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Presentation Franky Van Doren Ecu Line
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Presentation Franky Van Doren Ecu Line


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Allcargo Global Logistics Ltd May 2009
    • 2. INDUSTRY SCENARIO  India’s economy has grown at an average of around 7.7% annually over the last five years  The Indian Government has set a target of achieving US$200 bn in exports for 2009  With 13% of GDP being spent on logistics, India is still one of the most inefficient .  3x increase in planned investment on Infrastructure in the coming years.  Container traffic is expected to show the highest growth rate amongst all cargo traffic , this taking into account the recovery time from the global crisis situation.
    • 3. LINES OF BUSINESS Allcargo CFS / ICD Operations MTO Operations Equipment Hiring NVOCC Project Cargo Air Freight Exports Imports LCL LCL FCL FCL Legend: CFS: Container Freight Station ICD: Inland Container Depot MTO: Multimodal Transport Operations NVOCC: Non Vessel Owning Container Carrier LCL: Less than Container Load FCL: Full Container Load
    • 4. BUSINESS VERTICALS • Multimodal Transport Operations • CFS/ICD Operations • Warehousing Operations • Project & Equipments
    • 5. BUSINESS VERTICALS • Multimodal Transport Operations Allcargo ECU Line Hindustan Cargo Limited • CFS/ICD Operations • Warehousing Operations • Project & Equipments
    • 6. BUSINESS OVERVIEW-MTO ALLCARGO INDIA BRANCH NETWORK BUSINESS OVERVIEW  Allcargo has an extensive pan-India network with presence across 26 locations in India  Within the ECU LINE group , Allcargo’s NVO division is the best operating in India.  Allcargo also offers project cargo handling solutions for over dimensional, over weight cargo  Allcargo is present in the air freight segment through both ECU and HCL.
    • 8. BUSINESS OVERVIEW-CFS/ICD BUSINESS OVERVIEW CFS AND ICD LOCATIONS – CURRENT & PROPOSED  Allcargo began its CFS operations in 2003 at JNPT, India’s largest container port; the JNPT CFS is ~ 18 kms from Mundra (commenced the port and has a capacity of 144,000 May 2007) Current Capacity: 50,000 TEUs per annum; Allcargo is amongst TEU the top 3 CFS operators around JNPT Total Area: 16 acres Developed Area: 9 acres Pithampur today 14 acres Nagpur Current  Allcargo has commenced CFS 63 acres Proposed, with rail siding operations at Chennai & Mundra Mumbai (commenced Hyderabad April 2003) Proposed, with road ports since May 2007; the capex Current Capacity: 30 acres bridging incurred on development of Phase I of 144,000 TEU Chennai Total Area: 21 acres Hosur both CFS are INR 310 Mn and INR Developed Area: 21 15 (commenced May 2007) 210 Mn respectively acres acres Current Capacity: 50,000 TEU  Pithampur CFS will be operational in Total Area: 25 acres Sept2008 with Annual Capacity of Developed Area: 9 acres 2nd Phase expansion in 36000 TEUs progress. Planned Total Capacity: 84,000 TEU
    • 9. BUSINESS OVERVIEW - WAREHOUSING BUSINESS OVERVIEW WAREHOUSING LOCATIONS –PROPOSED  Warehouse infrastructure currently available in the country is inadequate and needs massive upgradation.  To capitalise on this opportunity, Allcargo is setting up its own warehouse infrastructure on a pan-India basis.  Initially, these warehouses have been planned at Bhiwandi (Mumbai), Goa, Pithampur (Indore) and Pithampur Hosur. Nagpur Mumbai-  The network would then be expanded to include other Bhiwandi locations such as Nagpur and Hyderabad, where land Hyderabad has already been acquired. Goa  The planned capacities for the locations are: Hosur  Bhiwandi – 45,000 sq. ft  Goa – 100,000 sq. ft  Pithampur – 90,000 sq. ft  Hosur – 100,000 sq. ft
    • 10. BUSINESS OVERVIEW - WAREHOUSING WAREHOUSING FACILITY AT CFS  AllCargo currently operates three warehouses in its current operational CFSs at Mumbai, Chennai and Mundra and Pithampur.  The existing warehouses cater to Exports, Import LCL and Bonded Cargo.  The available space at these warehouses is:  Mumbai – 155,000 sq ft  Chennai – 158,000 sq ft  Mundra – 65,000 sq ft  Pithampur – 32,000 sq ft
    • 11. BUSINESS OVERVIEW-PROJECT CARGO BUSINESS OVERVIEW THE ALLCARGO ADVANTAGE  Allcargo has been in the project cargo handling business since  Allcargo’s project cargo business is highly synergistic with its 2004; this is a specialized activity involving transportation of high gobal network and facilities in India. (trucks, special trailers etc) value specialized equipment like oil field equipments, power plants, Specialised manpower to successfully execute such projects is compressor stations & other over-dimensional cargo that cannot be available in India, covered by a separate entity within the containerized on a turnkey basis group.  Project cargo handling is a niche activity that involves packaging  Infrastructure led growth, especially in sectors such as oil & and transportation of cargo from factory to project site through gas, steel, cement and power is expected to increase the multiple modes (road, sea, rail) including customs clearance, project demand for such specialized transport solutions, a niche that registration, route survey etc. Allcargo is well positioned to serve  Each contract in this segment is unique in terms of nature, size and  Allcargo has the experience of having successfully delivered on value of the items and therefore the logistics requirements have to projects such as transportation of a transmission module be customized to suit specific customer requirements. Detailed, (60’x120’x42’) for a oil & gas firm from USA to India, supply intricate planning & technical expertise is required to successfully chain management for a power plant by sourcing materials from execute the transportation of such equipments multiple vendors and having it shipped to the multiple manufacturing locations across the country etc.  Allcargo has successfully executed multiple projects for clients such as BHEL, British Gas etc.  The current order book is in the tune of Rs. 1080 Mn.
    • 12. EQUIPMENT DIVISION Equipment Numbers Cranes 51 Forklifts 51 Reach stackers 18 Trailers 333
    • 13. SUMMARY  Looking ahead, AllCargo is now in the process of strengthening our existing businesses through investment in expansion.  The company is also diversifying into new areas like warehousing.  At Allcargo, we are looking at organic and inorganic opportunities, both in India & internationally; to provide growth to our Logistical Journey.
    • 14. THANK YOU visit us at :