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Writing a website brief


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Thoughts and ideas when going through the web development process

Published in: Business, Technology
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Writing a website brief

  1. 1. Writing aWebsite Brief
  2. 2. Be Objectivet’s importantWho’s it forNice to hav
  3. 3. WebusageIncreased useof tabletLowbandwidthMobileUp 10%Trust frienreferralCommutefferentDevices
  4. 4. GettingfoundvsInboundOutbound
  5. 5. Outbound:(
  6. 6. Inbound:)
  7. 7. BeingSocialHelp others fek passionShareCreate interestingould youhare it?Don’tadvertise
  8. 8. 1Bn active(Oct 2012)200M active(Dec 2012)175M registered(August 2012)
  9. 9. ContentUnderstandkeywordsLead with images orKeep it simpleDivide into sectHyperlinkEngagingtitleandsummary
  10. 10. Don’tForgetSupportHostingUpdatesEflyersBackupSocial MediaMarketingAwardsDeadline
  11. 11. Follow me@BenKinnairdI’ll help you marketyour business online