3d animation planning


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3d animation planning

  1. 1. 3D Animation - Planning
  2. 2. Objects
  3. 3. Saucepan
  4. 4. Final DesignThe final design will be a plain silver saucepan with a lid. I willadd a reflective surface onto the object and add a reflection byadding a picture of the kitchen to make the sauce pan look morerealistic. the lid will consists of a glass texture that I will add. I willcreate these two parts of the objects separately as it will be easierto do one at a timeThis is the sauce pan I want to base my design on this saucepanand lid : This is examples of a saucepan I found on turbo squid showing an example of how it would look then I animate and texture it.
  5. 5. Kitchen Cabinet
  6. 6. Final DesignI will replicate each cupboard to make the basic kitchen shape. I havedecided to make the door have hinges on them so I can animate the doorso my objects can jump out of the cupboard as part of the animation. Iwould need to model the hinges on the door to make the cabinet morerealistic.I would like to make a kitchen like this:However I do not want there to be glass on the front of the cabinets.I will make the shapes from cubes. I will make the images from cylindersand cubes. This is examples of a kitchen I found on turbo squid showing an example of how it would look then I animate and texture it.
  7. 7. Taps
  8. 8. I havemade astart withthemodeling Final Designof the tapand thisis what it These taps will be made using cylinders andlooks lofting to create the tap shape. I will copy thelike. taps to make a set of them. As part f the texture I will change the top to show a hot and cold tap. The main texture will be a chrome texture and will add a reflection to them to make them more realistic This is examples of taps I found on turbo squid showing an example of how it would look then I animate and texture it.
  9. 9. Salt and Pepper Pots
  10. 10. Final DesignI will make the pots by using cylinders and loftingcircles. The object can be made as one item as itdoes not need to be animated in any other waythan moving.The textures will be a glass texture on the bottomand a chrome texture on the top . To addsalt/pepper to the pots I will need to add a textureto it or add salt particles inside the object. This is examples of a salt pot I found on turbo squid showing an example of how it would look then I animate and texture it.
  11. 11. Knife
  12. 12. Final DesignI will make the knife out of two objects (thehandle and the metal part of the knife). Thehandle will be made from a cylinder that I willchange the vertexes to make the shape. Themetal part will be made from a cube that will beextruded to make the pointed shape. The metalpart will have a metallic texture and the handlewill have a matt black plastic texture. These are knives I found on turbo squid showing an example of how it will look then I animate and texture it.
  13. 13. Fork
  14. 14. Final Design The final looking fork will be a normal typically shaped fork with 4 teeth . The material used will be a chrome texture. There will be detail on the handle . I will make the shape out of lofting the shape out of circles to create the handle and more lofting t make the teeth. The detail will be done by adding thin pipe shapes to the handleThis is a fork I found on turbosquid showing an example of howit will look then I animate andtexture it.
  15. 15. The Animation
  16. 16. This is an animation I found on the internet which gave me inspiration for my animatio
  17. 17. The Environment
  18. 18. KitchenMy environment for this animation will be a kitchen. The kitchen willinclude work tops, cabins (part of my objects), a sink, and otherobjects dotted around the kitchen that I will download from websiteslike TurboSquid. This will fill the kitchen and make it look realistic.This is what I want my kitchen to look like. I want to keep thecolours , shape and general design of this kitchen. However fromthis picture I have decided not to include windows and make themain light from this room as the lights on the ceiling.
  19. 19. Legal and EthicalConsiderations
  20. 20. There are a few legal and ethical points toconsider before I start making this animation:Firstly I will not be able to use copyrightedimages for the textures I will create for myobjects. I will need to make my own or usespecifically copy-right free material.I may want to ask my class mates to use theirobjects. To do this I will need their permission touse their objects.Objects I source from websites like Turbosquidneed to be appropriate for my use and need tocheck the copyright terms of the item before Iuse it.
  21. 21. Time Planning
  22. 22. Part of Unit Time needed DeadlineCreating the objects 5th December – 23rd(models) JanuarySaucepan 2 hoursTaps 4 hoursCabinets 3 hoursSalt and pepper pots 3 hoursKnife 3 hoursFork 3 hoursTexturing 20th FebruaryEnvironment 27th MarchLighting 17th AprilAnimating 15th MayRendering Minimum 2 weeks 5th June