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Informe Medioambiental - Julio 2012

  1. 1. More an idea… than just 2011 Environmental ReportA Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  2. 2. $9.4bn …it’s our way of NET REVENUE (USD) doing business. $1.88bn net income (USD) Our responsibility to the planet is as important to us as our commitment to the comfort and well-being of our guests and Team Members. The Sands ECO360° Global 38,052 TOTAL NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES Sustainability strategy is designed to help minimize our environmental impact, and it reflects our vision to lead the way in sustainable building development and resort operations. Our legacy must be to leave a responsible, 904,812 CARBON FOOTPRINT (MT CO2e) cleaner, and safer world for future generations. At Las Vegas Sands Corp., this is far more than just an idea. Find out more about our properties around the worldB Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  3. 3. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTINGAbout Las Vegas Sands Corp.Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) is the pre-eminent developer and operator of world-class integrated resorts that feature luxury hotels; world-classgaming, retail, entertainment, convention, and exhibition facilities; celebrity chef restaurants; and many other amenities. Starting with a singleproperty in the 90s, the reach of LVS now extends worldwide, from Las Vegas to Macao, and from Bethlehem (USA) to Singapore. The Venetian® 1 Location: Las Vegas, NV Year opened: 1999 Number of rooms: 4,027 Number of employees: 8,569 (The Venetian | The Palazzo) Environmental certification: LEED1 Gold for Existing Buildings2, 2010 Total conditioned space: 12.75 million square feet 1 2 MICE3 space: 2.3 million square feet (combined The Venetian | The Palazzo and the Sands Expo®) The Palazzo® 1 Location: Las Vegas, NV Year opened: 2007 Number of rooms: 3,066 Number of employees: 8,569 (The Venetian | The Palazzo) Environmental certification: LEED1 Silver for New Construction2, 2008 Total conditioned space: 12.75 million square feet MICE3 space: 2.3 million square feet (combined The Venetian | The Palazzo and the Sands Expo®) Sands Expo® and Convention Center 1 2 Sands Bethlehem Location: Las Vegas, NV Location: Bethlehem, PA Year opened: 1990 Year opened: 2009 Number of employees: 895 Number of rooms: 302 Environmental certification: LEED1 Gold for Existing Buildings, 2010 Number of employees: 1,724 Total conditioned space: 12.75 million square feet Total conditioned space: MICE3 space: 2.3 million square feet 1 million square feet (combined The Venetian | The Palazzo and the Sands Expo®) MICE3 space: 15,000 square feet
  4. 4. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING 1 The U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is the internationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings. 2 T he gaming floors at The Venetian and The Palazzo are not part of the LEED certification.You can find out more about our business and properties at 3 Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. 4 Although The Venetian Macao and Marina Bay Sands achieved their respective environmental accreditations in early 2012, the sustainability efforts to achieve these certifications occurred in 2011. 3 Sands Macao Location: Macao, SAR, China Year opened: 2004 Number of rooms: 289 Number of employees: 5,011 Environmental certification: Macao Green Hotel Award, 2009 Total conditioned space: 1.26 million square feet MICE3 space: 9,000 square feet 3 3 The Venetian Macao 4 Location: Macao, SAR, China Year opened: 2007 Number of rooms: 2,905 Number of employees: 10,362 Environmental certification: Macao Green Hotel Award, 2008 and Gold Award 20124 Total conditioned space: 9.35 million square feet MICE3 space: 1.2 million square feet Marina Bay Sands 4 3 The Plaza Macao Location: Singapore Location: Macao, SAR, China Year opened: 2010 Year opened: 2008 Number of rooms: 2,561 Number of rooms: 379 Number of employees: 9,348 Number of employees: 1,709 Environmental certification: Singapore BCA Total conditioned space: 2.6 million square feet Green Mark Gold, 20124 MICE3 space: 25,000 square feet Total conditioned space: 6.25 million square feet MICE3 space: 1.2 million square feet
  5. 5. Welcome from our Chairman Contents From the entire executive team, thank you for your interest in our first Environmental About Las Vegas Sands Corp. Report. We are proud to share with you not only our 2011 accomplishments, but also 01 Welcome from our Chairman some earlier sustainability highlights to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to OVERVIEW environmental stewardship. 02 Sands ECO360° strategy: the full circle 03 Key issues and our stakeholders Recognition for our sustainability efforts started with the LEED Silver certification of The Palazzo in 2008, making this property the first hotel on the Las Vegas Strip to receive this honor. GREEN BUILDINGS The LEED process furthered our expertise in sustainability and prompted us to pursue LEED How we design and construct environmentally Gold for Existing Buildings at The Venetian and sustainable buildings. “ We have demonstrated that it’s possible not only to grow our business during challenging economic times but to do so in a way that is responsible, transparent, and sustainable. Sands Expo. We then expanded sustainability practices at our global operations – the properties in Macao achieved Macao Green Hotel Awards, and Marina Bay Sands Singapore 05 06 07 Building renovation and new development Sustainability certifications New technologies and innovation OPERATIONS earned the Green Mark Gold certification. How we operate our buildings to maximize efficiency. While important to us, environmental certifications are not the final destination. In 2011, 09 Resource conservation we refined our Sands ECO360° sustainability strategy to make it consistent across our resort 11 Waste management and recycling portfolio and improve accountability. Sands ECO360° is now more robust with a wider scope 11 Sustainable products and materials and more depth. The program covers all properties and almost all aspects of our operations. CASE STUDIES As we look down the road, we see opportunities. We have set reduction targets through 2015 12 Sands ECO360° in action in the areas of carbon emissions, water, and waste – through this report we welcome you to discover the progress we have made. GREEN MEETINGS How we integrate sustainability into our meetings Our achievements are the result of the hard work of our Team Members and we appreciate and conventions. their support in this endeavor. We look forward to the years ahead as we push the boundaries 15 High-performance facility of what is possible with Sands ECO360°. 16 Standard sustainable meeting practices 17 Green meeting options Sheldon G. Adelson ENGAGEMENT How we educate our stakeholders and give back Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer to the community. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 19 Team Member education 20 External communication 21 Community outreach REPORTING 22 Our performance and targets 23 GRI index 25 About our report01 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  6. 6. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING Sands ECO360° strategy: the full circle Las Vegas Sands Corp. is committed to environmental responsibility by promoting sustainable development, reducing the impact of our operations on the natural environment, and enhancing the resort experience of our guests as well as the quality of life in the communities where we operate. We developed the Sands ECO360° strategy as a roadmap for continuous improvement of our environmental stewardship. Governance and integration Envi In developing a comprehensive strategy we assessed our ron me operations and evaluated where we have the greatest nt gs all environmental impact and opportunity. We continually in y u ild re monitor and measure our environmental footprint nt pme sp b velo Res n on to develop challenging yet attainable objectives and de ee Wast ou ew sib ons em rce Gr targets. Education and outreach span all areas of our d n fcati Sustai an ag c ii le n n rt vatio nab em nno on strategy; we seek to engage each stakeholder group ce a le p op di tain tion se n ro rva en d y era on a regular basis. sa ilit a ta ov tio ab uc ie nd ren tion n log ts rec Our strategy is integrated across the entire business and an no ing Sus dm yclin Pa ech s e4 Build given prominence at the highest levels of governance. g ateri New t g g e8 Pa The President and Chief Operating Officer has overall als responsibility for Sands ECO360°. The Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer Stand leads the Global Sustainability Department, which 18 Pa e H ig n g 14 g e develops and implements the strategy. Pa atio ard h-p n uc tio sus er f Property sustainability departments execute the ed ica Gre or ch tai an er b m un sustainability strategy and identify future opportunities. ce em rea na en em m fac bl mM om nt ut m ility Tea Green Councils are established at each resort with ee lc yo ee in it tin rna me go un t gp e leaders from departments such as Facilities, Hotel pt ract Ext m Gr ion ge ices m s Co ee Operations, Food and Beverage, Casino Operations, ga n ee en er m Purchasing, Convention and Catering Services, Human tin d Resources, Marketing, and Information Technology. gs h ol ke Green Council members champion sustainability Sta programs in their respective departments.02 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  7. 7. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING Key issues and our stakeholders Our key issues Our strategy is based on the issues identified as being of most importance to Las Vegas Sands Corp., to our stakeholders, and to society. These “material issues” form the basis of our strategy and the structure of our reporting. Air Competitive Guest Energy Water Waste quality Credibility advantage Awareness Regulation satisfaction Renovation and development Green buildings Certifications Innovation Resource conservation Environmentally responsible Waste management operations Products and materials Facility Green meetings Standard practices Green options Team Members Stakeholder engagement External Community Our stakeholders Team Members Investors Communities Suppliers Our stakeholders are We want to ensure our Our investors are We strive to make a We continually challenge individuals and organizations Team Members work increasingly looking for meaningful contribution our suppliers by embedding interested in and/or in a safe and healthy added value in terms to our host communities sustainability criteria in our environment. We encourage of environmental and around the world. procurement process. affected by our business. them to communicate social responsibility. Understanding and taking our environmental values action on what is relevant to to guests and to practice sustainability not only at NGOs Clients and guests Governmental agencies our stakeholders maximizes work but also at home. the effectiveness of Sharing best practices and As more clients expect We collaborate with building strong relationships strong environmental governmental agencies to our strategy. with environmental Non- credentials and services, develop and implement Governmental Organizations Sands ECO360° allows us environmental policy. (NGOs) inspires us and drives to attract and retain our innovation. these clients.03 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  8. 8. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING More than just iconic buildings… Natural spaces We incorporate natural landscaping into the design of our developments including the spectacular SkyPark and uniquely landscaped suite balconies of Marina Bay Sands. Optimized building envelope Our buildings are optimized to be as efficient as possible, featuring exterior sunshades, and light-reflecting concave and convex roofs. Eco buttons We use the latest technology to make it easy for guests to save energy – for example, the “eco button” is an interactive way for guests to reduce air conditioning energy use when the suite is empty.04 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
  9. 9. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING …green buildings Our buildings are not only visually stunning but also built with high performance and Sands ECO360° strategy sustainable functionality in mind. We have found that innovative building design and responsible construction practices minimize the immediate impact associated with the Page extraction, manufacturing, and transportation of building materials, and provide the Building renovation and 05 foundation for conservation of natural resources during the years of operation. new development Sustainable building renovation and new development standards Building renovation and new development address implementation of As a developer of integrated resorts, it is important for us to embed sustainable practices in the early environmentally responsible design stages of design and throughout construction. During building and renovation of our properties, we and construction practices. apply unique environmental design features, optimize mechanical systems, select green materials, and ustainability certifications S 06 recycle construction waste. We pride ourselves on using third-party rating standards and certifications (such as LEED in the United States and Green Mark 95% recycled content in 250 trees atop the Marina 5M gallons of potable in Singapore) for verification of our environmental achievements. ew technologies and innovation N Research and analysis of new 07 the steel used in the Bay Sands SkyPark water saved annually cutting-edge technologies and construction of green roof through a nano- innovative practices are an integral The Palazzo filtration system part of the Sands ECO360° program. in Las Vegas “ We have piloted many leading green technologies and processes at The Venetian Las Vegas and The Palazzo that have yielded notable results. We look ” at our operations in Nevada as an incubator for new technologies and policies. Michael Leven, President and Chief Operating Officer, Las Vegas Sands Corp.05 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  10. 10. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING Highlights from the year Property perspective Marina Bay Sands was designed to introduce abundant natural daylight to illuminate Developed Sustainable Design indoor areas, reducing the need for additional and Construction Guidelines for lighting. Specially designed convex and renovation projects. concave roofs reduce heat gain into the Enhanced construction and renovation podium interior. We also installed sun waste recycling program. shading across the glass façade in the form Procured carpets that meet the Carpet of balconies, vertical fins, and canopies. and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus At Sands Bethlehem, we use enthalpy wheels program for renovation projects in that recover cool or warm air in the building Las Vegas. exhaust to help pre-cool or pre-heat the incoming fresh air and cut down on energy use. When building The Palazzo, every effort Harnessing heat was made to procure materials from within Our Marina Bay Sands property receives a 500-mile radius of the construction site chilled water from a District Cooling System. to minimize the negative environmental Heat emitted from the chillers is reclaimed by impact of transportation. We recycled 70% of pumps to provide hot water for the hotel and some restaurants. construction waste, diverting nearly 42,000 tons from landfill. That is equivalent to a stack “ of cars approximately 23 miles high. We are very pleased and honored to be the recipient of a Macao Green Hotel – Gold Award. Sustainability certifications It represents an important recognition of The The Venezia Lobby at The Venetian Las Vegas Third-party standards and certifications Venetian Macao’s tremendous work help verify our environmental record and in implementing a variety of green 1st achievements. Inside the cover of this measures, and encourages our team report you can see which of our properties ” to continue those efforts. hold industry-leading green certifications. It is important for us to adopt regional Edward Tracy, President and Chief three certified Green standards at our properties to address Executive Officer, Sands China Ltd. Restaurants in Las Vegas at The local environmental concerns. Palazzo and The Venetian1 1 The Green Restaurant Association certifies restaurants against a range of criteria including sustainable resource use, waste and pollution.06 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  11. 11. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING Property perspective Looking forward New technologies and innovation As part of our commitment to continual Perform environmental assessments improvement, we regularly research and test of our future developments. new products to stay at the cutting-edge of Analyze feasibility of pursuing third- technological innovation in the industry. party certification for our Environmental At The Palazzo, one of the largest rooftop Management System. solar-thermal systems in the United States Continue to review new technologies provides hot water for swimming pools and with a particular focus on renewable spas. This property also utilizes a nano-filtration energy options. system (a membrane filtration process to remove dissolved solids from the water), which saves five million gallons of potable water each Making it easier to switch off year allowing us to be “off the water grid” for Sensors are installed in our suites in The Palazzo horticultural needs. Innovative cooling tower to adjust the temperature automatically technology saves an additional 46 million according to guest occupancy. These suites also gallons of water each year in Las Vegas. Find out feature a master power switch, enabling guests to more about how we save water on page 10. conveniently turn off all lights when leaving. Our properties use sophisticated controls to monitor and optimize heating, cooling, “ We have invested in a number of green technologies such as solar panels, a nano- filtration system, and state-of-the-art building management systems, and ventilation, and lighting levels. The Venetian Macao enhanced the operation of its air conditioning system to reduce energy consumption by 20% from 2008 to 2011. we will continue to lead the industry in Marina Bay Sands uses regenerative drives exploring new socially responsible on elevators, which require 40% less energy ” investment opportunities. than comparable non-regenerative elevators. The escalators in the retail mall and the Kenneth Kay, Executive Vice convention center are designed to stop when President and Chief Financial they are not in use and start when they detect Officer, Las Vegas Sands Corp. incoming people. Rooftop solar-thermal system in Las Vegas07 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  12. 12. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTINGMore than just great service… Key card docking stations Key card docking stations conserve energy by turning off lights when guests remove the key upon leaving the room. Energy-efficient lighting We installed energy-efficient lamps in our public areas and suites. Eco linen Our guests can participate in our sustainability efforts by choosing to reuse towels and linens.08 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report Sands Macao Hotel Room
  13. 13. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING …environmentally responsible operations Sands Eco360° strategy Page The environmental impact of building operation over a lifetime considerably exceeds that of Resource conservation 09 building construction. Implementing responsible operational practices reduces natural resource Conservation of natural resources consumption and improves the experience of our guests and Team Members. (energy and water) is the cornerstone of environmentally Resource conservation responsible operations. We reduce natural resource consumption through strategically selected energy, water, and operational aste management and recycling W 11 efficiency projects. Our approach utilizes a combination of cutting-edge technologies and efficient We focus on minimizing equipment and appliances, as well as Team Member, guest, and supplier education. Through energy waste generated by our resort conservation initiatives, our Las Vegas campus saves approximately 73 million kWh of electricity annually operations and divert recyclable compared to the LEED baseline performance requirements. This is enough to power more than 6,300 commodities from landfills. average U.S. households. ustainable products and materials 11 S Sustainable purchasing 60,000+ 86M 15,900 incorporates lifecycle analysis into the decision-making process by considering the raw material extraction, manufacturing process, BUILDING ENVIRONMENT MONITORING gallons of water saved TONS OF WASTE DIVERTED AND CONTROL DATA POINTS USED per year in Las Vegas – FROM LANDFILLS IN 2011 product consumption, delivery TO MANAGE BUILDING OPERATION AT equivalent to COMPANYWIDE logistics, and final disposal. LARGE LVS PROPERTIES 138 Olympic-size pools “ Going green is a long-term aim of Marina Bay Sands. We’ve built sustainability into the design and took special care to procure green materials during our construction days. Now that we’re serving tens of thousands of guests every day, we’re even more committed to incorporating eco-friendly practices into ” our daily operations. George Tanasijevich, President and Chief Executive Officer, Marina Bay Sands09 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  14. 14. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING Highlights from the year Water is a precious resource in all of our Property perspective operating regions. At Marina Bay Sands, using low-flow fittings, By we installed delayed-action, self-closing taps Marina Bay Sands saved more than and constant flow regulators in the toilets 92 million gallons of water in 2011 within the public areas to minimize water when compared to the “0-tick” baseline usage. The property is recognized as a “Water of Singapore Public Utilities Board’s Efficient Building” by the Public Utilities Board Water Efficient Labeling Scheme. in Singapore. Lighting measures at The Venetian In Las Vegas, we integrated water efficiency into Bringing waste back to life Macao saved an estimated our landscaping practices. We replaced natural At Sands Bethlehem, we make laundry bags 12.9 million kWh in energy grass areas with artificial turf. Plants and trees from worn linen removed from the hotel stock. consumption in 2011, despite the fact are irrigated with a subsurface drip system that In Las Vegas we partner with Opportunity that the property has grown in size. distributes water directly to the root to avoid Village, a non-profit organization that serves The Venetian | The Palazzo repurposed wasteful evaporation. Read more about water- people with intellectual disabilities, to convert 25,000 lbs of used soap and bottled efficient technologies on page 7. old fabrics into cleaning cloths used in our amenities through Clean the World to hotels. Through this program, we bring waste support sanitation programs globally. products back to life and give vocational training and employment to individuals in our community along the way. Total water withdrawal Total CARBON FOOTPRINT KPI by source (in MILLION GALLONS) KPI 5.47% Stationary combustion – Scope 11 0.54% Fugitive emissions – Scope 12 904,812 21.82% 146 0.2 MT CO2e Mobile Grand opening of Clean the World Las Vegas facility Non-potable Rain water Total carbon combustion groundwater footprint – Scope 13 2,049.2 72.17% Total withdrawal Electricity 50,000 of water – Scope 2 by source 1 Includes natural gas, LPG, and diesel 2 Refrigerants LED lamps installed in our 1,903 3 Includes gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and Municipal water properties in 2011 marine fuel10 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  15. 15. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING Looking forward Spotlight on lighting Waste management and recycling Our recycling and waste management program Continue energy-efficient lighting saves natural resources and landfill space, upgrade projects. Did you know? preserves clean air and water, and also creates Expand upstream recycling to separate Incandescent Output lamps emit: from jobs for our communities. We are one of the recyclables at source. incandescent 95% heat lamps largest recyclers in Las Vegas, recycling not only food, cardboard, glass, plastic, paper, and Standardize metering and sub-metering and only metal, but also batteries, electronic waste, to better monitor energy and water use. 5% light cooking oil, and many other commodities. Sustainable products and materials In our portfolio, lighting represents a significant When purchasing materials and supplies, portion of electrical use. Energy-efficient lighting we consider the relative environmental and uses less energy, lasts four to five times longer health consequences of available choices. Our than incandescent lamps, and creates a pleasant aesthetic ambience at our resorts. In 2011, we environmentally responsible procurement replaced more than 50,000 lamps with energy- policy, which covers the areas of construction, efficient LED (light emitting diode) light bulbs. renovation, and operations, helps us manage these impacts. We purchase sustainable Efficient LED lighting used at Marina Bay Sands, New Year’s Eve products and materials wherever possible, celebrations 2011 including Energy Star certified equipment;energy consumption by energy source eco-friendly cleaning products; low Volatile “(IN GIGAJOULES) KPI Organic Compound (VOC) paints, coatings, If you stay in our suites, you can be confidentDirect energy3,728,502 Indirect energy 4,635,547 adhesives and sealants; and carpet that meets that we’re committed to providing you not only44.6% 55.4% the requirements of the Carpet and Rug a comfortable and relaxing hotel experience, butBy source:Non-renewable By source: Non-renewable Institute’s Green Label Plus program. also a conscientious effort to improve everythingGasoline: Electricity: This approach contributes to from air quality and energy efficiency to helping17,526 3,162,788Diesel: Heating: responsible use of natural disabled and underprivileged people. Helping the2,226,163 27,886Jet kerosene: Cooling: resources and better indoor air569,901 1,444,872 environment while being upstanding citizens of quality for our guests, clients, ”Natural gas: 8,364,049645,230 Renewable the world – these are our values.LPG: 263,691 Total energy Solar PV: 1 and Team Members.Renewable consumption John Caparella, President, The Venetian | The PalazzoSolar thermal:5,991 and the Sands Expo11 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  16. 16. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING Sands Eco360° in action In collaboration with our stakeholders, we implement sustainability initiatives in a range of innovative ways. Through this approach, we have realized environmental, social, and economic benefits across our global properties. Singapore: going for gold Marina Bay Sands is the largest single building in Singapore to achieve the 64% REDUCTION IN IRRIGATION Macao: Solar Boat Challenge The Venetian Macao has supported the annual “Macao Solar Boat Challenge” for prestigious Green Mark Gold award1 WATER CONSUMPTION the past three years. In 2011, 22 school in 2012 for its energy and water in 2011 AT THE VENETIAN teams competed, each inventing its own efficiency, indoor environmental MACAO solar boat. The project aims to raise general quality, environmental protection, environmental awareness and promote and green innovation. Landscaped engineering science among school children, balconies provide sun shading as their families and the general public. well as natural space. Ned Kahn’s Las Vegas: green meetings wind-activated sculpture consisting of 260,000 metal pieces reflects light. We host 20% of the largest 50 This not only creates a shimmering Macao: every drop counts tradeshows in the United States piece of art but also shades the at our Las Vegas properties. We interior of the building. developed a comprehensive Sands ECO360° Meetings program that allows our clients to customize events to meet their commitment to sustainability. One of our most popular options is the Impact Statement, which reports energy and 22 SCHOOL TEAMS water consumption, recycling rate, Fresh water is scarce in Macao, so we PARTICIPATED IN THE and carbon footprint of the event. make every effort to conserve it. We MACAo SOLAR BOAT installed water flow controllers, low- CHALLENGE flow shower heads, and an automatic irrigation system at The Venetian Macao, saving an estimated 47 million gallons of water each year. At Sands Macao, a wind detection system on 1 Although Marina Bay Sands the external water feature prevents received this award in early water waste during windy conditions. 2012, it reflects substantial sustainability efforts during 2011.12 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  17. 17. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING Singapore: harvesting rain Bethlehem: brown to green 165,000 KWH ESTIMATED ANNUAL SAVINGS Sands Bethlehem is built on the 126-acre former Bethlehem Steel plant, the largest brownfield site in the nation. The area was FROM ONE TEAM MEMBER’S remediated in accordance with SANDS ECO360° IDEA the site-specific environmental standard. During demolition, more than 22,500 tons of steel was sent to local recyclers. A good portion of the recycled steel was then returned to the site for the Las Vegas: Team Member ideas 126 The ArtScience Museum at Marina construction of the resort. The Bay Sands showcases a forward- Sands Bethlehem team continues thinking approach to the use of their dedication to restoration natural resources. Designed as a of the local ecosystem. In 2011, ACRES – the sands bethlehem lotus flower, the roof collects rain Team Members worked with property, which occupies water and captures light for the community volunteers at the the largest brownfield site annual Southside Cleanup, museum’s use. A central waterfall in in the united states ensuring that a once polluted the building is fed by rain caught in the huge bowl formed by the roof. river that runs alongside Sands The collected water is filtered and Bethlehem is now a habitat used for restroom facilities. for wildlife and a valued community resource. Las Vegas: clean and green energy Team Members are encouraged to contribute efficiency ideas The Palazzo houses one of the largest through our sustainability award rooftop solar-thermal systems in the program and they can win a prize United States. A collection area of From high-performance buildings for each implemented idea. In 18,200 square feet with 364 panels 2011, we presented the Sands and efficient operations to provides hot water for swimming ECO360° Sustainability Award to green meetings and stakeholder pools and spas, utilizing the power John Campbell (above left) for his engagement, environmental best of the sun for the comfort of our suggestion to replace conveyer practices are shared among our guests. The property also features toasters in the Team Member dining resorts across the world. It is a full 680 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels room with pop-up toasters. This idea circle. You can find more about the with a peak output of 116 kW (DC). saves an estimated 165,000 kWh of Sands ECO360° program at energy per year. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report
  18. 18. Overview GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT REPORTING Reusable service ware Instead of disposable cutlery and serviceware, we use quality china and glassware that can be reused and provides a superior dining experience. Organic food options We offer a range of sustainable menu options to discerning clients, including organic and local food, sustainable seafood, and Fair Trade coffee. Pens and note pads To reduce waste, our clients can choose not to include preset stationery for each attendee. For those clients that prefer having pens and note pads, we More can supply stationery made with recycled content. than just a top conference destination…14 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2011 Environmental Report The ballroom at The Venetian Macao