Daily Secret: SXSW Presentation


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Daily Secret: SXSW Presentation

  1. 1. Daily Secret Ankara Athens Berlin Buenos Aires Bogota Cyprus Istanbul Lima Madrid Mexico City Paris Panama CitySan Francisco Shanghai Tel Aviv Thessaloniki Vancouver Vienna CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. Our Story Our storyThe joy of discovery, every day Headquartered in Athens, Greece and New York, USA, Daily Secret is a privately held digital media company that is introducing global audiences and advertisers to a popular US media format - the curated email newsletter.  Daily Secret sends its members one of their city’s best kept secrets  every day  in a stunning, concise email. Secrets can be anything - from a hidden restaurant to a hush- hush event.  Today Daily Secret publishes 16 full time editions in 5 languages and reaches over 300,000 influencers. www.dailysecret.comom www.dailysecret.com www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL
  3. 3. Our History Our storyA positive venture emerges from a time of crisis “With the crisis, it was as if people had forgotten what they love about Athens. We wanted to do our part and help our community get back on track by sharing some of the positive energy found in the places we frequented - so we created Daily Secret to do just that. You know how it works: you give a little love and it all comes back to you!” Founding team of friends in Athens, Greece www.dailysecret.comom www.dailysecret.com www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL
  4. 4. Our Traction A global presence 18 months after launch 319K 319,746 members 253K 6,380,000 emails/month 130K members 49,829,500 total secrets told 60K 35K cash +✂ JAN JANMAY JUNE FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE 2011 2012 Istanbul & San Buenos Vienna Tel Aviv Berlin Istanbul in Francisco Mexico City Aires English Shanghai inAthens Athens in Lima Madrid Vancouver English English Ankara Ankara Ankara Thessaloniki Thessaloniki MEETING TITLE www.dailysecret.comom www.dailysecret.com www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL
  5. 5. Our ProductWe send our members a short, stunning email each day ✂ <1’ minute needed to read our secret ✌ 34% avg. open rate every day (industry average 13%) www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL
  6. 6. Our SecretsSecrets are simply amazing local discoveries with an added twist ✂ •  Speakeasies + unpublished directions EATING & •  New restaurants + access to their openings DRINKING •  >15 Tasting events + coveted tickets 40% •  Unpublished menus + who to ask for what •  Guest chefs + when and where •  Hush-hush events + coveted tickets categories of EVENTS •  Unpublished parties + access to entry 30% •  Live performances + backstage access secrets ✂ •  Hard to find boutiques + secret discounts absolutely SHOPPING •  Up-and-coming designers + showroom access NO 20% •  New stores + access to their openings MISC •  Websites geared to locals + passwords 10% •  Activities related to the city + special access Deals or Coupons www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL
  7. 7. Our Curators The locals Insiders with the secrets ✂ Lima, Peru Tel Aviv, Israel Isabel Miro Quesada Louise Kahn Fashion Editor ➵ ➸ Pop Icon Isabel is Peru’s most influential fashion maven and Louise is the lead singer of Editor of her family’s lifestyle the phenomenon Terry magazine group, Cosas. Poison, an electro-pop band with a strong Gonzalo Li following in her native Polo Champion ➳ countries, Norway and Gonzalo is a serial Israel. entrepreneur, accomplished polo player and owner of one of Latin America’s best polo clubs, El Cortijo. Some additional curators ✂ Victor de Vries Alex Kavdas Stergios Prapas Maria Riveroll Ozlmen Uckan Tomas Shanghai, China Athens, Greece Vienna, Austria Mexico City, Mexico Istanbul, Turkey Buenos Aires, Argentina Marketing Director, TV Personality CEO, Concierge company Architect & Interior Designer TV Producer Professional Polo PlayerInternational Hotel Group www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL
  8. 8. Our Good Karma InitiativeTapping into our global audience to help give back “Give a little love… and it all comes back to you.” We give free publicity to high-potential startups and innovative non-profits for free. www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL
  9. 9. Our MembersA concentrated audience of city enthusiasts that live each day to it’s fullest ✂ Current statistics* Gender 42% Men ➳ 58% Women The Daily Secret member is the picture of a 95% Top 10% of country modern thinker. Income 82% Top 5% of country “Resourceful”, “daring”, “highly productive” our members are on the constantEducation 84% U- & Graduate degree lookout for experiences that 72% University degree enhance their lives while making use of their precious free time. Age 88% 25-44 years old 73% 25-35 years old * source: Google Analytics, Litmus, Independent Focus Group June 2012 www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL
  10. 10. Our Editions20 Editions (including Pop-up Editions) in 5 languages Ankara Athens Athens in English Berlin Buenos Aires Cyprus Greycroft Summit Istanbul Istanbul in English Lima Madrid Mexico City Paris San Francisco Shanghai in English Tel Aviv www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL Tel Aviv in English Thessaloniki Vancouver Vienna
  11. 11. Our 2 Year PlanGlobal expansion in booming cities – focus on BRIC countries St. Petersburg London Moscow Vancouver Berlin Paris Vienna Seattle Thessaloniki Madrid Rome Istanbul New York Athens Cyprus Beijing San Francisco Tokyo Atlanta Tel Aviv LA Austin Charlotte Alexandria Shanghai Miami Delhi Hong Kong Mexico City Mumbai Caracas Manila Bangkok Bogota Lagos Singapore Lima Sao Paolo Santiago Rio de Janeiro Cape Town Sydney Buenos Aires Melbourne Current (15) Upcoming (13) Active Pipeline (21)Other Information ✂ 2013 target: 2.8 million members www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL
  12. 12. Our Lessons Learned Our storyA word to the wise “React positively in negative times” “Less money is the key to more innovation” “Keep a clear goal in mind – then be flexible about your path to it” “Karma’s not always a bitch” “Don’t be afraid to grow – cultures may be different, but people are all the same” www.dailysecret.comom www.dailysecret.com www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL
  13. 13. thank you! interested in finding out more? ➹ Nikos Kakavoulis, nikos@dailysecret.comPhaedra Chrousos, phaedra@dailysecret.com www.dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL