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Adding flash animation to a website
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Adding flash animation to a website


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. How do youimport your flash animation into your website? Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 2. First save your file in a known folderPresentation by – Website design & development
  • 3. Now click on publish settingsPresentation by – Website design & development
  • 4. Ensure you are on the formats tab Check boxes flash & HTML are checked Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 5. 1. Click on HTML tab2. Depending how you would like the animation to run check and un-check the required boxes. In our example we want the animation to run when loaded and play just once. By checking loop for example would cause 3. Click publish the animation to keep repeating. Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 6. Once you have clicked publish Flash willgenerate 3 files in the folder you saved theanimation in. Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 7. Now these file are stored locally on your PC inyour named folder.We have to get these 3 files onto your websitedomain. If you have created your own website andused a website design package then you shouldbe able to upload the files via the FTP facility.If you have no idea what Im talking about then wedo have a free user guide to FTP Coming soon onthis blog. Dont be scared this is just a way ofgetting files from your PC to a website......cont Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 8. If your using a 3rd party design package likeWebeden or 1on1 websites the these will have acontainer to drop the flash Java script into.I know this part can get complicated as there is somany methods and packages that can do this FTPprocess. To list and show you all these would takea lifetime :-)In this example Im going to use FileZilla, this is aFTP (file transfer protocol) program and free todownload and use, we like free stuff :-) Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 9. 1. Enter your website FTP settings, Host, username & passwordPresentation by – Website design & development
  • 10. 2. This window contains your local ( thats files on your PCs hard disk) Find the folder you saved you flash animation in. Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 11. 3. Once Filezilla connects to your website these boxes will fill with folders andfiles. These are folders and files that make up your websites file structure. Just like your PC choose a destination for this flash animation. Note, remember where you save this so you can find it on your websites URL e.g. Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 12. 4. Highlight the folder with the files in and left click, this now brings up an upload window. Click Upload and the file transfer process will start to upload the folder to your designated location on your website . Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 13. Once this process completes you will see the new folder appear on the your websites file structurePresentation by – Website design & development
  • 14. We can now test the animation on the website,the animation will run in a web browser underthe URL that you saved it in.In our example we saved the “demo” folder inthe root directory of our website file the browser will run is the .html file. Wesaved our animation as demo so the file will bedemo.html. Full URL will Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 15. Although we have managed to test and run ouranimation within the browser, this does not helpuse get this snippet of animation into a websitepage with other text and images.We need to copy the Javascript code that hasbeen placed in the demo.html file and paste itinto our desired website page.This is easy to copy …... cont Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 16. 1. Go to the browser displaying the animation and right click the blank part of the page away from the animation. Now select view page source.Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 17. 2. The code we need to copy is between and including the <object & …. below </object>Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 18. Once you have highlighted this text copy with holding the two keys on your keyboard, CTRL & C. This copies the text, now save this into a notepad or word file by holing CTRL & V this pastes the text into notepad or word.Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 19. We now have the Javascript code for the flashanimation safe.This code can be added to flash content fields in3rd party website software like 1on1 & Webeden.If you have a website developer you can emailthem this code to insert into the website.If your self developing them using your websitedesign software add this in to the area you wishto display it. Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 20. If you are unsure about how to do this just emailor reply to this blog and we will happy to help.With so many website development and designpackages its impossible to show how to do thiswith each one.Note, if you change your animation in anywaythe Javascript code will change and you willhave to re-copy and paste into your site.Also remember to size your animation at thebeginning of your design as this cannot beresized after within your website. Presentation by – Website design & development
  • 21. Remember we are here to help so please feelfree to ask us any questions either via email orvia our contact form on the website.Also feel free to comment or add a reply to theblog as your input is always welcome, andthank you for viewing. Our email address is Presentation by – Website design & development