Does business networking play an important role in small business success


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Does business networking play an important role in small business success

  1. 1. Absolutely.View your network like a wheel. The hub is your core content (web site,blog, books, articles, useful materials). The spokes leading from the hubare the tools you use to network your content that are linked to your hub.Your contacts are the engines that power the wheel on the spokes of yourhub. Under this operating philosophy there are no limits to connections,members, friends, tweets and news feeds. The real limiting factor is thequality of the core content. It is the fuel that feeds your engines and powersyour wheel. Kenneth Larson Retired Aerospace Contracts Manager
  2. 2. I think networking is THE way to advertise for small business. As a smallbusiness you most likely do not have a huge budget to market yourself,therefore networking is very important to widen your reach and grow asa business. Sebastian B. Insurance and Financial Professional Definitely! There are so many tools, online and in-person. Each time I believe I grasp a portion of the full scope of business networking, I learn Im only touching the tip of the iceberg. Jean Sica-Lieber Legal Analyst/Writer/Paralegal
  3. 3. Yes, it plays a very important role.First, it is important to be an integral part of the community one intendsto serve (through business) and second it helps one to reach potentialclients through a network of credible people-thereby facilitating smoothbusienss development (especially in B2B sectors).So when intending to network, just do it! never know who may helpyou to make a connect with whom! Aswani K. Kota Business Coach and Change Management Expert
  4. 4. I consider business networking to be essential to small business successfor three reasons: to build new business, to gain referrals and to learnof the issues and problems experienced by potential clients. The moreyou put yourself out there and listen, the more interested people are inwhat you have to offer ... and customers and sales are the lifeblood ofany business. Judy Hojel Exp. CEO & Speaker
  5. 5. Yes, it does. Its important to strike a balance between in-personnetworking and social networking. I still cant believe that some smallbusiness owners dont see the value in being on LinkedIn. Theyremissing out on many networking opportunities. Plus, they may have toconvince their employees of the value of it. Amandah Blackwell Experienced Freelance Writer, Ghost Writer, Content Writer, & Creative Writer
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