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  • The Culligan sales app will give you a compelling way to communicate with visual aids. It ’s leaps and bounds better than the laminated flip chart and much better than a laptop presentation. The ability for “instant on” and multi-media is a much more effective way to communicate based on today’s technology. An iPad presentation projects innovation and forward thinking and as a salesperson, it ’s how you want to be perceived. Culligan Confidential (#)
  • It ’s a game changer in how we conduct a sales call. It ’s engaging, interactive. Can help close more sales in the home. And the content is dynamic! Culligan Confidential (#)
  • The Residential App has 3 main sections…
  • The imagery and graphics are consistent with the look and feel of .com & .ca helping to maintain brand consistency. Custom slides can include pictures of your dealership, local information you use in your presentations today, referral letters, etc. There is also a link to .com & .ca when you click on the Culligan logo on the Home Page Culligan Confidential (#)
  • Culligan Confidential (#)
  • Although our dealers were excited, we also knew it wouldn ’t be as simple as “Build it and they will come” Significant financial investment Cahnge in the way they conducted sales calls transitioning from paper to iPad. Required training from a technology and content perspective Support from our Project Committee and other dealer sub-committees Developed an on-going communication plan
  • After 5 months, we have 35% of the dealer network participating. Of that 35%, there are over 360 individuals set up with user access. This is significant considering the learning curve from paper to iPad and a significant investment in the purchase of iPads for the sales teams. (i.e., one dealer owner has 31 locations with over 80 sales reps) Culligan Confidential (#)
  • Our dealer network has embraced the technology and we continue to get positive feedback
  • Based on our dealer feedback, we will continue to improve the residential app and add more content. We also are in beta testing for 2 additional Culligan apps.


  • 1. Culligan InternationalMarketing ManagerSandy Sapp Culligan Confidential
  • 2. GoalsiCulligan NA Sales App Multi-media tool for conducting in-home sales presentations Opportunity to be more effective when communicating with prospect Ability to hold a visual sales conversation Projects innovation and forward thinking Align branding w/ collateral & website Culligan Confidential
  • 3. Benefits to Dealer Network Paper VS. Mobile Technology Outdated presentation  Ahead of competition Static format  Engages the customer No Interaction  Interactive Requires carrying:  Informative hotspots ● Paperwork ● Calculator  iPad3 Hi-Res built-in ● Brochures ● Camera  Saves time/money ● Manuals ● Dealer info ● Laptop or Paper Flip Chart  Professional/Innovative Culligan Confidential
  • 4. NA Residential Sales App Culligan Confidential
  • 5. Sales Presentation 13 Interactive Slides – Factoids – Videos – Maps – Pictures Customizable – Ability to save/name multiple presentations – Ability to re-arrange slides – Ability to add “Custom Slides” Culligan Confidential
  • 6. Sales Presentation Slide Example  Hotspots for each contaminant  Video links  Maps Culligan Confidential
  • 7. Sales Presentation Slide Example  Hotspots with factoids  Link to Savings Calculator Culligan Confidential
  • 8. Sales Presentation Slide Example Hotspots w/ factoids Video links Culligan Solutions Brochure links Culligan Confidential
  • 9. Solution Center Tool  Customer identifies water problem  Tap and Solutions pops up  Solutions Link to Brochures  Aligns with .com site Culligan Confidential
  • 10. Resource Library  Categorized for easy location  Instant Access  Dynamic site – instantaneous updates  User can add custom documents to “My Documents”  Pinch & Zoom capability  Email capability Culligan Confidential
  • 11. NA Residential Sales App Facts Culligan Confidential
  • 12. Culligan Confidential
  • 13. AdoptionOn-going Dealer support and training is critical to Success! Project Team Support Beta Team support Beta Demo at Culligan dealer convention in April Internal Support – Regional Sales Directors Dealer Marketing Sub-Committee Bulletin Communication Monthly Webinars Included info in various Regional Meetings Culligan Confidential
  • 14. Culligan NA Sales App Stats Launched June 1, 2012 +225 NA Culligan Dealers have requested “Admin” access +360 NA Culligan Sales Reps have individual app access Begin to measure ROI in 2013 Culligan Confidential
  • 15. Culligan Dealer Testimonials “iPad app is awesome! “Very unique system to have for information and visual for customers.” “This is one, if not the best tool that has come available to us. I cannot say enough good things about this tool.” “This is the best tool I have seen in 17 years to help sales or service. I just used it on 2 calls and the customers were very impressed. Oh and by the way, I sold them both.” Culligan Confidential
  • 16. Future Planning Although it may seem revolutionary, it is in fact, evolutionary!Residential NA Sales App Commercial & Industrial Sales App Service Tech App V1.1: Q4 2012 Launch: Nov. 2012 Launch: Nov. 2012 V1.2: Q1 2013 Culligan Confidential
  • 17. Thank You Culligan Confidential