Students Should Wear Uniforms To School

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sample persuasive speech

sample persuasive speech

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  • 1. Uniforms ≠ Learning
    By Lori Brouillette
    Period 2
  • 2. School Uniforms
    School uniforms are standard wear for many students around the world.
  • 3. What is a uniform?
    At some schools, students have to wear the exact same clothing to school daily.
    Other schools have less strict codes, by having students choose from select options, such as:
    Blue or khaki pants
    Blue, white or red shirts
    Neat and clean hair
    Shirts tucked in
  • 4. Dress for Success?
    1996, President Bill Clinton recommended schools adopt a dress policy that included school uniforms.
    Since then, 21 states and the District of Columbia have adopted rules that allow for districts to tell students how to dress.
  • 5. Dress for Success?
    But, should schools force children to wear specific clothes to school?
    Will Adams Middle School Students be “dressed for success” if they wear uniforms?
  • 6. Safety
    Many experts say that some students are made fun of at school if they are not wearing the latest designer clothing.
  • 7. Safety
    But, uniforms are not the great social equalizer.
    Students will continue to find alternative ways to bully each other.
  • 8. Safety
    In fact, uniforms may have the opposite effect.
    Uniforms make students from rival schools immediately identifiable to others, making it easier to pick fights.
  • 9. Safety
    Uniforms may be inappropriate for the weather.
    Poor, thin fabric
    Girls have to wear skirts all year, even in winter-time.
  • 10. Ready for Work?
    Is a uniform the appropriate dress code for success in school and preparation for life?
  • 11. Ready for Work?
    Research has shown that adults who went to schools without uniforms do not struggle in the workplace.
  • 12. Ready for Work?
    Today’s workplace is more casual.
    Even Adams Middle School Teachers get to wear jeans on Fridays.
    Wearing uniforms to school to prepare for work seems anachronistic, out of time.
  • 13. Where are YOU?
    Uniforms were better suited for the old days of American education.
    Rote memorization of facts
    Military style of discipline
    And strict dress codes.
  • 14. Where are YOU?
    Modern education has different values:
    Showcase everyone’s ability, regardless of different characteristics & skills
    Student creativity
    Accept responsibility for your life decisions.
  • 15. Success Regardless of Dress
    Many schools, and many countries, have been able to maintain high academic standards without uniforms.
  • 16. Resources
    www.kidslovetoknow./Pros_cons_of_school uniforms