government 101

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  • 1. Government Affairs Committee A Service of FCBR’s REALTOR & Consumer Advocacy DepartmentProtecting REALTORS Business
  • 2. Expectations• Responsibilities – Relevancy – Membership Representation – External Involvement – C fid ti lit Confidentiality
  • 3. Expectations• Protocol – Attendance & Participation – Professional Representation – Courtesy and Timeliness –IIssue Identification Id tifi ti – Business Representation
  • 4. Election Committee vs GAC• The Election Committee – encourages qualified people to seek public office, interviews announced or potential candidates, makes candidate backing recommendations to the Chamber Board and B d d – works with organization-backed candidates to secure their election to office by facilitating voluntary participation of members in campaigns campaigns.• The mission of the Local Government Affairs Committee (GAC) – i to collaborate with public and private stakeholders to is t ll b t ith bli d i t t k h ld t create a favorable environment for business, thereby – enhancing the quality of life of the entire community and region.
  • 5. Election Committee vs GAC• Election Committee finds candidates• GAC serves as foot soldiers to get the candidates elected – Opportunities to help with elections to be shared with committee – Also may have a “work session” at GAC• If we get th right people elected, th work t the i ht l l t d the k of the GAC becomes much easier
  • 6. City of Fort Collins and L i d Larimer County Government 101
  • 7. Fort Collins Basics• Incorporated in 1873• Home Rule City• C Council/Manager F il/M Form off Government• Guided by City Charter and City Code• Funded primarily by Sales Tax
  • 8. City of Fort Collins
  • 9. Mayor and City Council• Legislative Body – 4 year Council Terms (2 term limit) – 2 year Mayoral Term (3 term limit)• Policies guide decisions about plans and services – Budget and appropriations – Biennial – Community growth and land use – Master Plans l – Financial capital projects• Set 2-year Policy Agenda• Policy decisions in public meetings
  • 10. Fort Collins City Council Mayor Mayor Pro-Tem; Dist 5 Karen Weikunaut Kelly Ohlson District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 6Ben Manvel Lisa Poppaw Aislinn Kottwitz Wade Troxell Gerry Horak
  • 11. City Manager• Darin Atteberry• Appointed by City Council pp y y• Prepares budget• Hires and supervises City staff p y• Carries out Council policies• Day to day Day-to-day operations• Council chief advisor
  • 12. City Facts• N City Budget f 2007 - $ Net Ci B d for illi $377.4 million• Net City Budget for 2008 - $468.2 million• Net City Budget for 2009 - $395 8 million $395.8• Net City Budget for 2010 – $344.5 million• Net City Budget for 2011 - $351.1 million y g $35• Approx. 1200 Full Time and 800 Seasonal employees• 492 street miles t t il• 137,503 population• 59,658 59 658 housing units• $72,248 median family income (2006 data)
  • 13. Meetings of the Council• Tuesday Evenings – 6pm• Council Chambers - 300 LaPorte Ave• Regular Meetings (Alternate with Study Sessions) – Citizen Participation (30 minutes) – Consent Calendar – Staff Reports – Individual Items (with public comment) – Pulled Consent Items• W kS Work Sessions ( l i (Alternate with Regular Meetings) ih l i ) – No public comment – Staff presentations via dvd before the meeting – Open discussion• Agenda at: http://www.fcgov.com/cityclerk/agendas.php
  • 14. Budget• Financial plan for delivery of services• T Two-year b d budget – annual appropriations l i i – Recommended by City Manager – Adopted by City Council b Cit Co ncil• Budget developed March to November• N Now f function under a B d ti ti d Budgeting f for Outcomes (BFO) process
  • 15. Policy Agenda y g• 7 themes (tied directly to BFO) • Economic Health: Fort Collins has a healthy economy reflecting the values of our unique community in a changing world. ld • Environmental Health: Fort Collins creates, maintains and promotes a healthy and sustainable environment with an adequate, high quality water supply. q g q y pp y • Safe Community: Fort Collins is a safe place to live, work, learn and play • Neighborhood Livability: Fort Collins improves the livability, choices livability choices, and affordability of our neighborhoods neighborhoods. • Cultural and Recreational Opportunities: Fort Collins provides diverse cultural and recreational opportunities that foster physical and mental well-being for community members. • Transportation: Fort Collins i i lli improves the safety and ease of h f d f traveling to, from, and throughout the city. • High Performing Government: Fort Collins is a model for an entrepreneurial, high q p , g quality city government. y yg
  • 16. Advisory Boards and Commissions• Affordable Housing Board • Landmark Preservation• Air Quality Advisory Board Commission• Art in Public Places Board • Land C L d Conservation and ti d• Building Review Board Stewardship Board• Citizen Review Board • Natural Resources Advisory• Commission On Disability Board• Community D l C it Development t • Parks and Recreation Board Block Grant Commission• Cultural Resources Board • Planning and Zoning Board• Downtown Development • Retirement Committee Authority A h i • Senior Advisory Board d d• Economic Advisory • Transportation Board Commission • Water Board• Electric Board • Women s Women’s Commission• Golf Board• Housing Authority • Youth Advisory Board• Human Relations Commission • Zoning Board of AppealsBoards and Commissions at: http://www.fcgov.com/cityclerk/boards.php
  • 17. Advisory Boards and C i i Commissions• Appointed by City Council• Composed of Citizen Volunteers• A Acquire and study i f i d d information on specific i ifi areas• Appointments made in December
  • 18. Larimer County Basics• Named a county in 1861• N h No home rule power l• Considered a subdivision of state government – guided by Colorado id d b l d Constitution• Commission/Manager Form of Government• Primarily funded by Property Tax
  • 19. Larimer County
  • 20. Board of County Commissioners y• Legislative Body – 4 year terms (elected at large, from district; 3 terms possible)• Manage business affairs of the county – Apportioning and levying taxes –OOrganization and budget for all county i ti db d tf ll t programs
  • 21. Larimer County Commissioners District 1 District 2 District 3Lew Gaiter Steve Johnson Tom Donnelly
  • 22. Other Elected Positions• Treasurer• Sheriff• Clerk Cl k and R d Recorder d• Assessor• Coroner• Surveyor• District Attorney
  • 23. County Manager• Frank Lancaster• Appointed by County Commission pp y y• Chief Administrative Officer for County• Coordinates activity of all County departments except for elected official departments
  • 24. County Facts• $265,369,028 Total County Budget for 2007 y g• $289,490,146 Total County Budget for 2008• $295,415,498 Total County Budget for 2009• $290,036,247 $290 036 247 Total County Budget for 2010• $310,583,481 Total County Budget for 2011• 1,400 employees ,4 p y• 2,640 square miles• 294,970 population• 132,157 132 157 housing units• $74,900 median family income (2009 data)
  • 25. Meetings of the Commission• Administrative Matters – Tuesday mornings – 9am – Co Commissioners Conference Room – 200 W Oak ss o e s Co e e ce oo 00 Oa – Citizen Participation (30 minutes) – Consent Agenda – Individual Items – Staff Reports – Commissioner Activity Reports – Agenda at: http://www.larimer.org/bcc/meetings.htm• L d Use M tt Land U Matters – Monday afternoon – 3pm – Hearing Room – 200 W Oak – Citizen Participation – Consent Items – Individual Items
  • 26. Budget• Resource allocation tool• One year budget –RRecommended b C d d by County M t Manager – Adopted by County Commission• Budget developed March to November
  • 27. Advisory Boards and C i i Commissions• Agricultural Advisory Board • LaPorte Area Planning• Board of Adjustment Advisory Committee• Board of Appeals • Larimer Emergency• Board of Health Telephone Authority• Citizens Review Board • Larimer Integrated Family• Co Community Corrections u ty Co ect o s Enhancement Board Advisory Board • Office on Aging Advisory• Environmental Advisory Board Council• Estes Valley Board of • Open Lands Advisory Board Adjustment• Estes Valle Planning ll l i • Parks Advisory Board Commission • Planning Commission• Extension Advisory Committee • Red Feather Lakes Planning• Fair Board Advisory Commission• Flood Review Board • Rural Land Use Board• Juvenile Community Review • Weed Control District Board Advisory Committee • Workforce Investment Board Boards and Commissions at: http://www.larimer.org/boards/
  • 28. Advisory Boards and Commissions• Appointed by County Commission• Composed of C C p Citizen Volunteers• Acquire and study information on specific areas• Appointments made in June