An Introduction to Social Media for Realtors


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This is an introduction for Realtors using Social Media, part of a series of training articles and blog posts for Realtors.

The Realtor Training Blog at

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  • An Introduction to Social Media for Realtors

    1. 1. Realtors & Social Mediaonline marketing | websites | social media TECHNOLOGY
    2. 2. the realtor training blog & el guapo building a complete training resource forRealtors comments and Q&A are welcome “el guapo” is a former Realtor now back tobeing a tech geek. want to earn your business for futuretraining and websites. TECHNOLOGY
    3. 3. 1- Wordpress Website 1 Complete Day of Training1- YouTube Background Page TECHNOLOGY
    4. 4. just being on social media wont take you to the promise land of unicorns and pots of goldsocial media are tools to use for expandingyour reach and broadcasting your message TECHNOLOGY
    5. 5. in order to use social media platformsyou must be willing to do thefollowing.... engage in social media both SOCIALLY & for REALESTATE. don’t treat all social media platforms the same. be willing to adapt to changes in how socialmedia is used and consumed by users. reach for your natural creative ability. decide which social media platforms you want toengage in. be willing to get the information and education onhow to use these platforms. TECHNOLOGY
    6. 6. all good comedy/ humor has an element of truth to itTECHNOLOGY
    7. 7. using social media is about engaging with your connections & providing greatcontent is always KINGcontent will change depending onwhat social media yourbroadcasting on TECHNOLOGY
    8. 8. know your market, know the trends,offer the information people want toaccess we are still marketers.... TECHNOLOGY
    9. 9. Facebook doesnt work! Neither does Twitter. Neither does Foursquare. Neither does any other social network.None of the social networks work.What works is you. You do the work. The networks simply provide some sort of outlet or platform to do whatever it is thatyou’re doing there.So when people talk about “Hey is Facebook working for you?” or “I don’t get how Twitter works” there’s a reason. They’retalking about it because they’re still focused on the networks.What works is you. It’s your ability to generate meaningful relationships and community. The network is just a place for youto do that relationship building.The networks provide simple tools, simple abstractions of social behavior we might go through in the real world. Instead of asmile and wave as we pass each other on the street we get a thumbs up button on a screen. Instead of a little chit chat at thecheckout line we get a 140 characters of how your day is going. Instead of a high five we get a retweet.The real power of social networking isn’t in social networking. The real power of social networking isn’t in collecting likesor retweets or followers or fans or mayorships. The real power of social networking isn’t in gathering up large numbers ofthese abstractions.The power of social networking is real. It’s really real. As in, reality.Your relationships in the real world are real. Your ability to use digital tools and press buttons on keyboards and tap flatpieces of glass and plastic with invisible electronic sensors embedded and connected to more copper and silicon and thentransmitted through the air to towers and wending through space and time until it arrives on someone else’s piece of glass where your idea becomes their idea toowhere it jumps instantaneously into their mindis the real power of social networking.Try focusing more on the last part of that chain of events and worry less about about the first part. TECHNOLOGY
    10. 10. where do realtor leads come from? your database (sphere of influence) cold lead (advertising, mass mailing,etc) online/internet (social media,websites, etc.) The Intersection of your Online Profiles & Real World Marketing: your online profiles will connect with cold leads and your database. TECHNOLOGY
    11. 11. May 2012 Based on Previous 2 Quarters three undeniable truths about effective marketing campaigns need an objective - goal. plus,they are set with a start & end point. campaigns should run consistent andrepetitious. (marketing never sleeps) return on investment (ROI): campaigns mustbe measured and analyzed for cost vs.effectiveness. TECHNOLOGY
    12. 12. apply these principles whenspending your time and effort in using social media or any other marketing activity TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY
    13. 13. the three stages of online/internet marketing for real estate1. basic: using everything that is FREE.2. advanced: websites, video creation, advancedsocial media, advanced zillow/trulia accounts3. braveheart: blogging, advertising, squeezepages, advanced video blogging, pay per click ads,spending money to generate leads TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY
    14. 14. stage 1: basic internet marketing for Realtorsfacebooktwitteryoutube SOCIALgoogle+ NETWORKINGgoogle places REAL ESTATEr e a l t o r. c o m MARKETING WEBSITES TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY
    15. 15. your primary mission in stage 1 is to get your professional name everywhere on the internet through the use of free social media and property marketing sites TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY