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  • Program in China Philips 3-year program starting in 2009. Total Care Cycle emphasizes continuity from acute care through post-discharge self-management for CVD, stroke and COPD. It involves patients, family and providers. Developed 5 manuals on NCD mgmt and prevention to train providers Established home-based rehabilitation services for patients with: COPD and stroke


  • 1. Charlotte Block, MS, RDGlobal Health Program OfficerNCDs/ Measuring NCD Indicators CORE Group Spring Meeting May 1st, 2012
  • 2. Project HOPE Programs New Mexico, USA ChinaMexico 2010- present 1996-present2001-present Nicaragua India 2010 - 2011 2007-present S. Africa 2011-present
  • 3. NCDs 101 4 Diseases x 4 Risk Factors X(80% of 4 main NCDs prevented by eliminating the 4 shared risk factors.)
  • 4. Changing Burden of Disease
  • 5. Diabetes Medical Training - China Harbin Beijing Qingdao Xi’an Nanjing Shanghai Huashan Shanghai Ruijin Chengdu Hangzhou• Rural and Urban Training Centers• Trained >40,000 health care providers Guangzhou• Reaching >170,000 patients and families• MoH partnership -> National Standards
  • 6. China NCD Management Program
  • 7. Diabetes Education - Mexico • Curriculum development: • 5 Steps for Self-Care Patient Course • Lend a Hand in Self-Care TOT Course • Adopted by government and community health centers • Peer support training model • School Based “Diabesity” Prevention
  • 8. HABITS for LIFE – New Mexico, USA• Targeting health disparities using mobile health unit• New Mexico rural, underserved communities• Prevention, screening, education and access to care• Health worker training
  • 9. Gestational Diabetes – Latin America • Pilot project in Nicaragua & Mexico • Training government health workers • Trainees screen and educate pregnant patient groups at health centers.
  • 10. Diabetes Educators - India• National Diabetes Education Program • Master Trainer/ToT model • Distance learning • Launching DE profession • 12 Diabetes Centers• School based Healthy Habits• Workplace Wellness• CHW training
  • 11. HOPE Center – Johannesburg, SA• CHWs training in diabetes focused screening/referrals• Peer education groups to empower patients with diabetes prevention and management activities• Screening services including: HbA1c, cholesterol, retinal scan, and foot screening
  • 12. Diabetes Indicators• Glycosylated Hemoglobin A1c - 3 month blood sugar average• Fasting Blood Glucose• Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
  • 13. Risk Factor Indicators• Total Cholesterol • Fasting vs. random • LDL/HDL, Triglycerides• Blood Pressure • <120/80• BMI kg/m2 • >30 obese; > 25 overweight• Waist circumference
  • 14. Lifestyle Indicators• WHO-5 Quality of Life• Self-Efficacy• Healthy Habits • Fruits & Vegetables • Clean Water • Physical Activity
  • 15. Other measures• Knowledge/Awareness • Pre/Post tests• Complications • Neuropathy • Nephropathy • Retinopathy• Integrated screening • TB, HIV, GDM• Access to Healthcare (medical home)
  • 16. THANK YOU!• Clinical Labs• Self-Reporting Questionnaires• Tests Pre-Post• Anthropometrics