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  • Another Definition: A software program that enables a user to create a slideshow that helps address the topics being covered.
  • Prezi co-founder, Adam Somlai-Fischer, has been working with zooming presentations since 2001.Adam found that a zoomable user interface (ZUI) enabled him to explore the “big picture” overview of a floor plan and then zoom into the detail of individual rooms. Audiences were wowed and approached Adam to discover what presentation software he used. A few persuaded him to give them access to his code.Prezi was launchedfrom Budapest, leading to investments from TED Conferences and Sunstone Capital.
  • create and save zooming presentations on their own PC, Mac or Linux systemsOffline prezis come in the .pez file format. You can send these easily to other Prezi Desktop users for collaboration,
  • Show your prezis on the fly! Register on, create a prezi, download to your iPad and show it anytime, anywhere with Prezi Viewer for the iPad.
  • Prezi final

    1. 1. PREZI - THE BEST ALTERNATIVE FOR POWERPOINTHessa Mohamed 201009842 COL-270-571
    2. 2. PRESENTATION SOFTWAREA presentation software (presentation graphics) is a basicapplication program that allows a person to combinetexts and graphics to explain a concept or giveinformation about a topic.Presentation programs include:1. Microsoft Power Point2. iWork Keynote (Mac users)3. Open Office4. Prezi5. PowerShow
    3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENT Brief history Prezi Features How to use prezi? Prezi products Prezi vs. Microsoft Power Point Learn more about prezi Bibliography
    4. 4. PREZI: HISTORY Prezi co-founder, Adam Somlai-Fischer In 2007, Budapest University of Technologyprofessor convinced Adam to develop an programthat allow anyone could make zoomingpresentations. Prezi was launched in April 2009.
    5. 5. PREZI: FEATURES1. Color wizard & Templates2. Frames3. Paths Thumbnails
    6. 6. COLOR WIZARD & TEMPLATESColor Wizard:1. Allows you to customize Prezi theme colors2. select a font set of choice from the wizard’s font library3. Includes a smart color-selection systemTemplates:1. 5 templates2. Editable text, images, frames, and a structured overview and editable paths
    7. 7. FRAMES Frames are containers for objects in your prezi You can use frames to show multiple itemstogether in your path
    8. 8. PATH THUMBNAILS Adding a path point automatically creates athumbnail in the bottom of your Prezi editor Click on a thumbnail to see your path points You can rearrange and delete path points
    9. 9. HOW TO USE PREZI1. Go to www.prezi.com2. Sign up by pressing the button3. Choose the license 1. Public (Free) 2. Enjoy ($59 per year) 3. Pro ($159 per year)4. Fill up the form
    10. 10. HOW TO USE PREZIFor a tutorial on how to use Prezi visit the link: To see the final result:
    11. 11. PREZI PRODUCTS1. Prezi Desktop2. Prezi Meeting3. Prezi viewer for iPad
    12. 12. PREZI DESKTOP Edit and show prezis offline Offline prezis come in the .pez file format 30 Day trial
    13. 13. PREZI MEETING Work together in real time on the same prezi You can invite users to edit the prezi When your invited collaborators open the link, youwill see their avatars in the presentation window
    14. 14. PREZI VIEWER FOR IPAD Show your prezis anywhere You can use the touch screen to move around theprezi Available on App Store
    15. 15. PREZI VS. MICROSOFT POWER POINT Prezi Microsoft Power Point  Online & offline  Offline  quicker than Microsoft  More flexible than Prezipower point but harder to use  Includes a spelling checker  No spell checker  Information are on many  One slide only slides  Flash files, FLV & YouTube  Accepts wide range of videos video and audio file formats  Cant go back to older  Can move between slides points easily easily  Limited number of fonts  Can use all fonts installed on the computer
    16. 16. LEARN MORE ABOUT PREZI For more information on how to make a goodprezi visit: Here you can also find useful information to learnabout prezi
    17. 17. BIBLIOGRAPHY,,sid9_gci212826,00.html application