Plan It Rev1


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Plan It Rev1

  1. 1. Worklist Control, Planning and Event Control Worklist control and planning relates to the compilation and control of the workscope for the turnaround, it includes all aspects of the work from job specification to a detailed plan including material identification and other planning preparation that is required to carry out the work during the event. Event control is necessary to ensure appropriate systems are in place to monitor performance against execution targets, PlanIT provides documentation for this process. It is the crucial preliminary step in every turnaround’s endeavour to meet and better the goals of Safety, Duration, Cost and Quality. Turnarounds frequently fall short of these goals, because the effective planning of their activities has never been viewed as the vital key to success despite Clients expending large sums of money in the execution phase. Benefits… What you get… The outcome can be up to… • IT simplifies and automates the planning By managing information on every aspect 25% reduction in Duration process of every job, PlanIT reduces the risk of 30% reduction in Cost incorrect labour, materials or equipment • IT has the functionality to generate being used and ensures that personnel are 50% reduction in Project Management standardised detailed work packages, always provided with current and up to date effort contractor and inspection instructions, risk health, safety, environmental and quality assessments, isolation sheets, control 80% saving in data collection information. sheets and other job information 90 – 95% utilisation of historical data The process that is followed by • IT delivers consummate levels of control implementing PlanIT during the planning to planners, schedulers, engineers and and preparation phase for turnarounds Create Work lists… managers provides: • IT enables all aspects of an activity to be • Improved safety standards managed from one easy to use, centralised system • A comprehensive worklist • IT provides a standard basis for • A process to manage and control material approaching planned activities and tasks requirements, order status, delivery, by using the in built “Norms” man-hour storage and issuance calculator that takes away the guess work • A process to monitor planning progress to in how long a task should take level the planning teams’ workload to avoid • IT incorporates a material selection library overburdening individuals that is fully adaptable to a Clients needs • Detailed workscopes for sub contractors • IT produces “bulk order” material lists • The ability to generate concise reports • IT has the facility to include local labour and charts about any aspect of an activity Plan Activities… rates, to help produce ballpark cost and support complex data queries estimates for determining turnaround costs • The ability to compile accurate long range • IT facilitates the sharing of information resource and cost estimates among multiple Users across multiple • Template jobs for routine work Assets • Effective change management of • IT allows all information to be captured emergent work during the planning and execution of any activity which is then retained in the system • Ability to Import data from Asset Management Systems such as SAP and • IT can be re-used by the Client to support Maximo benchmarking and ‘beating the norm’ processes, or for the planning of future • Produce data to be imported directly into activities a scheduling system (Primavera, etc.) Contact Details… Europe and USA Asia Pacific and Australia Middle East and Africa Ian Basford - Group Director Steve Fortune – Group Director Denis Lyng – Group Director +44 (0)1325 488048 +65 6222 5523 +1 713 4256315 Provided by Stapleton International