What are the challenges faced by a leader


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What are the challenges faced by a leader

  1. 1.  Being an effective leader is all about being someone who leads by example. A manager is someone who simply follows the job objective. A leader is someone who inspires the team to be creative and productive. Some simple ingredients that have helped me improve in leadership: 1. Show that you can communicate effectively with both your speaking and writing skills. Good leaders can communicate about what they see and what they want to happen. 2. Make good decisions and be confident with your choices. Choose the logical decision that is the best for the workplace, as a whole, even if you, personally, would like the other option. 3. Be a good listener. Listen to others complaints and concerns and take them seriously. Treat everyone with respect. Deal with situations in a direct manner.
  2. 2.  4. Organize by creating plans that lead your team in the right direction. Being organized will increase your productivity and inspire your team to do the same. 5. Be enthusiastic about your leadership role. Its your job to inspire others to be motivated and excited about their jobs. 6. Deal with conflict in the workplace as swiftly as you can. Workplace conflict, whether it is between you and someone else or between two employees, can make the work environment an uncomfortable place for all. Talk to each party in a calm manner, working out a way to resolve the problem. 7. Try to improve your leadership skills. Always look for ways to improve your leadership skills, whether it be by reading the latest leadership book or attending a conference where you can get expert advice on how to be a better leader. Ruby Fine Executive Sales Consultant at Benchmark Email
  3. 3.  Today, a leader has to be a strong communicator. It is vital leaders understand the two-way nature of communication so they are able to nurture good ideas from employees on an ongoing basis and have a way to capitalize on those "knowledge assets.” Mark Grimm Public Speaker, Trainer of the Year, Media & Message Strategist, Actor/Voiceovers, Author, Radio Host
  4. 4.  Depending who, what, where and why they are leading this is a very generic question that can have tons of answers that all can be right or all can be wrong Every medium has its own challenges though the most common is how to lead a team that is very diverse and get them to work as one unit in harmony and being productive Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh
  5. 5.  I would venture to suggest that the challenges mostly faced by leaders are those that deal with communication and difficult conversations. This is particularly visible in situations where all items to be done are equally important in priority but still have to be executed one after the other due to time, resources and requirements balancing acts. I would argue that the ability to prioritize in the face of difficulty, conflicting reactions while at the same time remain calm and able to communicate outwardly the reasons behind this prioritization are key challenges faced daily in such a post on a daily basis. P.S. While at it we might also add the challenge to remain calm, cool, composed and well behaved in front of wild disagreement with what is being said and told. Andre Muscat Director, Strategic Relationships at GFI Software Ltd.
  6. 6.  Every leader will have challenges, because its not always easy to work through others to get the results you need. Managing poor performance is always one of the toughest challenges for a leader to face but then again, so is managing poor results. It really depends on the level of the leader we are referring to and their responsibilities. Judy Hojel Exp. CEO & Speaker, Leadership Development Specialist, Training Designer , Sales Growth Consultant to SMEs, Mentor
  7. 7.  In todays society and business climate I would say practicing what one preaches. This is an ages old issue that challenges any good person.... Look at poor old Joe Paterno, being all hard core on his college football players to always take the high road, "do the right thing...." and what doe Joe do when got wind of the scandal.... Preaching is one thing, being tough and righteous enough to practice what you preach is a whole different beast. Yuhannes Watts Strategic Networker
  8. 8.  Leaders need to get and assess feedback from their followers. Some just assume that they are being effective, thorough, and understood. They should find out what followers need, even if it means asking them. When they ask, they should be able to handle the honesty in the answers. Deidre M. Simpson Content Writer/Editor
  9. 9.  Some of the challenges faced by leaders today - 1) To get such persons for the organisation who know more than himself. 2) Have courage to see the reality and act on it. 3) Being a good listener. It appears to be simple but it is not so. 4) Nurturing potential leaders. 5) Organizations are getting more and more technologically oriented and speed of technological change is getting ever faster. Preparing the work force to accept technological changes is a major challenge.
  10. 10.  6) Today if we ask the following questions - Is the recession bottoming out? Any further budget and staff reductions will be necessary to scale back the organization to match business requirements? How rapidly will an economic recovery develop? How can we renew our business growth? Because of such uncertainty, confusion, and doubt, leaders face challenges in fulfilling the roles as HR leaders, even in fundamental areas. How can we preserve organizational values and practices that have been among our business strengths? How will we remain the preferred place to work among our vital talent? And how will we help build and strengthen the organization at the same time as we are still cutting back? Col Puneet Sehgal ARMY
  11. 11.  There are several..... - To know that you dont have all the answers - To surround yourself with those that know more and have a drive to succeed - To continue to evolve and improve... who you are today is not who you will be in a few years - Understanding the difference between managing and leading Priscilla Dancy Manager - Support Operations at Lowes Companies
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