Final Presentation for Speedo HQ


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My final presentation for Speedo International which I presented at the companies brand new HQ in Nottingham.

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Final Presentation for Speedo HQ

  1. 1. Charlotte StoneNottingham TrentUniversity FashionMarketing & Branding
  2. 2. Marketing Objective:• To increase Speedo‟s market share of the beach and lifestyle swimwear sector whilst retaining the brands prominence within the professional swimwear market.Communication Objectives:• To employ an overall umbrella strategy that will deliver a consistent and coherent communication message• To engage with specific consumer segments• To re – position Speedo as a consumer centric brand that caters for all elements of swimming.• To express the brands understanding of different consumer relationships with water.
  3. 3. Umbrella StrategyStage One Key Insights: Stage One Key Insights: Stage One Key Insights: Incoherent product Consumers emotional Sport focus alienating segmentation connection with water, other consumers confusing consumers swimming & swimwear
  4. 4. Marketing Objective: To increase Speedos share of the leisure and beachwear markets Communication Objective: To clarify and differentiate the range of Speedo products in the mind of the consumer The Big Idea: Emotional Connection Drive Unwind Let Go Logo‟s and Brand Online In Store VisualArchitecture Identity
  5. 5. Brand Architecture DRIVE UNWIND LET GO!
  6. 6. Visual IdentityThe benefits of multiple logo use: • To provide consumers with a better understanding of the different products Speedo offer. • To enhance the segmentation strategy through a clear visual identity. • To generate (in time) immediate product recognition amongst consumers.
  7. 7. In Store / OnlineLayout to reflect and reinforce thesegmentation strategy devised.In store environment will benefit from theuse of atmospherics
  8. 8. Online Re-Design & CostRe-Design NOT a new site : retain the „box‟ formatcurrently utilised. • Significantly reduce cost (between £600 - £3000) • Easy content management system • Speedo already familiar with the formatOther Web Recommendations: • Improve SEO – reduce URL length • Easy view product browsing • Social Networking
  9. 9. Beachwear – „LET GO!‟ Strategy Marketing Objective: To increase Speedos share of the beachwear market Communication Objective: To reposition Speedo in the mind of consumers as an on trend and authentic beachwear brandAffinity Experiential Collaboration Online DistributionMarketing Marketing GET BACK TO THE BEACH! Combining cutting edge communications with Speedo heritage and retro styling
  10. 10. LET GO: Affinity MarketingStage One Key Insights: Stage One Key Insights: Stage One Key Insights:Youth specific holiday Under 25‟s are the primary Avoiding the UK to sun-market most successful buyers of swimwear seek most prevalent (Mintel. 2010) amongst young adults
  11. 11. LET GO: Affinity Marketing &– An ideal way for Speedo to – Extending it‟s range of reach the 18 – 30 beachwear partnerships provides a target consumer better service for consumers – Provide Club 18 – 30 with– Provide huge exposure for the additional quality brand perception– Opportunity for an engaging and – Speedo „let go‟ is befitting interactive holiday / of Club 18-30‟s holiday beachwear campaign mantra– Large co-branding opportunities – Provision of rep uniform
  12. 12. LET GO: Collaboration &– Generate interest in the brand – Speedo‟s positive brand attributes fit closely with– Increase product variety & Cath Kidston‟s raise the brands design credentials – An opportunity to work with authentic retro material– Appeal to new potential consumers – The possibility of entering new markets abroad– On trend retro design befitting of „back to the – An opportunity for large beach‟ theme commercial success– Respond to consumer preferences
  13. 13. LET GO: Experiential Marketing„Consumers are now seeking quality over quantity,experiences rather than goods, connection instead ofmaterialism‟ (The Future Laboratory 2010)Benefits of an event: • Raise Speedo‟s profile & generate interest in the brand • Provide consumers with a brand experience to remember • Differentiate from competitors • Prolong Olympic hype – Event in September
  14. 14. LET GO: Experiential MarketingBrighton Sea Front Location Viability:• Already systems in place to cope with large crowds etc• Other events in Brighton are very popular and prove the city has the infrastructure to cope with such an event• “the citys largest entertainment venue offering 11km of entertainment and activities many of which are free” (Brighton & Hove Council. 2011: Online)• A substantial amount of activities already in place means costs are saved on entertainment
  15. 15. Well Being & Leisure – „UNWIND‟ Strategy Marketing Objective: To increase Speedos share of the well- being and leisure market Communication Objective: To reposition Speedo as a consumer focused and understanding health and well-being swimwear brand New Product Consumer Online Distribution Development Engagement HEALTH AND WELL-BEING Combining consumer engagement with a thorough understanding of the categories swimwear needs 2
  16. 16. UNWIND: NPDThe most important swim accessory hasbecome the cover up • Licensing would allow for entry to a new trade channel without investing in ones own manufacturingFlexibility and adaptability are keyswimwear attributes • A mix and match collection providing consumers with the „Perfect Match‟ bikini
  17. 17. UNWIND: Consumer Engagementfacilitating the building ofrelationships with consumersand generating brand loyalty.• Health Blog• Perfect Match Service
  18. 18. LET GO / UNWIND DistributionConsumers are twice as likely to purchase swimwear at a highstreet fashion store such as Topshop and Next than any otherretail outlet including online and in department stores
  19. 19. Competitive & High Fitness – „DRIVE‟ StrategyMarketing Objective: To sustain Speedos success within thecompetitive swimwear marketCommunication Objective: To continue to highlight Speedosdominance and superiority within professional swimming Consumer Use of Online Engagement Athletes COMPETITIVE AND HIGH FITNESS Extending Speedo‟s reputation for competitive excellence through 2 engaging and rewarding communications
  20. 20. DRIVE: Consumer EngagementSwim Master Application• Utilise location based technology• Allow users to find their closest swim locations including indoor and outdoor water• “Outdoor swimming has taken off massively.” (Lynne Hawkins, English Chanel Swimmer)
  21. 21. DRIVE: Use ofAthletes‘Adapting Olympictraining regimes forrecreationalparticipant use cangive consumers acommon focus‟ (Mintel2010)Highlight to consumersthe connection betweenthe Olympics andSpeedoEncourageparticipation inswimming post Olympics
  22. 22. Projected Growth and Global Consideration• Consider how consumers in other countries relate to water so the same emotion based segmentation can be applied• Take into account cultural and language differences; segment specific initiatives can be altered accordingly• Growth will begin slowly whilst consumers become familiar with the new brand structure• 2 – 4% increase in share by the end of the second year of implementation
  23. 23. Marketing Objective: To increase Speedos share of the leisure and beachwear markets Communication Objective: To clarify and differentiate the range of Speedo products in the mind of the consumer The Big Idea: Emotional Connection Drive Segment Segment specific Unwind specificinitiatives Let Go initiatives Logo‟s and Brand Online In Store VisualArchitecture Identity
  24. 24. Thank you!ANY QUESTIONS ?
  25. 25. Club 18 – 30 2007 brochureClub 18 – 30 2011 brochure Club 18 – 30 Re-Brand