Visit Iran's Qara Kelissa Monastery in Western Azerbaijan Province


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Qara Kelissa is part of Armenian Monastic Ensembles in Iran registered as World Human Heritage by UNESCO. It's worth visiting Iran's Kara Kelisa (Black Church) during traveling to Iran.

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Visit Iran's Qara Kelissa Monastery in Western Azerbaijan Province

  1. 1. Destination Iran Presents:Visit Iran with Us:
  2. 2. Qara Kelissa Location: 20 km away from Maku, Iran-Turkey border.This is part of Armenian Monastic Ensembles registered as an Iranian UNESCO site!
  3. 3. Qara Kelissa View: General view of the 14-century Monastery from outside.You can order a tour to Iran to explore Iranian churches more!
  4. 4. Kara Kelissa: The color explains itself why it is called black Church!Find more information about visiting Iran at out site:!
  5. 5. Monastery’s Façade: Carved decorations on Qara Kelissa’s exterior!Explore Iran with Iran tour packages presented by Destination Iran!
  6. 6. Monastery’s Carvings: Stone carvings decorate the buildings’ exterior.Find out more about Iran Tourist Attractions at!
  7. 7. Kara Kelissa’s Exterior: Arches & stone carvings embelish the façade.Before you travel to Iran, read our Iran travel information!
  8. 8. Black Church’s Cross: Carves cross around a window on the exterior’s wall.Learn more about traveling to Iran at Iran travel advice page of our website!
  9. 9. Exterior Carvings: Floral patterns embellish Qara Kelissa’s façade.Read previous travelers’ comments at Iran travel testimonials at!
  10. 10. Carvings & Inscriptions: Façade’s stone is carved within & below the arch.You are invited to visit Iran and see its wealth of cultural heritage for yourselves!
  11. 11. Stone Carvings: Carvings inside the entrance arch of the church on stone.For more information about traveling to Iran, please check out our tours to Iran!
  12. 12. Angeles’ Decorations: Angeles & Cherubs embellish around entrance arch.Learn more about Iranian architecture at!
  13. 13. Inside Qara Kelissa: Stones are the main materials for building the church.Learn more about Iranian arts at our website:!
  14. 14. Inside The Saint Thaddeus Monastery: In & around the alter of the church!Find out more about our Iran tourism services at!
  15. 15. Alters’ Arches: The stone-made arches have built a robust praying corner.Learn about traveling to Iran before you plan a trip at!
  16. 16. Armenian Inscription: Inscribed Armenian alphabet preserved well.You can order customized tours to Iran with us at!
  17. 17. Ceiling Decoration: Stone-laid construction and 8-corner star of the ceiling.You can check out our tours to Iran at our website:!
  18. 18. Invitation Send an Inquiry Today• Tour Packages to Iran!• Tour inquiry for individuals LESS than 4 people.• Tour inquiry for individuals MORE than 4 people.• Ask a question! Contact Destination Iran• Email: info[at]• Gmail: rahman.mehraby[at]• Twitter:• Fax: +982166427470• Mobile: +989121889182• (Please call ONLY from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm GMT) No Other Documents on Destination Iran Tour Packages 01 How to Travel with Destination Iran 02 Destination Iran Terms & Conditions 18