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  • Healthcare Informatics Impact

    1. 1. Health Informatics: Past, Present, and Future HEALTH care informatics impact
    2. 2. Name: Maria delos Angeles Mora. I am originally from Puerto Rico. I have been in the nursing field since the early 1970s. I joined the Army back in 1986, retired after twenty-one years and decided to change my degree to a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Informatics. Experiences: 1-License Practical Nurse, Vocational Great Plains School, Lawton, OK. Working areas: ICU, NICU, ICBC, OBGYN, ER-nurse, OR-nurse and Civilian Sector Hospitals 2-USAMRIID-United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases-Health Informatics-Fort Detrick, MD- SIEMEN program supervisor 3-Combat Medic Instructor-South Korea, Honduras, 82nd Airborne-South Carolina, 232nd Medical Company-Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX 4-Moulage Instructor Trainer-Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX 5-EMT Instructor-Emergency Medical Team-Instructor, Fort Sam Houston, SATX HEALTH care informatics impact
    3. 3. As we continue to learn about Health Informatics impacts we are becoming more knowledgeable with health electronic records information in an effort know and protect patient information. Since the 1990, many of us had become familiarized with internet programs that will be used in the 21st century. As healthcare informatics impacts it becomes more and more complicated to acquire all information necessary in the medical field. As we continue to research worldwide the internet most of the people out there are familiarized with how a social network works that is becoming more sophisticated. HEALTH care informatics impact CS FOR
    4. 4. HEALTH care informatics impact Figure 1-(
    5. 5. HEALTH CARE INFORMATIC Impact According to (2008) studies considers a social network an area where many can communicate via internet with anyone and give any type of information but in reality a social network is not a silver bullet.
    6. 6. As we continue to get familiarized and trained with healthcare informatics it gives us the impact how to continue to do studies in behave of how to measuring public health in the event to get to know much longer can we survive and treated in the 21st century in life expectancy. According to many studies of life expectancy in the early 1900 the American population had many studies were done in reference to Life expectancy-Curren, J., MD, MPH, and Ostroff, S, MD; as they presented that most of the American population only lived up to the age of 40 years old. As the studies continue and health care informatics impacts the population it shows how things like monitoring health can help: smoke free information normal weight exercise immunizations Can help life expectancy up to 120 years old as we teach population HEALTH care INFORMATICS IMPACT
    7. 7. As we continue to get experience with healthcare informatics, teach us different programs that are used in our health informatics data and working environment. Programs are been placed in most of the state and governmental institutions in an effort that the information can be use worldwide. Programs that helps to minimize waiting time, see the next schedule physician, laboratory results, x- ray, diagnostics exams and teaching. A good area that I am familiarized with are: Another areas such as type of data that are out there for health informatics impact are: IBM, Oracle, MySQL which helps programs to be able to interchange national health patient information. HEALTH CARE INFORMATICS Impact
    8. 8. Several Informatics leaders discusses the Future Hot New Health Field very well in youTube. It gives us an explanation of the new changes in healthcare informatics. As per “Focus Washington” youTube, February 2011; it explains things such as: Health field makes a difference Benefits It is more eligible and protects/ gives privacy as the legalization of secures ways of penalties How to authenticate yourself, track down information given by a person It is an expensive program but gives better decisions toward patients Used as experimental and medical programs to see if input medical issues works HEALTH care informatics impact
    9. 9. HEALTH care informatics impact (Retrieved from:
    10. 10. According to CuNY School of Professionals Studies, Kendrick Cato (2003), explained the correct recommendations to follow in the Information Flow Across the Hospital in an effort for the staff to be able understand the following procedures: 1-Patient safety-findings between 44,000 to 98,000 people die each year as result of preventable medical errors. 2-Quality Health Care-recommendation as knowledge is shared and information flows freely as presented from the Institute of Medicine-presented to cross the New Health System for the 21st century (Washington, DC National Academics Press (2001) 3- Administrative Costs-as the findings of the average of United States Hospital devoted a 24.3% spending in the administration. (Woolander, S., Campbell, T., Himmelstein, DU., Costs of Health Care Administration in the United States and Canada. N England J. Med., (2003; 349: 765-768). HEALTH care informatics impact
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