A Puritan Christmas

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Why did Cromwell and the Puritans ban Christmas celebrations?

Why did Cromwell and the Puritans ban Christmas celebrations?

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  • 1. Merry Christmas!
  • 2.  
  • 3. Merry Christmas! Stop!
  • 4. Christmas is Banned!
  • 5. Christmas is Banned I’m Oliver Cromwell, and I’m in charge now! Christmas is a SIN!
  • 6. How Serious Were the Puritans? Learning Objective : Understand what life was like when Puritans were in power.
  • 7. Who were the Puritans?
    • The Puritans were a very strict (extreme) type of Protestants who were around in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.
    • They believed that the Church had become corrupt and sinful.
    • They wanted to purify religion by using the Bible as the word of law on earth.
  • 8. But why ban Christmas?
    • Christmas was a human invention, not in the Bible.
    • It was too closely linked to old Pagan (Pre-Christian) beliefs
    • The idea of a ‘mass’ for Christ just smelled of Catholicism!
    • So it was banned in England in 1647!
  • 9. That wasn’t the only reason...
    • Puritans also hated the...
    • gluttony
    • drunken-ness
    • dancing
    • gambling
    • begging
    • singing
    Unlike this cat – they were not party animals!
  • 10. How did they stop people? Soldiers patrolled the streets – they were even on the sniff for the smell of roast goose! What’s that I can smell? Hay! As if I eat roast goose! Hay, hay? Geddit?
  • 11. Puritan Names Wrestling-with-the-devil The-Lord-Is-Near And... Mercy-me Increased Praise-God Fear-God Fear-not Ashes Sorry-for-sin Kill-sin Delivery Faith Discipline Dust Earth Free Gift
  • 12. What else was banned? Bear-baiting
  • 13. and Cockfighting
  • 14. and Horse-racing
  • 15. and Wrestling
  • 16. and Ale-houses (Pubs)
  • 17. and Theatre
  • 18. And even...
  • 19. And if that makes you want to scream.... @#&*$%!! Even swearing was banned!
  • 20. In fact...on Sundays it was worse!
  • 21. and
  • 22. And above all...not going to....
  • 23. It’s not as if Puritan churches were comfortable....
  • 24. And the punishments?
    • Usually fines
  • 25. But often...
  • 26. But often...
  • 27. But often...
  • 28. or
  • 29. or
  • 30. or
  • 31. Or even
  • 32. So....enjoy your Christmas holiday... For their sakes!
  • 33.  
  • 34. Writing a paragraph...
    • I learnt today about the Puritans and their beliefs. They believed that people had to ........ because......
    • Many things we take for granted were banned, such as...... I think this was because.......
    • I think that Puritans were very serious because......however not everyone agreed with them because......