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Dealer rewards presentation kc

  1. 1. Dealer RewardsBE PROACTIVE …NOT REACTIVE
  2. 2. What is Dealer Rewards?It is a fully automated, customizable manufacturer/dealer branded Customer Loyalty Program. This platform will assist you in:  increasing revenues  increasing customer loyalty and retention  reducing advertising costs concurrent with improving financial performance  improving long-term stability
  3. 3. Based on qualified purchases, a pre-determined % of dollars spent in the fixedoperations department will be assigned to both a service and sales customerrewards account to be spent on future service and new or pre-owned vehiclesales. Maximum levels are set/established by the Dealership.The focus of the Customer Loyalty Retention Program is to provide theCustomer with a financial motivation to return to purchase future productsand/or services.The goal of maximizing your revenue to cover monthly fixed operation costs aresuggested to improve within this business framework, as the Customer isrequired to spend all the earned dollars / credits at your dealership(s).A successful Customer Loyalty Retention Program rewards the Customerin direct proportion to the dollars spent at your dealership(s).
  4. 4.  Reward members are estimated to spend 27-32% more per visit than non-rewards members A Rewards program that builds future rewards provides motivation for the Customer to purchase more Reduce customer discounts Capture Customer emails Motivate the Customer to return to dealership =
  5. 5.  Make new customers your best customers. Further develop the existing relationship between you and your customers by delivering consistent, timely and relevant communications. Reward customers when they return for service. Reward customers when they purchase a new or pre- owned vehicle. Recover lost soul customers (win-back.) Respond to competitive challenges. Overcome vehicle sales and service price objections.
  6. 6.  Eliminate Service Discounting • Inc Service Absorption • Overcome price objection Retain More Customers When Factory Warranty Expires Inc % of First Service Visits Inc Work Order Counts Inc ROI on Advertising Dollars
  7. 7.  Reduce Goodwill Inc Truck/Equipment Sales Inc F&I Gross Profits • Inc penetration of third party extended warranty sales, as the customer would earn rewards when the company pays for the repairs at your dealership
  8. 8.  DRC platform interfaced with Dealer’s DMS system Full Color Dealer Branded Rewards Cards & Key tags Full Color Dealer Branded Point of Sale Brochures and Posters Access to the Dealer Rewards Centralized Control System Ability to email messages to rewards Members with account information and Customer specials Queries to pull all sales and transactional data from your Dealer Management System A system that provides for updating the Customer rewards account without slowing down your cashiers with additional transaction steps at the time of sale Data management Web Access for Reward’s Customer to access their information via our website Web Access for your managers to look up a Rewards Customers balance at any time Monthly Earnings & Enrolment Reports
  9. 9.  Retain existing customers by encouraging and motivating frequent visits Encourage and reward customers for vehicle sales referrals Eliminate current daily discounting Increase dealership’s future Gross Profit Margins Reduce advertising costs and/or increase ROI via direct email marketing Eliminate the need to give away FREE oil changes, FREE rental vehicles, coupon books, etc. Dealer Rewards historical data indicates Rewards Members spend on average 27-35% more per visit than non-members.
  10. 10. “… by retaining an additional 5% of their customers, a business can double their profits.” (Harvard Business Review) Retain existing customers and attract new customers. Increase customer lifetime value. Increase customer retention after vehicle warranty expiration. Build stronger, longer and more profitable customer relationships. Reduce promotional and third party advertising expenses. Simplified customer retention platform without increased internal wage administrative personnel costs. Dealership CLRP is customized to meet the short and long term needs of the dealership. Visit for details.