SLIDESHOW: Best and worst organic mens briefs.


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The market for organic and "all-natural" mens briefs is expanding rapidly. No that wasn't a joke or double entendre. Some of the brands look good; some are pretty doomed. For our slideshow this week, we take a look at the best and worst in men's organic briefs.

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SLIDESHOW: Best and worst organic mens briefs.

  1. 1. Red Dog Sportswear is “eco-friendly” organic underwear for the “eco-conscious man.” The line is made in Turkey, which means these models are literally for white-slavery sale on ebay. All the products use organic cotton and non-toxic dyes and are manufactured in a living-wage, union factory.
  2. 2. Well well well who’s ripping off American Apparel in style? White waistband? Check. Moderately endowed hipster? Check. Headless & faceless? Check, because who needs all that, right? Organic, all-natural, sweatshop-free? Check, check and check. The company is Kaspar Organics and they are totally getting sued.
  3. 3. These are just strange. The model in this photo is so ripped that his muscley abs jut out of the top of his boxers. Also he has no penis. The line is “bGreen” and I hate them.
  4. 4. “O hai guys what’s up?” “Oh, hey, GO FISH.” “How about I go fish a BLOWJOB?” “Dude that doesn’t even make sense.” “Uhm, I’ll see your full house and raise you my erect genitals.” “Come on dude.” “Ha ha. It’s just that I feel so good wearing these Baskit organic underwear. There’s nothing like fighting climate change AND kicking back with some hot dudes, their hot cocks and a pack of cards.” “Totally.”
  5. 5. Well these organic Spanish briefs are just hideous. The guy is hot but these are terrible. The website is amazing though - totally 1999:
  6. 6. Ha ha these aren’t organic. That’s British Member of Parliament Chris Bryant, and boy is he embarrassed.
  7. 7. We featured the company last week, but this model is EXCITED to be wearing his breathable, bamboo “Aussiebum” underwear. We are told, for better or worse, that these “Bamboo Dry underwear absorb and evaporate sweat in a split second. It doesn’t stick to the skin. It’s extraordinary natural breathability keeps you comfortable and dry for longer.” Gross. Or hot? I don’t know anymore. Also there is some joke about bamboo stalks here, but I’m not quite sure how to make it.
  8. 8. These are the low-rise, “couture briefs in bordeaux” from Rawganique, “products for a fragile planet.” Not bad actually. His veiny arms are a little much, but these look nice. You can also get them in charcoal and wild sage. Rawr. Dept-Mens/low-rise-organic-cotton- sports-briefs.htm
  9. 9. Well this is just ridiculous. Buy them if you want, I don’t care. Babygod_Organic_Cotton_Brief_in_White_and_Orange
  10. 10. Blah blah you know the deal here. I did learn from my google search that “American Apparel underwear parties” are a big thing to do if you’re in LA. I also found some interesting articles about “muffin-ing.
  11. 11. Cottonfield, USA. Snore. They do grow their own organic cotton.
  12. 12. Calvin Klein’s new “Naturals,” aka Calvin Klein “goes green.” These styles, they tell us, are “as great for the environment as they look and feel.”