How to Use Pinterest as a List Builder - by Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant


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How to Use Pinterest for Building Your List - by Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant, Andrea Kalli.

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How to Use Pinterest as a List Builder - by Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant

  1. 1. HOW TO USE PINTERESTAS A LIST BUILDERBY ANDREA KALLIInternet Marketing Virtual AssistantYour Message. Your Product. Your Business.
  2. 2. YOUR PINTEREST MAKEOVER1. Convert your account to a Business Account• Log in & select the About tab• From dropdown menu, select For Businesses• Hit Convert button when business page opens up
  3. 3. SHOULD YOU CONVERT?Disadvantages• Can’t be undone• Can’t verify a WordPressblog• Only 1 admin canmanage the account• Only 1 email can belinked• No custom URL – yet• Can’t move businessboards from anotheraccountAdvantages• Can verify website &add “Pin It” buttons• Verifying website addssocial validity• Can change businessname• Target specific areas ofbusiness• Can add a widget toyour site for followers
  4. 4. WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT AWAY• Some people say a Business Account helps; othersaren’t so sure
  5. 5. NEXT STEPS2. Install the ‘Pin It’ bookmarklet• Install on YOUR browser so you can pin other people’spictures easily• Install apps for iPhone, iPad or Android• Found in same Goodies section• Snap original photos & pin them immediately
  6. 6. NEXT STEPS4. Install a ‘Follow’ button on your site• Found in the Goodies section• Encourages other people to follow you on Pinterest
  7. 7. NEXT STEPS5. Install a ‘Pin It’ button on your site• Found in Goodies section• Grants permission for other people to pin & share yourimages• Helps build traffic, loyalty & trust
  8. 8. SET YOUR GOALS• Having an objective & staying focused will increaseyour satisfaction with Pinterest•• They wanted to provide visual inspiration to increase sales• They featured Guest Pinners• Overall, is happy with results• You won’t waste time pinning haphazardly
  9. 9. ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS1. How will photo sharing & pinning help me?2. What will photo sharing do for my audience?3. How will this increase my visibility as a resource?4. What do I want to achieve & how?5. Will allowing others to Pin my photos detract frommy business?6. Are there any hidden pitfalls I haven’t thoughtabout?7. Is photo sharing relevant to my business? Is this thestrategy I should be focusing on right now?
  10. 10. WHICH STRATEGIES WORK BEST FORYOU1. Provide permanent posting power• Pins & pinboards are kept forever• Twitter & Facebook posts disappear very quickly• Pinterest makes it easy to search through your past pinsallowing for others to repin your images
  11. 11. WHICH STRATEGIES WORK BEST FORYOU2. Provide information• Target your visual learnerswith images• Create powerful & easyto understandinfographics• You can also share videoson Pinterest
  12. 12. WHICH STRATEGIES WORK BEST FORYOU3. Connect with other pinners• Create optimized pinboards• Pinterest attracts visual learners who may not like text oraudio content• Reach out to people who are hugely popular in your niche• Repin, like & comment on your audience’s & peers’pinboards
  13. 13. WHICH STRATEGIES WORK BEST FORYOU4. Make Pinterest your own• Be original; don’t follow the crowd• Create your own categories (with keywords)• Make your own formats, themes & interpretations• Give entire Pinterest collection a strong identity
  14. 14. WHICH STRATEGIES WORK BEST FORYOU5. Consider Pinterest advertising• Create brand awareness & visibility• Connect with more pinners•• You can appear on:• A sponsored pinner’s list• Category sponsorship• Sponsored pins• Rectangle banner or sponsored newsletter
  15. 15. MAKE FULL USE OF RESOURCES1. Tracking & Tweaking• Which pins go viral? Which have the most shares?• Type[yourURL].com into yourbrowser• Find your URL in your Pinterest Settings• See all your pins & their activity• Use Repinly for stats
  16. 16. MAKE FULL USE OF RESOURCESUsing Repinly for stats•• You’ll get a Pinterestscore & popularity rank• Number of followers• Activity information onBoards, Likes & Pins• Free to join!
  17. 17. MAKE FULL USE OF RESOURCES2. Protect Your Images• Take credit when credit is due• Watermark original images• Use an App to create a digital watermark• Use PicMonkey or iWatermarkNote: never pin an image that doesn’t have the ‘Pin It’button…this means the creator has not givenpermission to share
  18. 18. MAKE FULL USE OF RESOURCES3. Enhance your photo pins• Edit your photos or create infographics• Use online infographic creators such as,,Piktochart, or Picmonkey• Be creative!
  19. 19. MAKE FULL USE OF RESOURCES4. Use word clouds• www.wordle.net5. AGBeat’s article about37 Resources to JumpstartSocial Media
  20. 20. TOP 10 TAKEAWAYS1. Invite a guest pinner to your site2. Use images on your site your audience would loveto share3. Create a separate ‘Photos You Can Pin’ gallery onyour site; schedule a new post daily to draw traffic4. Use keywords, categories & hashtags to reachyour targeted audience
  21. 21. TOP 10 TAKEAWAYS5. Pin consistently – you will become a habit, a partof their lives & someone they know6. Don’t clutter your boards – give each one atheme & stick to it7. Use calls to action8. Watch what your competitors are doing9. Strive for quality10. Engage the emotions
  22. 22. EACH PINNED PHOTO SHOULD BEONE OF THE FOLLOWING• A visual feast• Hilariously funny• Moving• Inspiring• Bizarre• Astonishing• Beautiful• Interesting• Useful• Helpful• Easy to absorb
  23. 23. Sign up to get your freedownloadablecompanion workbookand checklist for“How to UsePinterest as aListbuilder”COMPANIONWORKBOOKAND CHECKLIST
  24. 24. H T T P : / / WWW. VI R T U AL AS S I S T . N E TANDREA KALLIInternet Marketing Virtual AssistantYour Message. Your Product. Your Business.What Do You NeedHelp With Today?