Future of Lead Capture


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Future of Lead Capture

  1. 1. The #1 Missed Opportunityfor Corporate Websites Increase the flow of leads to your sales team, grow Keep in Mind... your marketing database, and make it easy for users to connect with you. Be realistic about social Include social, but be realistic The corporate website is the single biggest opportunity overlooked by sales and about how much your usersmarketing teams in many business-to-business companies. As a marketing agency will want to engage. Do youspecializing in B2B high tech clients, we’ve seen the good and bad, and our really expect many people toexperience has given us insight into some clear best practices. post to their Facebook wall about your products page?Here’s how you can dramatically increase the conversion of corporate web visitors Don’t overemphasize the socialto sales. aspects to the detriment of higher performing actions likeMost corporate websites, particularly for companies that require sales repinvolvement to sell, read like a brochure. There is great information about products newsletter signup. This mostlyand services, and a “Contact Us” form thrown in for good measure. But consider applies to your design team —the value of these visitors to your site: no huge social logo bars when a “like” button or two will do. • They’re inherently more qualified than other marketing targets. They took the time to come to you directly. Short forms Get a group of your colleagues • From a marketing perspective, it makes sense to try to get 100% of these visitors into your marketing database. together and ask them what questions should be on your • The incremental cost of adding an email address to a newsletter website’s registration form. is near zero. Inevitably, you’ll end up with • Many hot prospects may not be ready to fill out a “contact me now” a laundry list, everything from form, but are willing to take a meeting with a sale rep if engaged directly. industry, company size and timeframe to buy to favorite color and industry opinions. Throw it all out. No doubt that it would be great to have that Good website redesign increased the conversion rate (of information, but study after visitors to leads) by 20-50%, from an average of 1.5% to study (and our own experience) somewhere in the range of 1.8-2.25%. has shown that conversion rates (the percentage of people ~ Forrester Research, “The ROI of Web Site Redesigns Made Simple” who complete the form) drop off linearly with the number of questions. The ideal form asks only for an email address. If you must have more information,Enter your call to action (CTA) strategy. A high performance call to action: choose wisely — each piece of • Entices users to interact information you add reduces the number of prospects you will get • Provides value in return for their contact information into your database. • Is quick and easy for prospects
  2. 2. Elements of a Great CTAOur Call to Action on bnj.comDesigning the perfect call to action is a blend of art and science. You must know your audience, what theyreact to, and how to engage with them. That said, at the core, there should be three primary elements: 1 3 2 The call to action on our website, http://www.bnj.com A Great Offer Give your visitors a reason to casually interact with you. A great piece of relevant content (an analyst report, infographic, thought leadership paper or technology review) is the perfect way to entice them to engage. Now you have the opportunity to continue the conversation, nurturing them over time with more great content. Multiple Ways to Engage It’s a mistake to have a registration form with 10 questions as your only contact option. Visitors should be able to simply enter an email address to access valuable offers, or be able to “Like” you on Facebook or “Tweet” about your content on Twitter. Your sales team may believe “contacts without phone numbers are worthless,” but as marketers, we know better. Today’s qualified email address is potentially tomorrow’s customer — money in the bank if you stay in front of them until they’re ready to buy. On the flip side, let visitors easily self-select if they want to connect with a sales person; they are late-stage prospects and won’t mind a few extra questions. It should be obvious, on every page in your website, where to go if a prospect wants to buy. Pervasive and Visually Consistent Most likely, each prospect will visit a few pages on your website — exploring before deciding to engage. Studies show that people automatically ignore banners and other advertising elements. And to your skeptical web visitor, your CTA is just another banner. By being consistent with your call to action design, you are creating multiple impressions — giving yourself multiple opportunities to achieve the desired result of lead capture. When a prospect decides to engage, they know where to go.
  3. 3. Putting It All Together Keep in Mind...Take a moment to evaluate your website against this criteria. How well do you Testingscore? Do you have a great offer as incentive for newsletter signup? Is it clear how When your CTA goes live, your to connect with a sales person? Is it promoted consistently across your website? job is just beginning. Ideally, Can you track conversion rates? you should be constantly trying new approaches with A/BMost will find a mix of hits and misses. Corporate websites are often political testing. That includes offers,playgrounds, with many competing priorities, and it can be difficult to agree copy and design. The websiteson design changes. That said, your team should be able to agree that increased with the highest percentage ofsales is a priority, and you can impact that immediately by optimizing your call conversions have been testingto action strategy. and tuning their approaches for years and have built a rich history of successful and failedAbout Babcock & Jenkins experiments that lead the way. Build the same discipline, andSince 1992, we have evolved the concept of accountable B2B marketing—targeting, watch your conversion rates (andacquiring and converting prospects. Retaining customers. Making heroes of our marketing database) get betterclients. And doing so through relevant conversation that begins by intercepting and better over time.each contact where he or she consumes information. This approach requiresintricate insight into your audience, advanced understanding of marketing’sevolved role in business, and creative thinking about every stage of the complex Metrics Most B2B companies with asale. At its core, this requires a comprehensive content and communicationstrategy that can carry someone from spark to sale and back again. long sales cycle don’t have great website conversion numbers, ifWe do this for some of the leading B2B companies on the planet: Our passion they track them at all. Start your is to deliver authentic, unique, relevant stories on behalf of our clients. To build CTA project with some goalbrand, drive demand and accelerate pipeline. To engage audiences in meaningful setting. What percentage of conversations to form and preserve lasting, profitable relationships. visitors do you want to convert to your newsletter? A rate of 2%If you’d like to learn more about how Babcock & Jenkins can help your company isn’t an unreasonable goal for aachieve great ROI and new levels of marketing greatness, visit us online at well-executed effort.http://www.bnj.com, or contact Lauren Goldstein, VP of Business Development, at laureng@bnj.com.