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1 world business-plan-for-angel-list-may-2013-c

  1. 1. 1World OnlineBusiness Plan for Series A FinancingMay 2013Experts advise. People decide.
  2. 2. Putting 1World on the Map2Research Engine utilizing Social Networkingor Social Research EngineSocial NetworkProfessional NetworkHybrid & ID NetworkSocial Video SharingSocial Audio SharingSocial Photo SharingSocial Q&A + Expert NetworkSocial EncyclopediaSocial Q & ASocial MicrobloggingSocial NewsSocial Instant FeedbackContent-rich Applications Social Networking
  3. 3. Company Description Video3Please click on picture below in “presentation mode”Hyperlink to video: http://youtu.be/vCgcbaxbu2M
  4. 4. 1World Team4World Class/ Strong Track Record• Technology & Content teams• Multiple successful exits• History of working together• Backgrounds: Motorola /Google, 4Home (>100% IRR exit),2Wre ($475M exit), Amazon,Epiphany ($325M exit), ScopusTechnology (IPO), IBM, BEA• Universities & Research centers• 6 Engineers in Sevastopol, Ukraine
  5. 5. Market Overview & Size5Market Research & Big DataResearch Market Size$19.2Bmarket growth2.9% annualforecast$22.2B in 2017IBIS World, July 2012Big Data Market Size$5.1Bmarket growth58% annualforecast$53B by 2016Wikibon, Jan 2013Online research toolsis the growth sectorin market researchCustomer analyticsis where the spendingis occurring in Big Data
  6. 6. Relevant Markets6OnlineAdvertisingBIGDATAMarket StudyPolls & SurveysMemberServicesMarket Size$5.1BMarket Growth58% annualForecast$50B in 2017WikiBonMarket Size$6.8BMarket Growth29.6% annualForecast$25B by 2015Markets & MarketsMarket Size$19.2BMarket Growth2.9% annualForecast$22.2B in 2017IBIS WorldMarket Size$25.2BMarket Growth36% annualForecast$80.2B in 2017Zenith Optimedia
  7. 7. The Problem 1World Addresses7What Do People Really Think?• No objective, popular polling service• Poll choices are not supported by data• Polls as a side feature on news websites• Closed nature of industry researchers• A fast and affordable tool is needed
  8. 8. The 1World Solution8Best Open Resource for Polls & Opinions• We combine Polls + Experts + Data Points• We help people to make informed decisions• Chains-of-polls instead of boring surveys• Dynamic Analytics Research Engine (DARE)• Polls to generate traffic, Big Data to monetize
  9. 9. 1World Architecture9Polls & Chainsof PollsSMARTPROFILESData PointsOpinionsMembersExpertsCitizensBIGDATADynamic Analytics Research Engine (D.A.R.E.)
  10. 10. 1World Mobile App10Featured Polls Poll Details Expert OpinionAvailable now on iPhone and Android…free download, try it out!
  11. 11. 1World Web UI11Featured Polls Poll Details Poll ListVisit us on the Web at 1WorldOnline.com
  12. 12. 1World Polls CalendarPotpourriSundaySportsSaturdayEntertainmentFridayGadgets &GamingThursdayHealth &LifestyleWednesdayPoliticsTuesdayTechnologyMonday12Headlinenews HeadlinenewsHeadlinenews Headlinenews Headlinenews HeadlinenewsHeadlinenews
  13. 13. Powered by 1World DARE Social Research EngineThe 1World Data Collection Model13AnnualAggregationReportsMonthlythemesDailypollsDaily polls perCalendar of topics(see next slide)Seasonal or Unifying topicscovered by Chain of PollsCollection of Data Points &Expert Opinions for PartnersCustomMarketResearchReportsDaily feed of Pollson Headline NewsMonthlyInsightReports1a1b3245
  14. 14. 1World Signature Report14Joanna ReesOWO InteractiveStephan PachikovEvernoteYES NOMobile gambling will have all thesame appearance, features andbenefits as traditional onlinegamblingClearly, online gambling is illegalfor a reason. Bettors can playcasino games 24/7.132211 178 44Chain of Polls:Recreation7 out of 30February 2013Data points +97+114+81+55Data points
  15. 15. Syndicated Widget example15
  16. 16. Bringing Traffic to Serviceo Online & Social Marketing: Advertising, promos, social marketingo Personalization: people’s preferences / topics of interesto Emotional involvement: controversial polls, hot news etc.o Interactivity: great experience; real-time results / trendso Heat Map: participants can relate themselves to societyo Great Mobile experience: its proven to be addictiveo Gamification scoring, online battles, teams of experts etc.o Smart Crowdsourcing: motivation + moderationo Depth and Intelligence high bar for qualityo References: social research segment is doing really wellShow of Hands, Thumb, LiveStar, Polar, Knotch, Swipp, GoPollGo etc. 16
  17. 17. Press about 1World OnlineSilicon Valley start-up 1World aims for something completely different. Its newapp, launching at SXSW, helps users make up their minds about hot-buttontopics of the day in news, politics and ethics (March 8, 2013)1World aims to distinguish itself from the competition by providing expertanalysis supported by a fact-checking database in addition to the pollsthemselves (March 1, 2013).1World reflects perhaps the biggest trend to come .. this year: big data. Fromthe outset, it’s just a poll app, but one that culls expert opinions to weigh on bothsides of the question… It’s intriguing and I could see it being addictive to scrollthrough how your vote matches up with others. (March 14, 2013)Awesome crowdsourcing, polling app. (March 17, 2013)
  18. 18. 1World Business Modelo Sell monthly subscriptions to Marketing teamsof Technology companieso Research + Big Data customer analyticso Syndication widget (on partner’s site)o $3K / $5K / $10K per month pricing (RMR)o Direct and channel saleso Model has been validatedo First Beta client signed up in Q1 201318
  19. 19. The Initial Target Customer19• Technology Sector – firms selling tech-related products or servicesto end-users (consumers and/or business)• Medium-to-Large sized firms, probably multi-national• Innovative firms with a history of early adoption• Sell to Marketing departments, tapping one of 3 budgets:1. Research reports and research services2. Web site traffic-generation and online marketing3. Customer data analytics (“Marketing IT”)• Due to multiple value props…targeting the CMOWe sell both Direct and through Interactive Agencies
  20. 20. 1World Market Research & Customer AnalyticsService…Price and Feature ListFeature Basic Enhanced PremiumWeekly Insight ReportsMonthly Market ReportsAnalyst Time Every MonthWidget for Site TrafficReal-time Poller (widget platform)Advance Notice / input on1World Polls coming upOnline access to databaseCustomer analytics tie-in, BigData psychographic layerResearch Time 1 hr/mo. 5 hrs/mo. 10 hrs/mo.Monthly Subscription $3000 $5000 $10,000Monthly Subscription (Beta) $1500 $2500 NA20
  21. 21. IBM Partnership21• Inbound Invitation at SxSW show in Austin• Became Approved Partner in March 2013• Participating in partner events in Bay Area• Introduction to IBM Venture Team• Participation in WorkLight POCBenefitsRelationships• Access a to IBM software for dev / test / demo• Marketing, promotion, events, Smart Camp• System integration partner for joint projects• Major Big Data player / Strategic fit
  22. 22. 1World Revenue Model22Social Research & Analytics services• B2B Monetization ModelServices for corporate customersRecurring monthly subscriptionsSyndicated Widgets for analytics• Longer Term:Lead Generation / Targeted ads*Fin Model Assumptions are in the next slide05,000,00010,000,00015,000,00020,000,00025,000,000Revenue2013 2014 2015 2016
  23. 23. Seamless Duality of 1World Model23Members enjoy:• Daily, engaging polls• Expert opinions• Fact-checked Data Points• Ability to contribute• Heat map: compare to others• Trending graphs• Social network ties• Gamification & ScoresTools•Polls & Chains of Polls•Dynamic Research Panel•DARE Analytics Tools• Standard and Custommarket reportsPartners gain:• Insights on consumer opinions• Identify key market trends early• Perform fast and effectiveconsumer market researches• Determine new markets to enter• Constant “finger on the pulse”of target market customers• Correlation of data collected fromvarious related sectors
  24. 24. Intellectual Property24Protecting 1World Innovation (Patents)• Comprehensive Assembled Polls (CAP)Method and system to create and conduct polls andsurveys that present questions supported byintelligent, informed opinions and generate highquality, reliable and quantifiable results.• Chain Of Polls (COP) based ResearchA method for distributing surveys with multiplequestions and presenting them to the members ofthe target audience in a form of chained polls andcollecting data over time.• Dynamic Research Panel (DRP)Method and system to extract representativesamples for social research from unstructuredpopular poll results via multi-criteria selection.
  25. 25. The Competitive LandscapeCoverage & QualityOpenness& TimelinessTools:Better than Gallup & Others:• More usable information• Research immediacy• Tie-in to customer dataBest Polling App Because:• More reliable vote input• Best content, fact-checked• Best UI & App, more features
  26. 26. 1Differentiation26Unique Combination• Polls + Expert Opinions + Data Points• Informed choices  Quality of data• Smart Crowdsourcing• Dynamic Analytics Research Engine• Chains-of-Polls via Social Research Engine• Poll syndication technology & model• Multi-language support
  27. 27. Sector Key Facts27Reached 50 million votes in Dec 2012Raised $12M VC capital in Feb 2012Ultra-popular “Immediate feedback” service, DFJ-backed, over 1M members1M+ app downloadsClosed another $2M in equity April 2013Pinterest hirequisition in March 2013Acquired by Yahoo in May 2013
  28. 28. Traction Q1-Q2 2013o SxSW: product launched at South by South West show in Austino B2B : strong list of potential prospects; model has been validatedo Sales: closed first Beta customer in Q1 2013, more being worked ono IBM Partnership established in March 2013; working on joint PoCo PR: coverage in USA Today, Social Media Monthly, Shelly Palmer TVo SVOD: 1World is official poller of Silicon Valley Open Doorso Verticalize: 1World is participating in this show and launching B2Bo Poller Widget: available now; launching first 5 friendly partners in May28
  29. 29. Financing Status29Seeking A Round capital• Raising Series A round of $1.5M• First Closing: $1M conversion of C-Notes• Second Closing: $500K direct investment• $3.9M pre-money valuation• First Closing Date: April 28, 2013• Second Closing in June• Previous $50K Seed I round closed in 2011
  30. 30. Historical Results for 1World Online301World Online, Inc.Balance SheetAs of April 1, 2013ASSETSCurrent AssetsBank AccountsWFB-Checking -32,578.81WFB-Money Market 580,613.03Total Bank Accounts $548,034.22Accounts Receivable1110 Accounts Receivable 100,000.00Total Accounts Receivable $100,000.00Other current assets1210 Interest Receivable -516.511415 Prepaid Insurance 8,889.52Total Other current assets $8,373.01Total Current Assets $656,407.23TOTAL ASSETS $656,407.23LIABILITIES AND EQUITYLiabilitiesCurrent LiabilitiesAccounts Payable2100 Accounts Payable 37,728.86Total Accounts Payable $37,728.86Credit CardsWFB AF CC 3,030.00WFB AF2 MASTER CARD -10,000.00WFB BK MASTER CARD -6,500.00WFB KK MASTER CARD -3,500.00Total Credit Cards $ -16,970.00Other Current Liabilities2150 Sales & Use Tax Payable 97.022300 Payroll Clearing -2,458.302570 Notes Payable, Current 875,000.00Total Other Current Liabilities $872,638.72Total Current Liabilities $893,397.58Total Liabilities $893,397.58Equity3010 Common Stock 0.003100 Preferred Stock 0.283500 Additional Paid In Capital 49,924.723900 Retained Earnings -93,838.95Opening Balance Equity 103.00Net Income -193,179.40Total Equity $ -236,990.35TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY $656,407.23
  31. 31. Pro Forma Forecasts31Available Upon Request
  32. 32. Potential M&A Targetso Market Research Companies• Nielsen, Gallup, Gartner, IPSOS, Forrester, etc.o Large consumer-facing Online services• Yahoo, Amazon, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, etc.o Big Data players• IBM, Splunk etc.o Content players• CNN, WSJ, CBS, MSNBC, Quora, etc.32
  33. 33. Contact Information33Alex Fedosseev, CEO 1World Onlinealex@1worldonline.com+1-408-717-0470
  34. 34. 1World Online