DON MARIANO E. SAN PEDRO ESTATE   and the TITULO de PROPRIEDAD No. 4136  --The Weapon of the Rizalist Enlightenment Revolu...
THE ENLIGHTENMENT THEISM*                    By: Dr. Jose P. Rizal                   Adaptated from Voltaire(Enlightenment...
2The original Titulo de Propriedad 4136 was issued on April 25, 1894, wasfound authentic by NBI Documents Examiner Antonio...
3       They had come for very meaningful subject: how to prevent the conti-nued occurrence of such land-related incidents...
4The Role of the Vanguardia Rizalistas       It was necessary to establish possession in the land to be acquired. Inthis r...
5       The most qualified in the group to own bigger land was Don MarianoE. San Pedro, a Spanish subject, an enlightenmen...
6Compliance with the Strict Maura Law       Thus, in the exacting Maura Law compliance procedure, Don MarianoSan Pedro had...
7The Advent of the Inofficious GRs 103727 & 106496       But two scandalous cases of the criminal syndicates reached thehi...
8        Second, what was at issue in the notorious San Pedro cases was“Titulo Prop. 4136 allegedly issued in April 29, 18...
9hands” this far to vent his criminalities is the wonder of privileged Philip-pine justice system. (The judicially declare...
10Titulo 4136 Has Now Become a Perfect Title       They cannot possibly void the Titulo Composicion con en el Estado ofApr...
11The Largest Caper of Ortigas        [It is also perceived by many that the Ortigas case was related to theSan Pedro case...
12        And to think that the Survey Plan submitted to the Hon. Court byOrtigas as secondary evidence to prove the conte...
13        The Ortigas‟s never had any title on the property. The big title theyhave been showing to landgrab the propertie...
14_______________________       *  NOTE: WHATEVER the landdeveloper-landgrabbers, the corrupt governmentagencies, the envy...
15In the G.R.s 103727 and 106496, this is the Location Plan of Titulo 4136 recognized bythe Hon. Supreme Court as "notorio...
15__________________*NOTE—continued: This much is private land of the San Pedro estate, entrusted for theEnlightenment pro...
16_________________________*LAST NOTE: From, E-mail reply to Ms. B. Sandoval:        The Don...
17RESOLUTIONS:  1. The Rizalist church in Langhaya, Antipolo city, must be reestablished,     today, right now, without co...
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Titulo de propriedad 4136 and don mariano e. san pedro estate - the weapon of rizalist enlightenment revolution!


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Titulo de propriedad 4136 and don mariano e. san pedro estate - the weapon of rizalist enlightenment revolution!

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  • You did a thorough research about this estate I am just curious that Jose Bondad San Pedro as never mention in this claim.
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  • You really did a lot of research regarding this estate. you did a detailed info on the claimants. where does Jose Bondad San Pedro fit in to this estate claim. I think you missed some of the property that was grabbed too.
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  • News! Ortigas reacts to this Position Paper first published by Scrbd on Dec. 11, 2011 as “A Cry for Justice!” But its reaction came only in Dec. 15, 2011 thru seemingly paid reportorial in PDI. It tells of “Ortigas launches P25B Pasig City project: Redevt. of (10 has.) former Rizal prov’l. capitol.” Why only now? It’s P25B, and the Rizal capitol (land-grabbing) project has been going on for years!
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  • I think this will help us to tide over things. I think we have no choice but to make do with all the chances we have. The situation is fast slipping our hands. And I find myself in the heat of all things now. I can only promise dedication. . . . to our peaceful Rizalist enlightenment revolution. . . . Arturo San Pedro
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Titulo de propriedad 4136 and don mariano e. san pedro estate - the weapon of rizalist enlightenment revolution!

  1. 1. DON MARIANO E. SAN PEDRO ESTATE and the TITULO de PROPRIEDAD No. 4136 --The Weapon of the Rizalist Enlightenment Revolution!“The Philippines condition of corruption stinks!The answer inevitably will be Civil War or Reform?Then impeach the corrupt Supreme Court andjustly set-aside and declare all its rulings favoringfake/spurious land titles as null and void, ab initio!(Fake land titles are the greatest sources of Graft&Corruption!)…And expand the pending Death -Penalty Bill in Congress against anybody usingfake titles to include the magistrates, the bar,&anygovernment employees abetting fake land titles!” "An immoral government would be an anomaly among a righteous people." Dr. Jose RizalWE ARE READY FOR THE CONCLUSIVE PART II OF THE PEACEFULRIZALISTS---INTELLECTUAL----ENLIGHTENMENT----REVOLUTION!Ready to fight! PHILIPPINE ENLIGHTENMENT MOVEMENT:Vanguardia Rizalista, Knights of Rizal, the Freemasons,the Enlightenment Masters, Sovereignian Rizalists, theIntellectuals and Literatti, including Freethinkers/Truth-seekers, Scientists, Progressive Students & Out-of-schoolYouths, Progressive Sr. Citizens, Progressive Workers andEmployees, to use SAN PEDRO ESTATE and TITULO 4136 toclean, beautify, and rebuild the Philippines!
  2. 2. SAN PEDRO ESTATE:A CRY FOR JUSTICE!“GIVE BACK TO THE RIZALISTS*THE HISTORIC LAND THAT THEYOWNED FOR THE ENLIGHTENMENTPROJECT OF DR. JOSE P. RIZAL!”mmm A Peaceful Revolutionary Position Paper on the Truth of the Mysterious Titulo Propriedad 4136! _________ In His Honor of Martyrdom in the Langhaya: SOVEREIGN FELIX M. MELGAR Greatest Spiritual Leader in the Oriental World, The Supreme Pontiff of the Rizalist Church ---The Church Bearing the Philippines Flag! hh ByThe PHILIPPINES ENLIGHTENMENT MOVEMENT: The Masters of Enlightenment, La Liga Filipina, Vanguardia Rizalista, the Knights of Rizal, the Freemasons of the Earth, Jose Rizal University, The Enlightenment University System (ThEUS), Enlightenment League & Moral Society (ELMS), Sovereignian Rizalists of Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, The World Enlightenment Movement (WEM), Universal Involvement in Enlightenment (UIE), other progressive organizations, and the scientific institutions, including the San Pedro heirs are Rizalistas, with Philippine Enlightenment patron: The Don Mariano E. San Pedro Foundation, Inc. Help or Become a Rizalista, Join us and Give Justice a Chance! Gg Remember the Langhaya!
  3. 3. THE ENLIGHTENMENT THEISM* By: Dr. Jose P. Rizal Adaptated from Voltaire(Enlightenment Theism is the natural theology of Truthseekersand Freethinkers in the Enlightenment discipline (a scientificphilosophy without ignorant & superstitious religion). The Theistis conscious of society’s need for truth-belief in God eternal asthe real anchor of truth, morality, unity, and peace.)“The Enlightenment Theist is one firmly persuaded of eternalGod‟s existence, as good as it is infinitely true, which causedto form all things; and punishes, with karma, all crimes, andrecompenses in the same way w/ goodness all virtuous actions….Reunited in this principle with the whole universe, he doesnot join any of the sects and religions that oppose each other.His reverence to God eternal is most ancient & most pervasive;for a simple praise of God preceded all systems of the world.God‟s natural revelation of truth is directly acquired byscience, and understood to all; while all doctrinal-religious donot understand each other. Theist has brothers from Peking toCheyenne, & counts all sages as fellows. He knows truth-beliefin God eternal consists neither in the opinions of garbledmetaphysics, nor in vain show, but in truth, freedom & justice.To do good is his worship, truth-belief in God his simple creed,enlightenment his fervent quest. Muslim cries, „Beware to failpilgrimage to Mecca!‟. Christian priest—„Curses, if you don‟ttake trip to Notre Dame de Lorette!‟ He laughs at Lorette andat Mecca: but succors the indigent and defends the oppressed.” *Quoted (with a Rizalian Enlightenment adaptation) in Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy, Simon & Schuster, N.Y., 1961, p.242-243.
  4. 4. San Pedro Estate: A CRY FOR JUSTICE! GIVE BACK TO THE RIZALISTS1 THE HISTORIC LAND THAT THEY OWNED FOR THE ENLIGHTENMENT PROJECT OF DR. JOSE P. RIZAL! A Peaceful Revolutionary Position Paper on the Truth of the Mysterious Titulo 4136. 4136.REVOLLLLLLINTRODUCTION1 KKKKKKKK The Rizalist church in Langhaya, San Juan, Antipolo City, was demo-lished in Nov. 25, 1997; then the Rizalist children were inconsolably crying,women were desperate with tears, their men were ready to die opposing theawesome power of paid demolition team: but they were crushed and beaten!This painfully reminds us of what happened in Calamba, Laguna, in 1887,when all the 200 farmers, including the family of Dr. Jose Rizal,--had theirhouses and structures in the farm all torn down. Against the plea for mercy--Dominican friars cruelly ordered Gen.Weyler to destroy the properties of thefarmers. They couldn‟t do anything; the friars owned the land in Calamba. But in Langhaya case, the Rizalists are the real owners of the land underthe legal Titulo 4136; and the ones that ravaged them were the despicableland developers who use fake land titles to land-grab. The incident causedthe health of Rizalist Sovereign Felix M. Melgar to deteriorate until he died.Now where is justice here? It was not merely the house and structure of theSovereignian Rizalists that were demolished, it‟s their house of worship thatthey destroyed, causing the Pontiff to weaken and die, out of shame, out ofinjustice, out of helplessness. Today, this very moment, Dec. 30, day of deathof Dr. Jose Rizal, the disgraceful remains of the pitiful Rizalist church is stillpoignantly left for the world to see, it is the shameful picture of the lavatory.(Touch Me Not!) [Now, a clarification is immediately needed in order to explain thatthe December 31, 1996 en banc Decision of the Honorable Supreme Courtin GRs 103727 and 106496 is not applicable to Don Alejandro P. San Pedro,whose judicial declaration2 as the “true legal heir” and the “next of kin” ofDon Mariano E. San Pedro in Spec. Proc. Case 312-B is the result of thesustained and affirmed order of Judge Oscar Fernandez in the heirship issuesin G.R.s 103727; and the fake extrapolated Titulo 4136 that Judge Fernandeznullified is the one pleaded by Petitioner/Appelee alias Don Engracio SanPedro (real name is Pedro Ignacio) to have been issued in April 29, 18943. 1 The phenomenal enlightenment, truthseeking, freethinking, patriotic Filipinos that nowhave become a class by themselves (particularly in the face of the presently corrupt Philippinesociety). Most specially the members of Philippine Enlightenment Movement, particularly theVanguardia Rizalistas, including La Liga Filipina, the Knights of Rizal, also the SovereignianRizalists, and by the culture of Rizalian enlightenment, the JRU, the Freemasons, progressiveorganizations, and scientific institutions, and by tradition the San Pedro heirs are Rizalistas. 2 With imprimatur from Hon. Supreme Court en banc Resolution of Jan. 26, 1989 3 This fake April 29, 1894 Titulo 4136 is patently fabricated as examined in 1983 by NBIDoc.Examiner Segundo Tabayoyong, as it obviously sought to expand the area; (while the originalone issued in April 25, 1894 held strength in smaller first grant of latifundio of 4,700 has. extanton its face without need for alteration, to be only “adjusted” within a strict time period to a 2ndgrant of an encomienda thru Maura Law). This unaltered document was examined in 1965 andfound authentic by NBI Doc. Examiner Antonio Rotor. This was approved by Judge Munoz in1971 in Land Reg. Cases N-1861 and N-1876, and was issued with two Decrees, correspondingto OCTs 0-5797 & 0-5617. This original Titulo 4136 of April 25, 1894 has passed the strict require-ments of PD 892, and has become imprescriptible, unvoidable, perfect & valid till the end of time.
  5. 5. 2The original Titulo de Propriedad 4136 was issued on April 25, 1894, wasfound authentic by NBI Documents Examiner Antonio Rotor; was approvedtwice by Judge Emmanuel Munoz in 1971 and 1972 in the Land RegistrationCases Nos. N-1861 and N-1876; was respectively issued with the DecreesNo. 137745 and No. 139093; was issued with Torrens titles or two O.C.T.sNo. O-5797 and No. O-5617; and finally, has passed the strict requirementsof the Presidential Decree No. 932 for Spanish titles, and has now becomeimprescriptible, perfect, and valid till the end of time.]HISTORY OF RIZALISTS’ OWNERSHIP OF THE VAST LAND The history of the Rizalists‟ ownership of the land, is the history of theTitulo 4136, and of the revolutionary but peaceful „Enlightenment project‟ ofDr. Jose Rizal. It all started with the tragic fiasco committed by the Domini-can friars in 1887, when against the pleadings of the 200 farmers opposingthe increase of rent in the face of poor harvest, the religious order disregard-ded their must for benevolence and compassion, and instead went waywardordering Gen. Valeriano Weyler to evict the poor farmers from their homes,including the family of Dr. Jose Rizal, whose home and other buildings onthe farm were all torn down. It was too much to bear; even adding to painfulmemories of his mothers treatment by the Catholic church prelates in 1871--who ordered Dona Teodora to the cold prison without a hearing, and made towalk ten miles (16-km.) from Calamba. It was a very dramatic and sad event that happened that day, mostparticularly for Dr. Jose Rizal and his family. Dr. Rizal had just returnedfrom Germany, where he ably finished his course in Opthalmology, and alsocaused his dramatic novel Noli Me Tangere to be published. He was a fastrising political figure at that time. And the church authorities seemedenvious and threatened. He had earlier joined Freemasonry in Spain, like hewas seeking for powerful allies in this kind of event in his life. Dr. Jose Rizalwas leading the way of a determined intellectual aiming for change in hisown Motherland as he chose to side with the progressive disciplines ofliberalism, freemasonry and Enlightenment. These were also the great socialforces that had then taken the upper hand in Spain and in Europe.The Role of the Freemasons True enough, his liberal brother Masons, who were mostly Spanishsubjects, found it the best time to visit and commiserate with him for whathad happened. The visiting brother Masons were solicitous of help, andseemed they were sent by the all too concerned Masonic Gov. Gen. RamonBlanco. Among the Freemason team was Don Mariano San Pedro, himself, aliberal Mason, an influential Spanish subject, former Liason at the Office ofGov. Gen. Eduardo De la Torre, now the trusted Public works contractor forthe Civil government, and a known ally to Gov. Gen. Ramon Blanco. Withhim was Don Ignacio Conrado, a Castilian Mason, who would become theSupremo of the Vanguardia Rizalista.
  6. 6. 3 They had come for very meaningful subject: how to prevent the conti-nued occurrence of such land-related incidents, and to forestall the situationto exacerbate into serious agrarian unrest. The brother Masons were seekingto develop a most timely and effective measure that would strike at the heartof the build-up problems of the natives. Thus, together with Dr. Jose Rizal,with seriousness of purpose, the brother Masons had broached and cameupon a peaceful social formula;--it was actually an encompassing venture for“national” industrialization, that would then very well serve to constitute themissing “Enlightenment project” for the enlightenment Masonic movement.The Enlightenment Project The model for the envisioned “national industrial estate” and to be the“Enlightenment project” will be Europe, particularly England where Dr. JoseRizal painstakingly copied in long-hand Antonio Morga‟s “Sucesos De lasIslas de Pilipinas, which at that time was experiencing the blessing of theworld‟s first industrial revolution. The technology necessary will come fromEurope through Spain, with the help of the Masonic enlightenment network.The Philippines will industrialize and it will be the first such country in Asiato develop and modernize. A great many things can happen with industriali-zation. There will be greater production of goods and services that willproduce much wealth. With much wealth the standard of living of the nativesincreases, their health is safe-guarded, their education is provided. And therewill be unity among the people. This was the dream of Dr. Jose Rizal—for the unity of the people ina peaceful way through excellence in education, science and industries.Dr. Jose Rizal believed that an armed struggle for independence was ill-conceived and not necessary. In “Noli Me Tangere”, Dr. Jose Rizal speakingthrough Father Florentino said, “...our liberty will (not) be secured at theswords point...we must secure it by making ourselves worthy of it. And whena people reaches that height God will provide a weapon, the idols will beshattered, tyranny will crumble like a house of cards and liberty will shineout like the first dawn.” In the same year (1887), Dr. Jose Rizal shall go toHongKong, to avoid the intimidation of authorities, and to practice hisprofession. In HongKong he would be sought to eaves the good news for the“Enlightenment project” from Europe.The Need for a Vast Land But there is always the need to be discreet and secretive. Because, thegroup will aim to acquire a vast tract of land to allow for industrial planta-tion for raw materials to be processed, to mine the earth, and for preparedminerals to fabricate. The Enlightenment group will seek to modernize plan-tation and industrialize the land. They were willing to sacrifice to secure thevast land that they needed. They would not want to have anything to do withthe lands held by the church. There will be a need to establish schools thatwill instruct for science & technology away from the control of the church.And while the funding is too important, this can be readily procured fromout of the vast land to be acquired from the government.
  7. 7. 4The Role of the Vanguardia Rizalistas It was necessary to establish possession in the land to be acquired. Inthis regard the Vanguardia Rizalista was formed from out of the 200 farmer-victims in the Dominican fiasco, and its organization and expansion shall behandled by Don Conrado. And indeed, possession and cultivatorship of theland to be acquired would be established by Vanguardia Rizalista. Thus how,Don Conrado became the unrivaled and respected Supremo of VanguardiaRizalista for many years until his demise in Norzagaray in the 1950s. From the 200 farmers, the Rizalista movement spread like wildfire allover central Philippines (now Metro-Manila and near provinces), and estab-lished further settlements for land cultivatorship in Bulacan particularly, inMorong (now Rizal province), in Tayabas (now Quezon), and in Nueva Ecija.[Dr. Jose Rizal had a hand in the planning of this because he had a workingknowledge in Surveying and Land Assessment from the first full pledgecourse he completed in Ateneo Municipal de Manila.] It was only necessarythat possession will be established by cultivation in the altruistic encomiendaland that would be applied with the Civil Government upon promulgation ofthe awaited Royal Decree (from the Crown that would grant the land).(Touch Me Not!) (Note: The only link the people might have known of the cautiousEnlightenment project was the mortgage deal of the vast land between DonMariano and Don Conrado. What they never knew was the deeper involve-ment of Dr. Rizal in the reserved Enlightenment project with his Freemasonbrothers who were mostly Spanish subjects, known among them were DonMariano San Pedro y Esteban and Don Ignacio Conrado. It was so sensitiveand guarded, involving as it did the operation of Freemasons to whisk theimperious thunder from out of the powerful friars--since they‟re burningincense to the sentiments of the natives against the civil government; and theplan involved the acquisition of vast tract of land to make a productive Uto-pian industrial estate that would draw the energy and talents of the natives.To the involved-Spanish-subjects the effort was meant to secure Spanish rulemuch away from home. But as it turned, the Enlightenment project wouldhave been a peaceful master stroke to solve the problem of its misrule, at atime when the world was caught up with revolts for liberation of colonies.)The Promulgation of the Royal Decree (or Maura Law) The news went that the awaited Royal Decree that will award theland would allow for adjustment of second grant of larger encomienda foraltruistic enlightenment projects of Spanish subjects in the colonies. And soonenough, in 1894, (as Dr. Rizal had adjusted his life to banishment in Dapitan,pursuing lucrative practice of his profession, and on top of all had won a bigprize in lottery), the awaited Royal Decree (Maura law) was finally promul-gated, and was issued in the same year with liberal Rules and Regulationsfor implementation by Masonic Gov. Gen. Ramon Blanco. But, the Rules re-quired that only natural persons were qualified to apply, and juridicals andassociations were disqualified to secure grant from said Royal Decree.
  8. 8. 5 The most qualified in the group to own bigger land was Don MarianoE. San Pedro, a Spanish subject, an enlightenment Masonic brother, liberal,and with known achievements in public civil works in support of the CivilGovernment. The plan was for Don Mariano San Pedro to secure (his own)first grant of a modest latifundio in Norzagaray from the Civil Government,and then to seek its adjustment in the Maura law procedure for a secondgrant of an encomienda, much bigger, enough for Utopian Enlightenmentproject of the group, and this would be perfected thru legal hipoteca tran-saction with Spanish Mortgage Law. The fund to finance the latter transact-ion would come from the lotto prize winning of Dr. Jose Rizal, courtesy ofthe undisclosed maneuver of the Masonic Utopian group.The Maura Law (or Royal Decree of Feb. 13, 1894) [The awaited Royal Decree (now called Maura Law) of Feb. 13, 1894was promulgated in the Islands and was published in the Gaceta de Manila,No. 106, on April 17, 1894. Under Articles 1, 19, and 21 of the Law, beingthe most pertinent provisions thereof, are provided: ARTICLE 1. All uncultivated lands, soil, earth, and mountains not in- cluded in the following exceptions shall be considered alienable lands: First, those which have become subjected to private ownership and have a legitimate owner. Second, those which belong to the forest zones which the State deems wise to reserve for reasons of public utility. . . . ARTICLE 19. Possessors of alienable lands under cultivation who have not obtained nor applied for composition on the date this decree shall be published in the Gaceta de Manila, may obtain a gratuitous title of property, by means of a possessory information in conformity with the law of civil procedure and the mortgage law whenever they establish any of the following conditions: First. Having, or having had, them under cultivation without interrupt- tion during the preceding six years. Second. Having had possession of them for twelve consecutive years, and having had them under cultivation until the date of the informa- tion, and for three years before that date. ARTICLE 21. A term of one year, without grace, is granted in order to perfect the information referred to in articles 19 and 20. ARTICLE 80. By virtue of the provision of Art. 21 of Royal Decree of Feb. 13, 1894, the inextensible period for carrying out the informa- tion referred in the 2 preceding articles, shall be counted as closed on April 17, 1895. Upon expiration of this period the right of cultivation and possessors to obtainment of free title shall lapse, and full property right in land shall revert to State or, in proper case, to public domain.This is the law. This law involves three important dates. The date of thepromulgation of the Royal Decree is February 13, 1894. The date of itspublication in the Gaceta de Manila, No. 106, for its legal effectivity as alaw is on April 17, 1894. The time within which advantage could be taken ofthe Maura Law immediately expired on April 17, 1895.]
  9. 9. 6Compliance with the Strict Maura Law Thus, in the exacting Maura Law compliance procedure, Don MarianoSan Pedro had engaged with Don Ignacio Conrado for the “hipoteca” of173,000 has. or 214,047 quiniones for the amount of P8,000 pesos. Earlier,based in the capital province of Bulacan, Don Ignacio and Don Mariano hadalready deployed the numerous Rizalistas, taking positions to cultivatewhole sections of the extended Bulacan areas, that now “appear to coverlands in the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Bulacan, Rizal, San Pedro-Laguna &Quezon; and the Metro Manila cities as Quezon, Caloocan, Pasay, Pasig, andManila, (including San Pedro de Makati), thus affecting in general landsextending from Malolos, Bulacan to City Hall of Quezon City and landbetween Dingalan Bay in the north and Tayabas Bay in the south.”Death of Dr. Jose Rizal, and the Death of the Enlightenment Project Everything was ready to implement the Enlightenment project of theMasonic brothers, until the revolution of 1896 had gotten in the way, and aspredicted by Dr. Jose Rizal, a foreign power (America) “will take interest tograb us as its new found colony”. And it was indeed such a miserable turn ofevents that eventually saw major discreet characters passing away. Dr. JoseRizal was killed by firing squad in 1896. Don Mariano San Pedro died in thearms of his landed wife Doña Dorotea Tenorio in Laguna in 1930‟s. DonConrado still a bachelor, ever shepherding the Rizalistas and still dreamingof his industrialized Utopia, sadly passed away in Norzagaray in the 1950sunder the care of his loyal Rizalista student--Don Fabian Castillo (deceased).Gallantry of the Patriarchy and Heirs of Don Mariano E. San Pedro However, the patriarchy of Don Mariano San Pedro still continued withhis only son Don Luis T. San Pedro, who begot an only son, Don AlejandroP. San Pedro. Don Luis San Pedro was killed in action leading his platoon ofable Vanguardia Rizalistas fighting against the Japanese; his legal wife DoñaGorgonia Pascual, herself from Bulacan, and an heir to the revolutionarytradition of the brave family of the Pascual‟s, was heavily tortured by theJapanese „kempetais‟ for not revealing information on the fierce and coura-geous resistance movement. Don Alejandro, himself, had volunteered as aGuerilla boy-runner with the Gen. Walter Cushing Guerrilla Unit, undertaki-ng dangerous missions behind enemy lines at a very young age of 14 years. Don Alejandro P. San Pedro died in year 1999, only a little earlier thanhis wife Doña Lourdes San Pedro Dionisio, his cousin and love, who died inthe year 2000. Ever an idealistic, liberal, and independent minded man, DonAlejandro San Pedro was on the verge of implementing a semblance of theEnlightenment Project of Dr. Jose Rizal; it was the Philippines‟ own versionof California‟s “Silicon Valley” in Norzagaray, Bulacan. The Project Feasi-bility Study was prepared by his son, Prof. Arturo D. San Pedro. Senor, nowDon Pearlito D. San Pedro did a work of love in his researches and designs.An elder sibling, Madam Imelda D. San Pedro, was strong in legal prosecu-tion of the estate. The project was grand; it will seek to form the largest ind-ustrial estate, and greatly contribute to the national industrialization thrust.
  10. 10. 7The Advent of the Inofficious GRs 103727 & 106496 But two scandalous cases of the criminal syndicates reached thehighest Court, and in 1996 it gave a contentious verdict that implicated theinterests of them innocent. Still Don Alejandro impeccably fought for Titulo4136. But the people‟s support had weakened. Because the criminal squatter-syndicates, in cahoots with corrupt people in the government, had malignedthe San Pedro name, and preempted the mission for the country of the SanPedro estate. Just because the war had separated them from the truth of thelegacy of their parents. And the dark political powers that be, have imper-tinently and brazenly confused the official records of Titulo 4136.Discovery in 2002 of the Issuance of Torrens Title to Titulo 4136 It was however discovered in year 2002 that the original Spanish titlehad already been registered with the Land Reg. Act 496, and had compliedwith all the requirements of P.D. 892 to make the Spanish titulo valid andperfect. Thru the very orderly Land Reg. Cases N-1861 and N-1876 (whichare in rem), bearing the “Questioned Documents Report No. 230-163” sub-mitted by Mr. Antonio B. Rotor, Sr., Documents Examiner of the NBI (witha report of genuineness and authenticity of the Questioned Document--whichas shown in the remarks of the examiner thereof “is in the possession ofPrudential Bank”), the lands under the Spanish title had been issued withOCT O-5797 with Decree 137745 issued on Dec. 6, 1971, and OCT O-5617with Decree 139093 issued on March 28, 1972. These are legal facts whichare supposed to be of official “judicial notice” to the Hon. Supreme Court. The San Pedro cases in GRs 103727 and 106496, both decided by theHon. Supreme Court in December 18, 1996, are inferior civil cases (whichare in res), and are grossly mistaken in most respects, cannot bind the wholeworld much less the original Spanish title of San Pedro estate issued in April25, 1894 and the next of kin and true legal heirs of the late Don Mariano SanPedro. Thus, for purposes of truth, justice and fair play, legitimacy and just-ice being the foundation of the much vaunted “Enlightenment project” of thenow being implemented Philippine Silicon Valley, we are now constrained topoint out the defects, and the gross misrepresentation of facts made in thesaid controversial en banc Decision of Hon. Supreme Court.Exemption from GRs 103727 & 106496, and their Manifest Errors First, it is not true that the Spanish Titulo of the San Pedro estate wasnot registered with Act 496, and therefore it is not also true that the saidTitulo has not complied with the requirements of Pres. Decree No. 892.Through the very orderly Land Registration Cases N-1861 & N-1876 (beingcases in rem), bearing “Questioned Documents Report 230-163” submitted byAntonio B. Rotor, NBI Documents Examiner (with report of authenticity onthe Questioned Document, “in possession of Prudential Bank”, under SafetyDeposit Box 145), the lands under the Spanish title have been issued withTorrens OCT O-5797 with Decree No. 137745 issued on Dec. 6, 1971, andOCT O-5617 with Decree No. 139093 issued on March 28, 1972.
  11. 11. 8 Second, what was at issue in the notorious San Pedro cases was“Titulo Prop. 4136 allegedly issued in April 29, 1894”, which was patentlyextrapolated by the criminals ignorantly seeking to impress with “largenumbers” sought to be apparent on its face, (while the original one issued inApril 25, 1894 held strength in the smaller first grant of latifundio of 4,700has. extant on its face without need for alteration, to be only adjusted withina strict time period, to a second grant of an encomienda thru Maura Law). Itwas the altered April 29, 1894 Titulo Propriedad 4136 described in theQuestioned Document Report 448-977 of Sept. 2, 1977 that was presented bya shady character named Segundo Tabayoyong based on mere tainted Xeroxcopies. (The original Titulo Propriedad 4136 was very orderly and officiallyexamined in said Questioned Documents Report 230-163 submitted in Jan.28, 1963 by NBI Doc. Examiner Antonio Rotor, with no report of errors.) Third, it is not true that “the original of Titulo Prop. 4136 was neverpresented in Court”. The said original of TP 4136 had been presented manytimes in fact-finding Reg‟l Trial Courts, exactly to determine its genuinenessand authenticity. It was bared before Judge Emmanuel Munoz, which causedhim to issue the same with decree for release of Torrens title. It was exhibit-ted to Judge Benigno Puno which caused him to adjudicate on 70,000 has. inQuezon prov. in favor of San Pedro heirs. It was presented to Judge JuanEcheverri to ably decide the San Pedro cases in his impeccable Sala. Infact, the original Titulo with 4,700 has. on its face, without need for altera-tion, was originally examined very regularly by NBI with a report of genui-neness and authenticity. And before it disappeared, it was stolen by WilfredoTorres in Prudential Bank in Manila, for which he was prosecuted in ManilaCFI (Criminal Case 68810) for Estafa and Theft, was imprisoned and madeto pay the amount of P100,000,000 representing the value of the document. The world knows, and the undisputable official LRA record showsthat the „original‟ and „basic‟ Spanish titulo of the San Pedro estate isnothing else but the Titulo Composicion con en el Estado issued on April 25,1894 for the first latifundio grant equivalent to 4,700 has. in the oldNorzagaray. (Pls. see the LRA Record in LRC Nos. N-1861 and N-1876). Itis only otherwise known as Titulo Propriedad 4136 (the numerical order ofits registration in Spanish Mortgage Law), as proof of its official adjustmentwith a second grant of an encomienda under the procedure in the 1894Maura law—necessarily through the legal hipoteca transaction in December03, 1894 between Don Mariano San Pedro and Don Ignacio Conrado underSpanish Mortgage Law, i.e. over 173,000 has. for altruistic Enlightenmentproject of Rizalistas and the Masonic Utopian group. All laws werecomplied for both the first latifundio grant of 4,700 has. in old Norzagaray,and the second (adjustment) grant of an encomienda of 173,000 has. Fourth, these San Pedro cases in G.R.s 103727 and 106496 are aboutcriminal parties corrupting and prostituting our legal system to satisfy theirgreed. The claimant-heirs led by Don Engracio San Pedro, are fake claimant-heirs, with Don Engracio San Pedro only used as an alias by criminal personwhose real name was „Pedro Ignacio‟. Why he was allowed with “unclean
  12. 12. 9hands” this far to vent his criminalities is the wonder of privileged Philip-pine justice system. (The judicially declared „next of kin‟ and „true legal heir‟of Don Mariano by Spl. Proc. Case 312-B was Don Alejandro P. San Pedro,was not made a party in said S.C. cases, since the “appealed Order of JudgeFernandez in G.R. 106496” was instrumental in his final declaration as thenext of kin and true legal heir of Don Mariano San Pedro by Spl. Pr. 312-B,thus making his interest in said cases allied with government, while beingpensively dissuaded to intervene in said San Pedro cases by Hon. JusticeVicente V. Mendoza.) (And the Spl. Pr. Case 312-B‟s declaration of DonAlejandro as „next of kin‟ & „true legal heir‟ of Don Mariano is given impri-matur by Hon. Supreme Court by its en banc Resolution of Jan. 26, 1989.) And while the Appellants-Petitioners in these cases are criminal, theRespondents Aurelio Ocampo, Dominador Buhain and Teresa dela Cruz hadlikewise criminally conspired to landgrab. They were able to secure from theRegistry of Deeds of Quezon City titles to portions of the San Pedro estate,particularly Transfer Certificate if Titles (TCTs) Nos. 1386, 8982, 951975-951977, 313624, 279067, 1412, 353054, 372592, 149120, 86404, 17874-17875, all emanating from the invalid Original Cert. of Title (OCT) 614 andTCTs 255544 and 264124, both derivatives of the notorius OCT 333; (2) thatthe aforesaid defendants were able to acquire ownership of portions of theestate through deceit, fraud, bad faith and misrepresentation; (3) that OCT614 and 333 had been cancelled by and thru final and executory decisiondated March 21, 1988 in relation to letter recommendations by Bureau ofLand Mngt., Bureau of Forest Devt., the Sol. Gen., in regard to Central Bank(CB) Circulars dated April 7 & 23, 1971, Sept. 12, 1972 and June 10, 1980. Fifth, the set-up would have been alright that the dishonest and unlaw-ful San Pedro claimants are well contained in the pool-proof system of theHonorable Supreme Court, without involving and linking the legal andlegitimate estate of Don Mariano E. San Pedro which the state and thegovernment also owe the duty to protect, i.e. by virtue of parens patriae andthe property rights of helpless citizens. The Honorable Supreme Court willjust have to prosecute all the criminals now in its jurisdiction, withoutfavoring anyone, because they are all with unclean hands. After all, the Honorable Supreme Court have already determined “thenext of kin and true legal heir of Don Mariano”--who had founded the DonMariano E. San Pedro Foundation, for the good of the country, and throughhis holographic Will probated in 1994 had invested this with virtually thewhole of the San Pedro estate to make good that objective. (The setting up ofthe PSV project was the principal instruction of Don Alejandro San Pedro tohis three sons--but now only two remain today.) The registration of the April 25, 1894 Titulo Composicion with Act496 could not have been ignored by Hon. Supreme Court, after all, it is ofJudicial Notice to them; and its compliance with PD 892 is all but faitaccompli. It is only when the Hon. Supreme Court sought to involve thelawful San Pedro estate and tried to obliterate it, that the facts of its rulingbecame jumbled and appeared confused.
  13. 13. 10Titulo 4136 Has Now Become a Perfect Title They cannot possibly void the Titulo Composicion con en el Estado ofApril 25, 1894 (the original of Titulo Prop. 4136), because its two landregistration cases with the Torrens system in 1972, in the time of Dictatorwho tried to slay it, are cases in rem that have notice to the whole world.And as a result, the question of validity of the Spanish titulo issued on April25, 1894, after the same has been duly examined and found in order by theLand Registration Court in in-rem proceedings, has become res judicata. Therefore, the said en banc Decision of Hon. Supreme Court is in factultra vires on its part; and, hence, it acquired no jurisdiction on said Titulo.Forcing the issue would result into “grave abuse of discretion that wouldresult into lack of jurisdiction”. The Hon. Supreme Court cannot now Ordera new trial to correct its mistake because doing so will starkly result to“double jeopardy” against judicially confirmed “next of kin” and true legalheir of Don Mariano San Pedro. Neither the Hon. Supreme Court can promulgate today, motu propio, anew judgment to correct the previous one where it erred because of the starkabsence of a fair trial, and therefore would be lacking and be without “dueprocess“. And, indeed, to repeat, the validity of Titulo Composicion issuedon April 25, 1894 has become res judicata after it passed strict examinationin Land Registration Cases N-1861 and N-1876, which are cases in rem thatacquired notice and jurisdiction to the whole world, and as proof thereofhave resulted the issuance of the OCTs Nos. 0-5617 and 0-5797, togetherwith equally perfect and valid TCTs that have now passed to third partieswho are “innocent purchasers for value”. By its registration with the Land Registration Act 496, and particular-ly by its compliance with the strict requirements of the Pres. Decree 892, theTitulo 4136 has now become a perfect title, a title that is imprescriptible, un-voidable, free from laches, and valid till the end of time.Hon. Supreme Court Becomes a Suspect in Corrupt Cases To sustain the criminalities of Private-Respondents in the said caseswas to uphold graft and corruption in private land transactions and to bindthe hands of the upright government agencies that prosecuted theseanomalies. Obviously, the more honest and factual arrangements of thingswere missing, or were ignored by the Hon. Court. How we wish there was abetter approach like remanding the cases to lower Court for retrial with strictguidelines against “unclean hands” and the vindication of the rights ofinnocents who are victims in these cases. Together with this approach was toallow the Bill in Congress that calls for death penalty against the use of faketitles in land transactions. They are the greatest sources of graft andcorruption in the country, and by compromised way of deciding cases thattolerates fake land titles the Hon. Supreme Court becomes the eminentinstitution that abets graft and corruption, with the aid of lawyers acting asindispensable agents of lucrative corrupt cases.
  14. 14. 11The Largest Caper of Ortigas [It is also perceived by many that the Ortigas case was related to theSan Pedro case, in that Ortigas was guilty also of using fake titles tolandgrab big portions of San Pedro estate. In the Ortigas case, the Hon. SCdecided against the WW II Widows and Orphans Assn., & as revealed byHon. Justice Abdulwahid Bidin who dissented from majority opinion, “theCourt resolved the issue on the basis of facts which are not extant in therecords of the case (GR 97197)”. Said Hon. Justice Bidin: “xx these "facts"…. should not have been considered by the Court for the simple reason thatthey were not even alleged by respondent (Ortigas) itself nor do they appearon the records before us. In so doing, xx the Court overstretched the conceptof judicial notice.” “This is quite unprecedented”, said Justice Bidin. Justice Bidin denied the alleged precedent cases of Ortigas, becausehe said: “Ortigas v. Ruiz (supra) involves a parcel of land covered by TCT227758 with an area …located in Pasig, Rizal. There is no identity of subjectmatter between Ortigas v. Ruiz and the instant case. They refer to differentparcels of land covered by different transfer certificates of title. On the otherhand, the 1906 case of Ultramar v. Domingo involves a parcel of landknown as the "Hacienda de Mandaluyon" (a fake title used by Ortigas,comment supplied) without any specification as to its location, area andboundaries. Hence, it cannot be said that the parcel of land applied for in thiscase is identical with the lots covered by Ortigas title. As stated in the Deci-sion sought to be reconsidered, Decree 1425 (alleged by Ortigas to embracethe lots covered by its TCTs 77652 and 77653), covers a 17 has. lot locatedat Sta. Ana, Manila, while the lot applied for is alienable and disposable ascertified by Bureau of Lands and Bureau of Forestry and has an area of 156has. located in Quezon City four (4) kms. away from Sta. Ana, Manila.” 10 Hon. Justice Bidin exposed that: “The Hon. Supreme Court sustainedthe allegation of Ortigas that the origin of TCT Nos. 77652 and 77653 hasbeen correctly identified by Court of Appeals as OCT 351, notwithstandingthe fact that said TCTs themselves show on their faces that they have beenderived from OCTs 19, 334, 336 & 337.” Justice Bidin further clarified: “As stated in the decision sought to bereconsidered, Decree 1425 (alleged by Ortigas to embrace the lots coveredby its TCTs 77652 & 77653), covers a 17-ha. lot located at Sta. Ana, Manila,while the lot applied for by WIDORA under Titulo 4136 is alienable anddisposable as certified by Bureau of Lands and Bureau of Forestry and hasan area of 156 has. located in Quezon City four (4) kms. away from Sta. Ana,Manila. The procedure now adopted by Hon. Supreme Court in arriving atits conclusion that TCTs 77652 & 77653 were derived from OCT 351 contraryto what is stated in the faces of said TCTs, finds no support in law as it am-ounted to a correction and/or alteration of the TCTs in violation of existingapplicable law. Under Sec. 112 of Act 496 (now Sec. 108, PD 1529), noTCT or OCT may be amended or altered except upon order of proper RTC.”11 Pls. see the Dissenting Opinion of Justice A. Bidin in G.R. 97197. (JusticeBidin exposed such grave prostitution of law, which is so unprecedented.)
  15. 15. 12 And to think that the Survey Plan submitted to the Hon. Court byOrtigas as secondary evidence to prove the contents of alleged Decree 1425issued in 1905 is only a mere location map prepared by its own surveyor in1972 or 67 years after its alleged registration (and not the blueprint copy ofthe original survey plan with approved plan and technical description), isbeyond doubt abetting a criminal act of land-grabbing.12 It is insinuated bymalicious quarters that large amount of funds changed hands in this case.And that is why former Pres. Joseph Estrada called the Honorable SupremeCourt Justices as the hoodlums in robes.13 But the Ortigas caper does not end there at all. Their most recent landgrabbing project is the ten (10) hectares erstwhile campus of the Rizalprovincial capitol in Pasig City in Barangay San Antonio. The property fallsstrictly on the old Kalookan sphere of the San Pedro estate. So as not todisrupt the operation of the province of Rizal, the San Pedro estate haschosen to suspend its right on the property, and thus tolerated the property toremain in the hold and usufructory of the Rizal provincial government. The Most Recent Landgrabbing Project of Ortigas. It turned out, however, that Ortigas had surreptitiously smuggled aDeed of Donation in favor of the Rizal provincial government, and with thecondition that the Rizal provincial government shall maintain its use of theproperty as situs of the Rizal provincial capitol, and that once the Rizalprovincial government has ceased to use the site as situs of the provincialcapitol, then the property shall return to Ortigas ownership. But the owner of the property, in truth and in fact, are the Rizalistasand the heirs of Don Mariano San Pedro, by virtue of Titulo Propriedad 4136which Don Mariano E. San Pedro held consisting of his mortgage of theproperty to Don Ignacio Conrado representing the vanguardia Rizalista andthe Freemasons, and such was registered with the Spanish Mortgage law toconstitute the virtual titulo informacion possessoria under Article 19, Sec. 3of Royal Decree of 1894 (or the Maura law ).*
  16. 16. 13 The Ortigas‟s never had any title on the property. The big title theyhave been showing to landgrab the properties of the old Enlightenment pro-ject and the San Pedro estate refers to the 1906 case of Ultramar v. Domingothat involves a parcel of land known as "Hacienda de Mandaluyon" (a faketitle used by Ortigas--comment supplied) without any specification as to itslocation, area and boundaries. It would have been two years, since the property was enclosed with afence without any markings; leaving the public to dismiss the brazen activityas owing to the powerful Rizal provincial government, until a freneticdevelopment activity has ensued, but still without any signs or markings orany indication. It is only of late, that evidences are shown that it is Ortigasthat‟s undertaking the commercial development, and that contrary to the rusesand tricks, the Rizal provincial government has already vacated the area. The implication of this is very glaring, that there was an under the tabledeal that transpired, whereof the holders of power in Rizal government haveabandoned the interest of Rizal province, and now obviously honors thefraudulent Deed of Donation with condition for reversion of the property tothe illegal Donor in the event it is (impossibly) no longer used by Rizal prov. Why should anybody in Rizal province agree with a scheming land-grabber that it can now acquire the precious land it has since been using forthe good of the province, when its need to use the property never ceases;now the province is defrauded and become much poorer. This is a great case for the “enlightenment movement” to get into. Nowis the time for them to act. We are waiting for your helping hand. San PedroFoundation is beaten in the draw to take over the property, because, its ass-ets, while immense, are yet immobile, and Foundation cannot immediatelyact to prosecute its interest; let alone employ a probono lawyer from PAO,since it is a propertied client; never mind the difficulty of its case. But it hasthe better title in its favor together with the Rizalistas, to own the property. The property by its size, constituting more or less 100,000 sq. mtrs.,and at the rate of about P100,000/ in the area, would easily fetchP10,000,000,000.00. More than enough for the whole Enlightenment move-ment today to build a strong human capital base and to effectuate efficientnational innovation system, to make Filipino nation a knowledge-basedsociety, and to always make militant the fight against “the infamous things”:corruption, ignorance, poverty, injustice and superstition. Indeed, there are many legal large properties within the Titulo 4136,each worth billions, enough to transform and change the nation through theSovereignian Rizalists and the Enlightenment movement (i.e. the VanguardiaRizalistas, the Knights of Rizal, La Liga Filipina, Enlightenment League &Moral Society, the Freemasonry, Jose Rizal University, The EnlightenmentUniversity System (ThEUS), and like organizations, progressive groups, andscientific institutions, all to be supported by the Enlightenment Patron theSan Pedro Foundation in accord with the enlightenment vision of Dr. Jose P.Rizal for a great Philippines: technologically and scientifically advanced,morally upright, powerful, proud, peaceful and free!).
  17. 17. 14_______________________ * NOTE: WHATEVER the landdeveloper-landgrabbers, the corrupt governmentagencies, the envying persons that abhor the Rizalists, those who do not feel convenientthe Rizalistas‟ gaining power and prestige, and the ignoramuses that do not know a bitabout land law, say about Titulo Propriedad 4136 is now academic, because the Titulo dePropriedad No. 4136 (issued in April 25, 1894) is already registered with the LandRegistration Act 496, and has passed the strict requirements of Presidential Decree 892. Who dares say, no Spanish titulo is allowed by law anymore? What for is thestrict requirements for compliance by Pres. Decree 892, IF COMPLIANCE THEREATWOULD NOT RESULT TO THE NEEDED AUTHORIZATION TO PURSUEOWNERSHIP OF THE REST OF THE VAST LANDS OF THE LEGAL ESTATE?What is this, P.D. 892 would promise exemption from its harsh rules upon difficultcompliance, only to retake the land, or give it to somebody else? Only the TituloPropriedad 4136 has passed the requirements of PD 892 for its vast lands in the CentralRegion of the Philippines, nothing else! It is because, only Titulo Propriedad 4136(issued April 25, 1894) has passed the strict requirements of the stringent Maura Law,nothing else! The Maura law is the last legal system of Spanish Land Registration. Allbig lands must have been registered in the Maura law. And changes perforce must berecorded with its heralded system of land adjustment. (After Maura law, all previoussystems of Spanish title of land ownership, if there be any, are no longer honored.) In the case of Titulo Propriedad 4136 (issued April 25, 1894), two Torrens titles(OCTs 5617 & 5706) were issued to portion (445 has.) of the vast land: of an encomienda--173,000 for the Rizalists, Masons, and Enlightenment movement for the Enlightenmentproject, under the care and thrust of Don Mariano San Pedro; and a latifundio--4,700 Norzagaray as Don Mariano San Pedros permanently owned property of mineral landwhich he used in his public works project with the Civil Government. In the Land Reg.Proceedings, the 445 has. were allowed by the Court to be titled in the Torrens Systemupon validation of the land, and the establishment of authenticity and legality of theSpanish title. The said vast Spanish title has been approved, and its coverage honored toconstitute the vast land of San Pedro estate. The whole San Pedro estate due to approvalof Titulo 4136 is honored by the Hon. Courts of law to constitute 173,000 has.Looking Back for Clarity In the G.R. 103727 and G.R.106496, the Honorable Supreme Court manifestedconfusion between the fake April 29, 1894 Titulo 4136, and the genuine and authenticApril 25, 1894 Titulo 4136. The Supreme Court mistook the authentic April 25 Titulo,for the fake extrapolated April 29 one, and began mentioning of the findings of theshadowy National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Document Examiner Segundo Taba-yoyong in 1989 who has been involved in irregularities. The authentic April 25, 1894Spanish Titulo was regularly found true and authentic by proper the NBI DocumentExaminer Antonio Rotor, Sr. in 1968, without any erasures and attempt at extrapolations,because its strength lies in the truthful smaller first grant of latifundio of 4,700 has. extanton its face without need for alteration, to be only adjusted within a strict time period, to asecond grant of an encomienda through Maura Law. At any rate, in the said GRs 103727 and 106496, the judicially confirmed "next ofkin" and "true legal heir" Don Alejandro P. San Pedro is on the side of Government,because the respondent Judge Oscar Fernandez was instrumental in his heirshipdeclaration, i.e. against squater syndicate alias Don Engracio San Pedro, whose real namewas Pedro Ignacio.) (The declaration of Don Alejandro San Pedro as the “next of kin”and the “true legal heir” of Don Mariano San Pedro by the Special Proc. Case No. 312-Bof Malolos Regional Trial Court, is also given imprimatur by the Hon. Supreme Courtthrough its en banc Resolution dated Jan. 26, 1989.
  18. 18. 15In the G.R.s 103727 and 106496, this is the Location Plan of Titulo 4136 recognized bythe Hon. Supreme Court as "notoriously claimed" by San Pedro Heirs, which is “kind” as itis in accord with law on land ownership. This is the only time Hon. Supreme Courtexhibited in SCRA "A Map of Land-Claim and Ownership", and emphasized its most legal"public, notorious, adverse to whole world" claim of land ownership.
  19. 19. 15__________________*NOTE—continued: This much is private land of the San Pedro estate, entrusted for theEnlightenment project of Vanguardia Rizalistas (who made possession and cultivatorshipof the vast land), together with the Freemasons, La Liga Filipina, and the whole of theEnlightenment movement today, including the Sovereignian Rizalists of Luzon, Visayasand Mindanao, and to the extent of the Enlightenment stand, the Jose Rizal University,the Knights of Rizal, the Enlightenment League and Moral Society, Inc., and the peacefulprogressive organizations, and scientific institutions. You cannot own vast tracts of land in the urban areas without a Spanish title,otherwise you will resort to the Public Land Law, where government grant of land issmall, and valid only to public lands. But this is private land. What has become privateland cannot anymore revert to public land! It is elementary in law that the registration ofTP 4136 with Land Reg. Act 496 (or Torrens Title) makes Titulo 4136 INDEFEASIBLE,IMPRESCRIPTIBLE, UNVOIDABLE, free from laches, and valid till the end of time.This is the title of vanguardia Rizalista and the Enlightenment movement, thru San Pedroestate thrust, to 173,000 has.-land that “covers lands in the provinces of Nueva Ecija,Bulacan, Rizal, San Pedro-Laguna and Quezon; and such Metro Manila cities as Quezon,Caloocan, Pasay, Pasig, Manila, (and San Pedro de Makati), thus affecting in generallands extending from Malolos, Bulacan to City Hall of Quezon City and the land areabetween Dingalan Bay in the north and Tayabas Bay in the South." The Rizalistas will fight for the land that had been possessed and cultivated by itsforbears to continue the peaceful revolution (Part II) started in the Enlightenment projectof Dr. Jose Rizal. We will fight for this remaining hope of the patriots (particularly theRizalistas) and the enlightenment movement to realize the dream of the Motherland. To repeat, the registration of the Titulo 4136 with the Land Registration Act 496(or Torrens Title) makes Titulo Propriedad 4136 INDEFEASIBLE, IMPRESCRIPTIBLE,UNVOIDABLE, FREE FROM LACHES, PERFECT and VALID till the end of time!This is the kind of title the Vanguardia Rizalista and the Enlightenment movement have,thru the San Pedro estate thrust, to 173,000 has. land “covering the lands in the provincesof Nueva Ecija, Bulacan, Rizal, San Pedro-Laguna and Quezon; and such Metro Manilacities as Quezon, Caloocan, Pasay, Pasig, and Manila, (including San Pedro de Makati),thus affecting in general lands extending from Malolos, Bulacan to City Hall of QuezonCity and the land area between Dingalan Bay in the north and Tayabas Bay in the South." Together with these are, from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the LandBank Capital Bonds of “heirs of Don Mariano E. San Pedro”, with the DMESPFI. as theTestamentary administrator and executor thereof (for the Rizalistas, the Masons, and theEnlightenment movement—for the Enlightenment project), ref.: the Land Bank CapitalBonds—Interim Certificates Nos. 180-1, 180-2, 180-3, and 180-4, all under the Series of1968, each valued at P400,000,000, totalling P1,600,000,000 with 7% interest per annum,as certified to by CBP on Dec. 14, 1989. Also included for consolidation in the San Pedro estate entrusted for the Enlighten-ment Project and the Enlightenment Movement are the 554 has. in Tungkong Mangga, inSan Jose Del Monte, Bulacan; the 370,208 sq.mtrs. under Lots 888-New, 949-B, 1049-B, 1048-B in Pasong Putik, Novaliches, Quezon City; and Lots 946, 947, 948 with theTransfer Certificate of Titles (TCTs) Nos. 39086, 39072, in Brgy. Tala, Caloocan City;and the 70,000 has. in Infanta, Real, and Gen. Nakar, Quezon province. The Rizalists will struggle determinedly to bring about greater Enlightenment inthe world today. This will need for greater effort of the Enlightenment movement tostrengthen their vigilance to Dare to Know! And to Fight the Infamous Things! Theinfamous things are the perplexing injustices, poverty, ignorance, superstitution, andcorruption. The Enlightenment wealth and its basis in the land of TP 4136 (that has beenpossessed and placed under cultivatorship by our forbears), shall be used—to continuethe peaceful social revolution started in the Enlightenment project of Dr. Jose Rizal.
  20. 20. 16_________________________*LAST NOTE: From, E-mail reply to Ms. B. Sandoval: The Don Mariano E. San Pedro Foundation, Inc. is the only corporate foundationallowed by law, thru the SEC, to use the name “Don Mariano E. San Pedro” in afoundation. This foundation has been established by Don Alejandro P. San Pedro, Sr.since 1987 to consolidate and administer the legal San Pedro Estate according to thealtruistic vision of the San Pedro Patriarchs. By the Will of Don Alejandro, the San PedroFoundation has become the owner/trustee of the San Pedro estate. Don Alejandro was thelone judicially determined next of “kin” and true legal heir of Don Mariano. He achievedthis exclusive confirmation of heirship from Hon. Courts of law. [Pls. see Bulacan RTCCourt Orders (Spec. Proc. Case 312-B) dated Jan. 31, 1996 & June 13, 1997, with directmandate and imprimatur from Hon. SC thru its en banc Resolution dated Jan. 26, 1989.] THE FABIAN CASTILLO GROUP, as mentioned in your e-mail “attachment”,lost their San Pedro heirship case in the jurisdictional and fact-finding Spec. Proc. Case312-B (Br. 15, RTC, Malolos, Bulacan), and it is not the only group that now traces theirSan Pedro claim thru Don Conrado Ignacio “mortgage”. They are preceded in this claim by Maria Socorro Tandag Conrado. Sadly, theyalso all lost their cases in the RTC up to the Hon. Supreme Court. (Pls. ref., inter alia, toDirector of Forestry vs. Munoz, SCRA 1968, and the Oct. 11, 1977 fact-finding ruling/Order in jurisdictional Spec. Proc. Case 312-B, Br. IV, Fifth Judicial District, CFI,Baliuag, Bul., viz: “Assuming the estate of Don Mariano failed to redeem the mortgagein favor of Don Conrado within the redemption period of ten years, it is the latter or hisheir who had lost the right to collect the indebtedness of Don Mariano after the lapse ofthe prescriptive period of ten years and, therefore, the mortgage action against the Estatein question had expired and the full ownership thereof had remained in the Estate as theencumbrance thereon had been eliminated after the lapse of the prescriptive period forConrado to institute the mortgage action; Conrado‟s claim in Intervention is manifestlysham and frivolous because there is no law which makes the mortgagee ipso facto theowner of the property mortgaged upon the mortgagor‟s failure to pay the debt or redeemthe mortgaged property; on the contrary, it is the right of the Conrados to collect orenforce the mortgage that prescribed after the lapse of ten years (Art. 1142 NCC).” “XXX….ACCORDING TO EVIDENCE which remains uncontradicted, theConrados were able to appropriate and benefit from the Estate some income thereof, thetotal value of which far exceeds the total indebtedness of Don Mariano; considering thisuncontradicted evidence and in the light of the character of the “Contrato”, it would seemquite clear that the contract between Don Mariano and Ignacio Conrado is one of“antichresis”; it becomes, therefore, the obligation of the Conrados to apply the harvestsand income they derived from the Estate in payment of the indebtedness of Mariano SanPedro y Esteban (Art. 2132 to Art. 2139, NCC); hence, it would seem from the evidence,that the obligation of Don Mariano E. San Pedro y Esteban, if there was any, involvingthe Estate in question had already been fully paid or extinguished; moreover, therelikewise remained unrebutted and uncontroverted (Tsn, pp. 3, 4 & 5, hearing of Feb. 4,1977) to the effect that Don Conrado had already accepted more than P100,000.00 for theredemption of the property which was mortgaged to him by Don Mariano.”) WITH THEIR T.P. 4136 MORTGAGE CLAIM AS THEIR BASIS, the groupsidentified with Don Conrado Ignacio continue to hold on to the San Pedro estate, and towhich they further add-up the “double II plans” and as well as certain “Swo plans”acquired by Don Conrado Ignacio in the course of his possession and management of themortgaged TP 4136. The San Pedro Foundation has now legally requisitioned the socalled estate of Don Conrado Ignacio inclusive of the mortgaged TP 4136 of DonMariano E. San Pedro, and as well as its expansion with “double II plans”, and others.These are such an immense volume of wealth and property, and when totally controlledby the San Pedro Foundation and the Enlightenment movement, can change our course inhistory, regain for us our honor, and change our destiny as a nation.
  21. 21. 17RESOLUTIONS: 1. The Rizalist church in Langhaya, Antipolo city, must be reestablished, today, right now, without condition,or we‟ll consider this a state of war. 2. The 1,800 has. land under Approved Plan II in Antipolo/San Mateo area, in Don Ignacio Conrado‟s name, under Titulo 4136, must be transferred to the trust & care of DMESPFI, the Enlightenment move- ment and the Sovereignian Rizalists of Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao. 3. All lands within Titulo 4136 held with fake titles must be conveyed and entrusted to the Philippine Enlightenment Movement, through the Don Mariano E. San Pedro Foundation, Inc., and The Enlightenment University System, and to the Movement (La Liga Filipina, and Vanguardia Rizalista, the Freemasons, the Knights of Rizal, and the Sovereignian Rizalists of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao). 4. All the lands within Titulo 4136 will be consolidated in the name of the Heirs of Don Mariano E. San Pedro, Don Mariano E. San Pedro Foundation, The Enlightenment University System, for the Enlighten- ment Project of the Enlightenment Movement, (viz.: La Liga Filipina, Vanguardia Rizalista, the Freemasonry, the Knights of Rizal, the Sovereignian Rizalists of Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao, Jose Rizal Univ., and peaceful progressive organizations & scientific institutions. 5. The Land Law Center, the World Enlightenment Center, and the Inter- national Federation of Enlightenment Masters, must be established within The Enlightenment University System (ThEUS). 6. The Enlightenment Movement in the World and in the Philippines shall be strengthened and expanded thru the active enlistment, forma- tion and edification of Enlightenment Masters all over the land. 7. All interests for the consolidation of the properties under Titulo 4136 must be legally prosecuted without let-up to support the Enlighten- ment Project and the Enlightenment Movement. 8. The Enlightenment Movement shall seek to establish strong Enlight- enment support groups in the form of the Enlightenment Library, Enlightenment University, Enlightenment Masters, Enlightenment Bank, Enlightenment TV, Enlightenment Radio, Enlightenment Satel- lite, and Enlightenment Temples in the Hearts and Minds of Men. 9. The Enlightenment Movement will ever Dare to Know! And will ever Fight the Infamous Things! (Injustice, Poverty, Ignorance, Superstition, Corruption) 10.The Philippines Enlightenment Movement is hereby established in the same office with the Don Mariano E. San Pedro Foundation, Inc., and The Enlightenment University System, under the following address: No. 35 F. Guerrero Street, Taguig City 1638, Telephone: 839-7014, Mobile: 09207355333, E-mail: The PHILIPPINES ENLIGHTENMENT MOVEMENTProf. Arturo SP. D. San Pedro, Administrator of the EstateDON MARIANO E.SAN PEDRO FOUNDATION, INC.