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Why redesign?    ✤    What do your readers think about your publication? How would they         describe it?    ✤    What ...
‘Redesign’ means ‘rethinking’    your content & design strategies.Monday, April 30, 12
It doesn’t just mean making    your publication ‘look pretty.’Monday, April 30, 12
So…    ✤    Start with why you’re redesigning    ✤    Then…think about how to redesign.Monday, April 30, 12
Start with content…    ✤    How are you telling stories now?    ✤    How can that be better based on how your readers read...
Move to visuals…         ✤    (Alternative structure questions presentation)Monday, April 30, 12
Create a plan/palette…    ✤    Color                                           DNSTYLE GUIDE 2009                         ...
CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL                  INSIDE THE ISSUE                                                                      ...
CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL                 INSIDE THE ISSUE                                                                       ...
Before…      PAGE 20 | ENTERTAINMENT | HILITE | HILITE.ORG | DEC. 12, 2011                                                ...
Redesigning your publication
Redesigning your publication
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Redesigning your publication


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Redesigning your publication revolves around rethinking what you want to do, not just a desire to make your publication look prettier.

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Redesigning your publication

  1. 1. PAGE 8 | ACUMEN | HILITE | HILITE.ORG | DEC. 12, 2011 PAGE 8 | ACUMEN | HILITE | HILITE.ORG | DEC. 12, 2011 EXTREME COUPONING: HOLIDAY EDITION Many Americans are Coupon Coupon Coupon Receipt Extreme Couponing: Holiday Edition catching on to the extreme couponing craze due to TLC’s HALLS ALTOIDS Total $16.51 CONNIE CHU AND CLAUDIA HUANG / GRAPHIC CNN MONEY, REDPLUM.COM, EXPERIAN HITWISE, “Extreme Couponing” mint Dove AMANDA MERK, KROGER, PENN STATE / SOURCES show. Here’s a look Savings $8.15 Cherry at this growing trend with Amanda Merk, extreme-couponer-in- Original $2.29 Original $2.29 Original $0.99 Amount $8.36 96% You Pay $1.29 You Pay $0.99 You Pay $0.59 Paid training and junior. Coupon Coupon Coupon Coupon Percent 49.0% I coupon because Saved “Extreme Couponing,” it is an easy way Many Americans have to save money. Chapstick Chapstick Chapstick Thank you for caught on to extreme It only takes me Original $0.99 You Pay $0.50 Original $2.00 You Pay $1.00 Original $1.98 You Pay $0.99 Original $5.97 You Pay $3.00 versus shopping with HiLite! Couponing Tips 20 minutes on Sunday to cut coupons. Amanda Merk Couponing by the numbers Couponing Tips Couponer and junior of couponers would continue 96% Use coupons when buying in bulk. Use coupons Coupons use increased by to use coupons even when buying in bulk. 27% if they won the lottery. of couponers would continue to use coupons even if they won the lottery. from 2008 to 2009. This year, coupons are most used for: Have patience while looking for the specific items on sale in the store. x 56% Searches for online coupon-related terms Last year, there were 1. Grocery Find coupons in the Sunday edition of newspapers or online on websites, such as Have patience while of 13- to 17-year-olds are up 2. Dining out 3.3 billion 119% Star Sunday $$ coupons! items in the store. used coupons 3. Clothing or coupon x coupons redeemed, with Couponing Warnings codes in 2011. 2.1 billion in 2011 compared to 2010. 4. Cosmetics Don’t be caught with expired coupons. 56% TODAY of those for food. $$$ 12/20 12/18 Find coupons in the Last year, there were 2011 2011 Coupon use “I coupon because Sunday edition of 3.3 billion Don’t buy too much! Statistics show that extreme increased by newspapers or websites, 27% of 13 to 17 year olds used it is an easy way coupons or coupon codes in couponing leads to increased waste. such as to save money. It 2011. x coupons redeemed, with only takes me 20 Searches for coupon-related 2.1 billion terms online are up Kroger has restrictions on their coupons. Each coupon Star Sunday 119% minutes on Sunday may only be used once per transaction and cannot be $$ coupons! from combined with any other coupons. to cut coupons.” 2008 Junior Amanda Merk in 2011, compared to 2010. $$$ 12/20 2011 + $$$ 12/20 2011 2011 = x of those for food. to 2009. CNN MONEY, REDPLUM.COM, EXPERIAN HITWISE / SOURCE AMANDA MERK, KROGER, PENN STATE / SOURCE CONNIE CHU AND CLAUDIA HUANG / GRAPHIC Redesigning Your Publication Jim Streisel, MJE • Carmel (IN) High School • @CarmelJim May 4, 2012Monday, April 30, 12
  2. 2. Why redesign? ✤ What do your readers think about your publication? How would they describe it? ✤ What do you want your publication to be? How do you want your readers to describe it? ✤ Describe your readers. How do they read? ✤ How do you merge these lists?Monday, April 30, 12
  3. 3. ‘Redesign’ means ‘rethinking’ your content & design strategies.Monday, April 30, 12
  4. 4. It doesn’t just mean making your publication ‘look pretty.’Monday, April 30, 12
  5. 5. So… ✤ Start with why you’re redesigning ✤ Then…think about how to redesign.Monday, April 30, 12
  6. 6. Start with content… ✤ How are you telling stories now? ✤ How can that be better based on how your readers read? ✤ visuals (photos, graphics, reader entry points) ✤ “chunking” ✤ shorter stories/broken-up storiesMonday, April 30, 12
  7. 7. Move to visuals… ✤ (Alternative structure questions presentation)Monday, April 30, 12
  8. 8. Create a plan/palette… ✤ Color DNSTYLE GUIDE 2009 THE DAILY NEWS is a paper full of firsts. Ball State is the first university to have a program to teach journalists how to tell stories visually. It is the first (and only) college paper to be named World’s ✤ Style Best Designed by the Society for News Design. Yet, the Daily News is in need of a change. Newspapers are becoming increasingly more visual, and as one of the leaders in collegiate news design, the Daily News must keep up. With a smaller ✤ Libraries news hole, a new era of visual journalism and a young audience that is quickly going to the Web for information, the Daily News needs a change. This redesign hopes to breathe new life into the Daily News, both in print and online. We’ll do this by telling stories differently, layering information in smaller, faster chunks and using more art, both photos and illustrations. To shed the boring, outdated image, you, as the designer, need to be driven. Driven to make every page portfolio-worthy, no matter how small it is. This redesign takes each story and makes it into a package within itself. Every story needs to be finely tuned and tweaked with words and visuals to make it powerful. Each package design should be powerful and contribute to a cohesive page design that keeps readers interested and engaged. Watch, listen, learn and experiment. The worst someone can tell you is no.Monday, April 30, 12
  9. 9. CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL INSIDE THE ISSUE ACUMEN Page 2 B1 SECTION C . . . B2 WWW.HILITE.ORG 520 E. Main Street Carmel, IN 46032 Volume 54, Issue 9 February 6, 2009 Lenten traditions observed not only by Catholics Check us out online @ for the latest news, scores, video, polls and multimedia content Inside SHIREEN KORKZAN this issue Carmel High School • 520 E. Main St., Carmel, IN 46032 On Feb. 25, Ash Wednesday, freshman Julie Gaylor won’t receive ashes on her forehead, but she will soon NEWS>> begin her 40 days and 40 nights of fasting. During this time, she will abstain from any junk food and soda and not eat meat on all Fridays. She will continue following this ritual until April 12, Easter Sunday. This is because Gaylor celebrates Lent, a Christian holiday based on the liturgical calendar that has lasted for Lost in over 2000 years. This holiday is mandatory for the Roman Catholic Church while some other Christian denominations still choose to participate. But Gaylor is not Catholic. She is part of a group of FEB. 6, 2009 • VOL. 54 • ISSUE 9 only 5 percent of people who attend Lenten services and 20 to 30 percent of non-Catholics who attend mass on Easter Sunday, according to Father Mel Translation Bennett, Senior Associate at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church on Haverstick Road. Bennett said most of these non-Catholics who attend services during the Lenten season come mainly because of the historical and traditional rituals, such as the prayers that have been spoken for centuries. According to Bennett, the 40 days and 40 nights of Lent represent the 40 days and 40 nights of the 05 Dance Marathon fasting and abstinence of Christ before He was resurrected. During this time, the Christians who organizers undeterred participate in the holiday also reflect on the life and passion of Christ while abstaining from something, by economic troubles such as candy, during the season. All followers have to abstain from meat on all Fridays during this period of LOST IN SPORTS>> time. Lent is officially over on Holy Thursday, the day of the Last Supper where Jesus claimed he would be betrayed and killed the following day (Good Friday). TRANSITION Lent always begins on Ash Wednesday, the day worshippers receive ashes of the burning crosses from 09 Swimmers look to earn the previous year’s Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, in the shape of a cross on their foreheads. 23rd consecutive State While Lent is mandatory in the Roman Catholic victory Government mandates switch to digital by Feb. 17 Church, some churches believe in following this routine all year round as opposed to just 40 days and 40 nights. Northview Christian Life Church on 131st BY MICHELLE HU AND LAUREN BURDICK Constantine Linos, customer assistant street is one such church with this belief, according 10 Football begins title run of the home theater department at to Pastor of Assimilation Douglas Starkey. However, Northview, a non-denominational church, believes Move to digital TV E Best Buy in West Carmel, said, “(The very night, while he completes school government is) basically buying up all there is no “right way” or “wrong way,” just as long assignments, senior Tom Chen multitasks and watches a couple of his favorite the analog signals, and they’re going to sell them off to the cell phone as the faithful experience the concept of denying themselves for the sake of others, according to Starkey. Because of this, there is not a lot of emphasis on Lent on Feb. 17 leaves some students television shows. He said he typically companies.” In addition, says watches large broadcasting networks with programs such as “The Office,” “Two-and-a-half Men,” some of the analog signals will go toward police, firefighter and rescue during services this time of year. Instead, Northview emphasizes “denying thyself” and reflecting every day instead of just 40 days and 40 nights in the year. in the lurch Page 8 “Chuck” and other comedic shows. On average, squad communication networks. Chen said he watches television for about 14 hours There is a win-win situation in However, Starkey said Northview is not opposed to a week. this transition for almost everyone. others celebrating Lent and is supportive. Though Chen usually watches his family’s high Consumers will receive “a much better “There is no right way or wrong way,” Starkey, definition television (HDTV), the rest of the signal quality,” according to Linos; who has personally celebrated Lent in the past, said. televisions in his house will soon be antiquated. the government can raise profits “The value of denying ourselves and thinking of Without making necessary changes, those analog through the sale of analog signals others is something to embrace. It is good for anyone sets will soon receive nothing but static. and have a wider range of channels to get that experience.” This is due to an impor tant change the to communicate on; and wireless Bennett said the Roman Catholic Church is much government will enforce come this month. Officially, companies can expand their services more traditional in the practice of Lent because, he Feb. 17 will be the last date any television station by purchasing analog signals. said, “we are obligated to follow the tradition of the can send out analog broadcasts, and the last date any CHTV adviser Hal Espey said, “I Church as it was given by Christ to the Apostles, but analog television can receive them. think some of this (idea) came out at the same time (the Roman Catholic Church) is Chen, like many others in this community, of 9/11. The fire crews that I think respectful to other denominations.” said the switch to digital television will affect him were in some of those towers couldn’t Both Bennett and Starkey agreed every Christian should at least experience Lent and its practice once FEATURE>> minimally, since he prefers the better quality of his hear their base commanders.” HDTV. “I was already watching (television) in HD The only people who may not in their life, but to Gaylor, it doesn’t matter. anyway,” he said. benefit are the television stations “It depends on what you believe in,” Gaylor said. But, while people like Chen may make the switch themselves. “As far as broadcasters “It’s not like I’m forced to do it. I just feel it’s the DON’T WALK ON THE RAMPS with minimal disruption, it may not be the case go, they’ve had to spend a lot of right thing to do.” for the rest of America. Recently, this seemingly money for these new transmitters, faultless transition has come under direct fire which is mandated by the government. That does not AND ACTION: LENT AT A GLANCE from congressional Democrats. Many feared that Americans would not have the resources to make the transition. According to Time magazine, the necessarily mean that their revenues are going to go up because of this digital transformation,” Espey said. However, in order for people like Chen and his family Theme: Disabled student works to help those who are in need Nielsen Media Research group estimates that 6.5 to receive digital signals, they must have purchased million Americans will not be prepared. On Jan. 28, a new television after March 1, 2007 or buy a digital though the bill to delay the transition to June 12 converter box. Dates: passed in the Senate, House Republicans defeated it. This converter box is one of the reasons impeding Color: Their argument was that the delay would needlessly 6.5 million Americans from receiving television signals confuse the general public. Thus, the transition date after Feb. 17. In order to reduce the costs of purchasing Special Days: <<REVIEWS remains Feb. 17. a converter box, the National Telecommunications According to the government-provided Web site for the digital transition,, this process and Information Administration (which is under the Department of Commerce) mailed out two coupons for HOLY COW! Cupcake shop fails to please Page 17 began in 1996, when Congress approved stations a converter box to each household that requested them. to broadcast an additional digital signal, along Each coupon is worth $40 but expires three months with their original analog signals. Then, in 2005, after mailing. These boxes, on average, cost $40 to $70 Congress began requiring public stations to completely switch to digital. DIGITAL TELEVISION -Meryl Streep GO ONLINE The Wrestler The Best VERBATIM Deals on -Michel LaGravere Flowers F A A guide The Best Valentine’s -Luke Song Deal on Day for Chocolates the Single and Treats Ladies guide columnMonday, April 30, 12
  10. 10. CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL INSIDE THE ISSUE GYMNASTICS district, Page 2 As gymnastic program closes at this school, Peter Pan, Page 3 former athletes must find an alternative. . . . students look for cheap food, B1 PAGE 7 WWW.HILITE.ORG 520 E. Main Street Carmel, IN 46032 Volume 54, Issue 8 January 23, 2009 No Bull Monday ushers in year of ox Check us out online @ Inside BY SARA ROGERS for the latest news, scores, video, polls and multimedia content this issue O n Monday, junior Annie Tang and her family will gather together to make Carmel High School • 520 E. Main St., Carmel, IN 46032 dumplings and distribute envelopes to celebrate a holiday recognized by her NEWS>> culture for around 4,700 years. “Chinese New Year is probably Ambitious, the biggest Chinese holiday,” Tang said. “There are a lot of festivals and successful, thrifty parades in China.” Patient, quiet and Elaborate performances, vibrant colors and fireworks are all FEB. 6, 2009 • VOL. 54 • ISSUE 9 inspiring distinguishing factors of Chinese New Year, a 15-day festival filled Sensitive, with traditions. This year the New Year begins on Monday. sympathetic, The exact day on which the New respected Year starts varies from year to year. The celebration, also known as the Spring Festival, begins on the first day Articulate, talented, of the first month of the year. “The date ambitious, virtuous changes every year because we use an old Chinese lunar calendar,” Tang said. The lunar cycle, from a new moon to 02 Dance Marathon a full moon, determines the length of a month, either 29 or 30 days. While each organizers undeterred excitable, brave, year begins on a different day, each year also trust-worthy correlates with one of the 12 animals of the by economic troubles Chinese Zodiac. This is the year of the ox, Financially also known as Yi Chou. SPORTS>> fortunate, vain, Many traditions go along with Chinese New Year. “People make selfish, intense, d u m p l i n g s f o r t h e N e w Ye a r, ” deep Tang said. “There’s always a lot of dumplings. Then parents give their 09 Swimmers look to earn Popular, cheerful, children money in a red envelope.” perceptive, wise, The red envelope, called hong bao 23rd consecutive State in Mandarin, indicates good luck and talented good fortune as well as happiness and victory Elegant, timid, abundance for the recipient. People also tend to wear red during the creative, holiday to symbolize happiness. pessimistic, deeply According to, 10 Football begins title run religious various other foods are also symbolic during the New Year. Clever, skillful, Long noodles symbolize a flexible, inventive, long life. A sticky rice cake, original also known as nian gao, made with glutinous rice represents a rich life. “Candy trays are also popular during the New NO BULL <<SPORTS devoted, eccentric Year,” Tang said. “Kids like them a lot.” Dried fruits, sweets and other candy often fill up these trays that symbolize confident, eccentric togetherness. Aside from food FEATURE WHO IS SEE CHINESE NEW Chivalrous, gallant, YEAR strong, honest Historic election adds importance to Black History Month EVENTS THIS GUY? AFRA HUSSAIN it will get promoted more,” Singer, guy likes a white candidate because that African-Americans had about said. Ellery said that there are few Feb. 1-29: Art and Soul at And why does who is African-American, said. he is white,” Singer said. In the themselves and about their country. African-American CEOs and few the basketball Jan. 26 marks Chinese New While the election of an African beginning of the election, Singer U.S history teacher, Will Ellery African-American football coaches, Indianapolis As this coming Februar y marks American president was an important said he favored Sen. Hillary Clinton, said, “I think (the election) means even though there are many African- Artsgarden Black Histor y Month, many milestone in American history, racial but as he became more informed a tremendous amount. I think it American football players. “The Feb. 2, 23: Americans are reminded of a past barriers still exist and the civil rights about Obama and his policies, means a lot. Much of Dr. Martin movement shifted to new arenas, Children team need him Year, the year of the ox where civil rights did not exist. movement pushes on. he found himself supporting him Luther King’s speech about judging but they are more subtle and more “The black histor y (previous Singer said he always considered instead of Clinton. a man by his character came to toward the top end,” Ellery said. of the Civil if it wants to generations) talk about was about himself a skeptic when it came to Initially, Singer said he thought fruition because of Obama’s election Referring to Obama, Singer Rights older people like Martin Luther King government and political leaders. the countr y would never elect as president.” said, “He’s sort of like a spike in a Movement Page 8 and Harriet Tubman,” sophomore However during this past election Obama because people were not However, according to Ellery, wall. I think he got through racism at Children’s win? Page 14 Aaron Singer said. He said black he was one of the many African- ready for an African-American the civil rights movement cannot because he is exceptionally smart Museum history never really interested him American supporters of Obama. president. But when Obama was be forgotten. “I think there is still and an exceptional speaker,” He said until the recent election of Barack “A lot of white people think elected as president in November, a focus (on civil rights), but the that he does not think that there Obama. Now he said things are that I liked Obama because he is he said he felt elated. Singer said shift is now from equal rights and different. “It’s cooler, and I think black. It’s just like saying a white the election broke the perception education to more opportunity,” he SEE BLACK HISTORY For complete previews and reviews, see pages B3 and B4. REVIEWS James Bond is back in action Page 20 GO ONLINE speak for the show from now on.” -Tracy Morgan Holy Cow, Gran As always, you Cupcakes! Torino can find the VERBATIM 545 S. starring latest reviews on “Yeah, hes probably an idiot. Whatever.” -Michelle Obama, from a 12- Rangeline Clint the most popular Road Eastwood movies, CDs, F C A F A- A restaurants and books online. Merriweather -Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister, criticizing the prince for his use Post Pavillion Wonderful Animal Winter of a racial slur to describe a Pakistani army colleague in video footage Collective Wardrobe F A- A guideMonday, April 30, 12
  11. 11. Before… PAGE 20 | ENTERTAINMENT | HILITE | HILITE.ORG | DEC. 12, 2011 DEC. 12, 2011 | HILITE.ORG | HILITE | ENTERTAINMENT | PAGE 21 ENTERTAINMENT Friday movie releases: CONTINUED FROM everyone to bring a snack and a PREVIOUS PAGE movie. Grab some blankets and enjoy a lazy day with friends. SUBMITENTERTAINMENT@HILITE.ORG | TWITTER.COM/HILITE_NEWS Outdoor Adventures If you think you’re feeling brave enough to face the cold, lace up your snow boots and go explore the winter wonderland. Beat the Break Boredom However, before heading out into the frigid Indiana winter weather, it is important to make sure you are dressed warmly. Be sure to remember your hat, or something to cover your heaWool socks are ideal for keeping your toes toasty and dry inside of snow-covered boots. Snow pants, thick gloves and a water-proof down jacket are essential as well. Finally do not Stuck at home for winter break? No worries. There is still potential to have a forget that sunburns in the winter are possible too, so slap some sunscreen on to any visible bit of skin left after you get memorable vacation in Indiana. all bundled up to protect against damage. Sledding is a classic and thrilling way to explore the The Carmel Ice Skadium has general public skating hours outdoors, so go check out West Park’s sledding hill. West Park BY LINDSEY WALKER available on its website, and it offers cosmic skating on Friday has 16 acres of wide open space with a sledding hill open all and Saturday nights when it is not hosting a tournament. day. Dick’s Sporting Goods or other outdoor apparel stores are A According to Johnson, during cosmic skating the music is ideal for buying a sled or a snow tube. Plastic sleds typically s winter break is fast approaching, some students may turned up louder and there are disco lights. Because of this, begin at $20, and inflatable snow tubes begin at $15. To save be planning to jet off on vacation to sunny beaches or cosmic skating nights typically attract more teens than even more money, grab the lid to a trash can for a homemade snowy mountain tops during their much needed 18- regular hours. sleigh. If you are really a daredevil, spray the bottom of the day vacation. But what if you are staying home? Have no fear, Never been skating before? Don’t worry. Half of the fun sled with a no-stick cooking spray to zip along even faster. there is still plenty to do here around town. Check out your is falling and laughing about it. Johnson suggests that new If sledding isn’t your thing, gather your friends for a options and some cash-saving tips along the way. skaters should be sure to dress warmly and have a good time. snowball fight or a snowman-building contest. Make sure you HAILEY MEYER / PHOTO If you plan on going during winter break, be sure to be have all of the necessary snowman staples, like carrots, hats Ice Skating cautious of large crowds during peak hours. and scarves. Set up a timer and see who can build the funniest I HEART ART: For an interesting experience, go to the Indianapolis Art Museum (IMA). The IMA hosts A traditional winter activity that incorporates exercise with “As soon as it gets cold out and we get that first real cold snowman. many worldly exhibits that will increase knowledge of the art world. If you’re interested in fashion, be sure chilly weather is ice skating. Get a group of friends together day, our attendance goes way up. We also definitely notice a to visit the “Material World” exhibit. (or your significant other) and venture out to visit the Carmel nice increase during the winter break weeks,” Johnson said. Indianapolis Museum of Art Ice Skadium. General admission is $6.50 for those older than 11 and $8 The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) has several featured “In the winter time you think of ice skating just like in HAILEY MEYER / PHOTO exhibits so that you can be sure you will find one that suits during cosmic skating hours. Skate rental is $3. Concessions the change between reality and imagination, according to the and give back to others, such as working in a soup kitchen or the summer time you might think of swimming, and that’s like hot chocolate, soft pretzels and candy are available FIGURE EIGHT: Make the break speed by with your taste in art. Sneak a preview of a couple exhibits below IMA website. donating old clothes from your closet. For opportunities to what makes ice skating such a unique sport,” Floyd Johnson, as well. trips to the Carmel Ice Skadium. Pick up some and find the one that’s right for you: volunteer, check out local organizations that interest you. Carmel Ice Skadium manager, said. However, if you would rather save your cash and head out new skills at the rink, become a hockey fan, or With so much to do around Carmel, there is no reason to be to a real lake, there are several precautions hang out at the snack bar. is perfect for you. features the artistic accomplishments of the 12th to 15th bummed out if you have to stay home. you should keep in mind. According to According to the Indianapolis Museum of Art website, this century civilizations of southwestern Nigeria. If this exhibit the Minnesota Department of Natural display includes pieces from crystal-encrusted Dior gowns sounds interesting to you, then winter break is the perfect Resources, there is no such thing as “safe 3D and rated PG. Movie-review website “Rotten Tomatoes” to ornate Cambodian pieces while displaying cultures from time to see it, since it ends on Jan. 16. ice”- conditions and unseen or unknown gave this film a 94 percent. around the world. See a video preview of the exhibition on the factors can render seemingly safe ice However, movie tickets can get expensive, so try to avoid IMA website or go see the real thing in person. Holiday Party suddenly dangerous. Never go alone and going during the evenings and instead plan to see a matinee. A holiday party is the perfect way to reconnect with friends always check that lakes or ponds do not McCutcheon uses video, photography and sculpture to explore over winter break after a stressful semester and have some have a “No Ice Skating” sign. Also be fun. If you’re up for the challenge of hosting sure that the ice has been checked by a party, there are a couple of different ways designated authorities—it is severely you can plan it. hazardous to trust how thick the ice is In the winter time you think To some, the holiday season is all about based on appearance. of ice skating just like in the holiday cookies. A holiday cookie exchange party is ideal for those who want a sample Movies summer time you might think of all different types of cookies but do There is nothing more relaxing to do of swimming, and that’s what not want to have to bake dozens. Invite on a chilly, snowy day than to watch a all of your friends to cook up a couple of movie, whether you stay home or brave makes ice skating such a batches of their favorite cookie and then the cold and go to the theater. Here is meet together to exchange. However many a quick preview of some new holiday- unique sport. cookies you bring is however many you themed movies hitting theaters this get to take home, so everyone gets an month: Floyd Johnson even amount. Carmel Ice Skadium manager If your friends are not the baking type, comedy that intertwines a plethora of host a gift exchange party instead. Put all of your friends names in a hat and have each one chose a name as his or her secret buddy. Then plan for everyone to bring gifts for his Jessica Biel, among dozens of others. This If you are with a large group of friends, check out the theater’s or her secret buddy to the party. Make each movie is rated PG-13. policy on group discount tickets. Regal 17 offers reduced person guess who his or her secret buddy is, HAILEY MEYER / PHOTO ticket prices to $6 on Tuesdays for HAILEY MEYER / PHOTO and don’t forget to have fun with gag gifts. HAILEY MEYER / PHOTO holiday movie centered on answering the Regal Value Day. The holidays are also a perfect time to BUILD UP: Pictured here is the main building HAILEY MEYER / PHOTO POP IN AT REGAL: If it’s a stormy day, be sure to check out local fundamental question: “How does Santa If you would rather stay at home, give back with charity. With time off, do a for the IMA, a host to many popular exhibits. A movie theatres for entertainment. On Tuesday nights, Regal 17 deliver all of those presents in one night?” host a movie party for all of your CONTINUED TRAVEL WEST: Head over to West Park for some amusement. project with something you are passionate modern exhibit on display is “Out of this World” runs discounts on tickets. This movie is 97 minutes long, available in friends. Save money by inviting ON NEXT PAGE You can build a snowman or sled down the hills. about. Look for opportunities to volunteer by Brian McCutcheon.Monday, April 30, 12