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  • As you know we had some background meeting, we aren’t trying to change that just now that we have that as our frame of reference
  • Website kickoff creative-brief

    1. 1. Website Project Boscobel/RG Comm. Design RG Group Inc. Robbins-Gioia, Inc.
    2. 2. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC Topic Details Leads Discussion Time Introduction and project scope Boscobel/RG partnership Current project includes: • Supporting fact sheets • Expanded color palette • Website design for RG Group (holding company), Robbins Gioia (government), RG Performance Group (Commercial) • Web page designs will be provided to RG as layered Photoshop files for slicing/coding Steven 5-10 min Site Map/Content Discuss preparations for messaging/content. Discuss options for organizing the sitemap. Christian 25 min Creative Requirements Boscobel and RG have prepared a creative brief. Discuss brief, key questions, and requirements. Boscobel 25 min Timeline/Schedule What are the milestone reviews that will involve stakeholders? What is the approval process? Boscobel 25 min Wrap up Boscobel/RG 5 min Agenda 2
    3. 3. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC Target Audiences Who comes to our website • 60% of visitors are potential recruits • Remainder: • Clients/potential clients • Partners • Research organizations • Competitors We should keep all types of visitors to our site in mind.
    4. 4. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC Concept 1 4 RG Group
    5. 5. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC Concept 2 5 RG Group
    6. 6. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC Concept 2a 6 RG Group
    7. 7. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC Concept 3 7 RG Group
    8. 8. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC Concept A 8
    9. 9. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC Concept A 9
    10. 10. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC10 Message Map (from workshops)
    11. 11. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC Concept B
    12. 12. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC Concept C
    13. 13. Website Project Creative Brief RG Group Inc. Robbins-Gioia, Inc.
    14. 14. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC • What is the company’s challenge? • The current website isn’t an accurate reflection of Robbins-Gioia’s culture, people, client approaches, or solution sets. • It is lacking the desired “brand” of being a thought leader—a true legacy and the foundation of the company. • The site needs to better portray that Robbins-Gioia is not about staff augmentation, but rather solving clients’ problems. . . before they are their problems. Robbins-Gioia brings program management approaches to advancing concepts (Agile), technologies, latest imperatives (Cyber, Big Data, Smart Grid), and offerings (HCM, OCM, etc.). • Robbins-Gioia may leverage (placeholder for collaborative idea sharing) and Performance Institute/Applied Strategic Management Institute –a frequent partner that researches/creates awareness of new, keen ideas – and PMs ability to help evolve them challenges. • The current site is missing the modular/expandable Web presence desired to portray the relationship for RG Group (holding company), Robbins Gioia (Government services), and RG Performance Group (Commercial services, possibly including PMTelco). Part One: Situation 14
    15. 15. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC • TheTarget Audience: Recipients of the Communications: Define the audience (by individual’s position or role and by their organization) and message for each. • Clients/Potential clients:To recognize Robbins-Gioia is not just about augmentation, fulfilling tasks. The value is how they look at the big picture (e.g., holistic view to achieve the outcome, working with clients to help them get farther ahead then they realized possible) through their program and project management skills, process, technologies. • Partners: Robbins-Gioia looks to bring a larger solution to clients’ needs and continually looks for partnerships to help bring different perspectives, innovation (tools/processes), and, who at appropriate stages, they mentor. • New Recruits: If you have strong values, are looking for a diverse culture, and exciting work for clients who need efficiencies, better performance from existing operations, large transformations – to include technology acquisitions to support, and alignment portfolios for mission/goals/outcomes, check out opportunities at Robbins-Gioia. • Robbins-Gioia wants to be mindful of all visitors to the site. 60% of visitors to the site are looking for jobs.The messaging will be focused on potential clients, as well as those looking for thought leadership in the fields we represent. Part One: Situation 15
    16. 16. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC • What is the audience’s problem that the project must address? • The overarching problem is the value placed on program management (PM) skills. In large part, government feels that PM is merely a repository for staff augmentation. • The PM field has become so broad and diluted—and easy to become certified in—that the skills of a program manager are more and more in question. Some in government procurement/contracting believe PM should be a government-resident skill. (Example: It is often heard that you can no longer contract PM out because you never know what you will get in terms of skills/reliability.). Government has been asking for everything from administrative support, e.g., take minutes during meetings (bad), to the other end of designing enterprise architectures, providing systems integration, scheduling, cost management, and risk mitigation (good). • There are certain services that Robbins-Gioia’s audience is looking for to meet their needs.The site must provide a system to show how the solutions of Robbins-Gioia align to fill expected/desired needs. Part One: Situation 16
    17. 17. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC • The Company’s Objective:What do we want the audience to think, feel and do? • Clients must see how Robbins-Gioia’s solutions fit their needs and solve their problems and have a clear picture of the Robbins-Gioia story—who Robbins-Gioia is, what Robbins-Gioia stands for.We must bring the perception of Robbins-Gioia as an innovator and thought leader to life – ability to solve clients’ problems before they become problems. • We want to invoke: • Trust –best interest at heart and that the clients’ problems are Robbins-Gioia’s problems. • Collaboration – Deeply-experienced and highly-skilled consultants willing to dive right in. • Integrity – Delivering the absolute best for the client even if that means delivering messages that the client doesn’t want to here – if it’s the right thing to do, they’ll do it. • Recruitment: Doing work that matters while making an impact with the to grow professionally and working with smart AND likeable people. Part One: Situation 17
    18. 18. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC • What is the audience’s perception of Robbins-Gioia/Performance Group or their offering(s)? • Robbins-Gioia: Founder – John Gioia, had a larger than life persona (now deceased), and some of the former consultants have names that still resonate with clients and the government community. The idea of outsourcing PM was a John Gioia and Jack Robbins conception and providing high-quality PM services—at a premium—is how Robbins-Gioia is known in government contracting circles. • Robbins-Gioia used to go up against every major company; however, the reputation of the firm has suffered in the past few years . • Performance Group (there is no reputation). Robbins-Gioia had clients with General Motors and perhaps Halliburton. They acquired Doreen Evans, a boutique requirements agency who has clients in Mass Mutual and Financial Services. Under the Performance Group name, these clients would not recognize the connection to the larger Robbins-Gioia (and why the overarching Web design strategy and navigation structure is so important). • Some may recognize Robbins-Gioia’s orange color branding or by the triangle designs as well as by the names RG and Robbins-Gioia (which some find difficult to pronounce). • Robbins-Gioia is known for being a “different” kind of consulting firm (e.g., friendly, honest, approachable, client needs ahead of their own), and for having badged consultants that blend in with the teams they work with (almost too well that they aren’t known for being Robbins- Gioia employees). Part One: Situation 18
    19. 19. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC • Who are the competitors? • Management Consulting: • *Accenture Federal • *Booz Allen Hamilton • Deloitte • *ICF International • KPMG • PwC • Technology Providers/Systems Integrators • BAE Systems • CSC • *IBM • *SAIC • *TASC • Niche/Small Business • Chevo • *Evoke • SiloSmashers *Closer Competitors to RG PartTwo: Competitive Situation 19
    20. 20. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC • Promise:What does the company, product, or service claim to do for the audience? • Robbins-Gioia is a trusted advisor to its clients; working to make them successful; solving their problems before they are their problems. Clients need to continue to perform, or even perform better, during times of reduced funding (and sequestration). Robbins-Gioia will help them to think differently about how to accomplish their objectives in a smart, strategic way that will work with reduced or limited resources. If responsive, flexible, creative, keenly- focused advise and implementation is what you need – turn to Robbins-Gioia. • Benefit: How will the audience benefit from taking action? • The results of Robbins-Gioia’s work will: • Help develop or improve program and project performances meeting the clients’ strategy, mission, and goals on time and on budget. • Ensure investments are well-made and prioritized with improved time of product delivery/outcome delivery. PartThree:The Strategy Statement or Proposition 20
    21. 21. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC • What are the desired tone, manner and mood? • Robbins-Gioia has an established culture that is best explained as one that is collaborative, smart, innovative, one of partnership, highly-skilled, polished (but not arrogant or above anyone else—approachable and satisfying to work with), and service-oriented. • From a visual perspective, professional, clean, and high-end are words that describe the preferred imagery. • When using stock photos, avoid the use stock people sitting at desks, facing the camera, or in a conference room/meeting session that feel too canned. Part Four: Style 21
    22. 22. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC22
    23. 23. Confidential and Proprietary © 2013 Robbins-Gioia, LLC • Coding from Photoshop files • Home pages will take approx. 2 weeks from approval. • Sup-page template will take approx. 1 week from approval. • Sub-pages will take an additional 2-4 weeks to code following template completion. Coding Schedule (RG) 23