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  1. 1. What´s going onbehind closed doors?
  2. 2. •What is the Illuminati and what aretheir plans?• Is illuminati controlling theeconomy world wide??•Who are the Illuminati?
  3. 3.  The Illuminati order was a secret societyfounded on 1st of May 1776 in Ingolstadtin Bavaria,Germany by the formerMasonic Adam Weishaupt. TheIlluminati plans was to work toimplement the Enlightenment ideas andintroduce a freer form of society whichwas particularly suitable for the middleclass.
  4. 4. • One World - The New World Order (NWO)• One government• One President• The destruction of New York City Through an AtomicBomb• The destruction of Los Angeles through anearthquake• Third World War breaks out in the Middle East• the stockmarket collapses• Foreign Life form turns out to help mankind in thetransition to the Antichrist• Food disappears from the shelves as part of an overalleconomic collapse• 90% of the U.S. population would Supposedly die the firsthalf hour of WWIII• 3,000 missiles going to hit the U.S. in the first Time OfThird World War? • Messiah Presents itself to the world? •"All in a very short time"? (Former IlluminatiSatanist, Doc Marquis, stated repeatedly that when WorldWar III begins, the Antichrist will rise on the internationalstage in 13 weeks (91 days)
  5. 5. Is the Illuminaticontrolling the economyworld wide?The world is heading towards chaos, and the voicesthat try to tell it are many. In 2010, many talkedabout meltdown of both military and economy, andalready in 2008, when the crisis that is. Programmefor Economic World Order started, there was talk ofthat Wall Street could get into a new depression.Illuminati believe that it is the Creator whodetermines the world time and when the timecomes, you get the worlds elite free hand to pursueits plans into full existence.Until then, the elite, the Illuminati, working undercover, mold the world to fit the plans, without thewhole thing falling apart prematurely.Until the Creator gives the green light, the world keptas still as possible. There may be several majorchanges, but nothing that gives the old world orderthe final death blow before the Creators plan for theeradication of evil begins. The uprising by WallStreet is still a controlled rebellion fomented by theIlluminati themselves. What are the benefits? Itremains to be seen, but this detection survey of theworlds governing capitalists can be a part of that puta damper on a frustrated population
  6. 6. It is powerful people around the world
  7. 7.  lluminati was initially a great success in the early 1780s there existed divisions ofthe order in 70 different cities in Germany, with about 1500 to 2000 members intotal. Social historian Eberhard Weis studied with the sampling method a randomselection of Procedure social structure and came to the following result: About athird of the members were nobles, 12% were clergy. Nearly 70% had a universitydegree, the number of workmen stood at around 25%, significantly higher than thenumber of merchants that with only 10% were clearly underrepresented. By far thelargest majority of the Illuminati by almost 75% consisted of officials, officers andother public employees, which is not surprising when one takes the guild goal toinfiltrate the autocratic state into account. Weishaupt claimed proudly in 1787 thatit had succeeded in order to have control over more than one in 10 senior official inBavaria. The success of this infiltration was especially evident in the BavarianZensurkollegium which was the authority censored unpublished writings, itconsisted almost entirely of Illuminati until Elector intervention in 1784
  8. 8.  This temporary success can not weigh the fact that the Illuminati orderfor the majority consisted of second-rate scholars after graduation joineddirectly into the guild, because they hoped that it would advance theircareers, a hope which quite similar to Weishaupts infiltration concept.This target was the newly captured members blissfully unaware. Theactual objective to represent the actual political and intellectual elite ofsociety did not order. Apart from the mentioned few exceptions(Goethe, Herder, Knigge), were all the really important representatives ofthe German philosophy of enlightenment far removed from the order:(Schiller, Kant, Lessing and Johann Kaspar Lavater, which Knigge for along time trying to get by) or they left it again quickly as FriedrichNicolai, who disappointed witnessed the rigid hierarchy in order. About a genuine threat to the Bavarian state from the book wormWeishaupt and his comrades, but the challenge against the old powerswere particularly in this robust form quite strong. In the present has doubts about the Illuminati destiny and purposecreated a host of conspiracy theories about the Illuminati