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Planning & Historic Preservation: How Can Planners and Preservationists Work Together?


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Planning & Historic Preservation: How Can Planners and Preservationists Work Together?
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Planning & Historic Preservation: How Can Planners and Preservationists Work Together?

  1. 1. Planning & Historic Preservation• How can planners and preservationists worktogether?• What can local planners do to advance theinterests of preservation?
  2. 2. Quick ReviewLocal Preservation Organizations• Local Historic District Commission – responsible forregulatory review of historic districts created under MGLChapter 40C• Historical Commission – responsible for preservationadvocacy and planning• Historical Society – private, non-profit organization
  3. 3. Historic Resources Buildings Structures Landscapes Cemeteries Objects Archaeological Sites
  4. 4. Preservation Opportunities Throughthe Master Plan Process• Highlight historic & cultural resources• Educational tool to begin dialogue on preservationissues and opportunities• Coordinate efforts to preserve community characterthrough preservation of historic resources• Initiate efforts to adopt regulatory tools for preservation
  5. 5. Incorporating Historic PreservationObjectives in Local Master PlansFacilitiesOpen SpaceEconomicDevelopmentTransportationHousing
  6. 6. Highlight Issues Affecting HistoricResources & Community Character•Incompatible newconstruction•Mill preservation•Loss of historicfarmland andoutbuildings•Preservation ofrural character•Protection ofscenic roads &stone walls
  7. 7. Historic & Cultural PreservationPlans• Foster appreciation of historic & cultural resources• Begin dialogue with other town boards, committees– Planning Board– Community Preservation Committee– Conservation Commission– Cemetery Commission– Building Department– Municipal Facilities– Town Clerk• Share resources & build awareness of activities• Identify opportunities to collaborate on preservationefforts
  8. 8. What Can Planners Do?• Attend a historical commission meeting• Institute an annual or bi-annual meeting of municipal boardsand committees to discuss planning & preservation concernsand opportunities• Engage in public education efforts with local officials andgeneral community to foster appreciation of historic & culturalresources• Encourage community to consider a historic preservationplan and assist with implementation efforts• Identify opportunities for zoning regulations to assistpreservation efforts
  9. 9. Springfield HistoricalCommission
  10. 10. Mattoon Street LHDSpringfield Historical Commission
  11. 11. H H RichardsonNorth Congregational ChurchSpringfield Historical Commission
  12. 12. Forest Park Heights LHDSpringfield Historical Commission
  13. 13. Forest Park Heights LHDSpringfield Historical Commission
  14. 14. McKnight LHDSpringfield Historical Commission
  15. 15. McKnight LHDSpringfield Historical Commission
  16. 16. Lower Maple LHDSpringfield Historical Commission
  17. 17. Maple Hill LHDSpringfield Historical Commission
  18. 18. First Church &Richardson Court HouseSpringfield Historical Commission
  19. 19. Peabody & StearnsUnion Trust CompanySpringfield Historical Commission
  20. 20. Springfield ArmoryNational Historic SiteSpringfield Historical Commission
  21. 21. Springfield Armory--STCCSpringfield Historical Commission
  22. 22. SPT ProjectThe Female SeminarySpringfield Historical Commission
  23. 23. CDBG Project - BeforeSpringfield Historical Commission
  24. 24. CDBG Project - AfterSpringfield Historical Commission
  25. 25. Springfield Tornado – June 2011Springfield Historical Commission
  26. 26. Tornado DamageSpringfield Historical Commission