SHELDON ADELSONSheldon G. Adelson,                                           In 1995, Adelson sold COMDEX for more than €6...
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About sheldon adelson eng

  1. 1. SHELDON ADELSONSheldon G. Adelson, In 1995, Adelson sold COMDEX for more than €657 million.President, Las Vegas Sands Corp. That same year he demolished the Sands Hotel & Casino to build the Venetian for €1,140 million.Sheldon G. Adelson is Chairman of the Board of Directorsand CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp. LVSC, headquartered in In 1999, he opened the doors of the Venetian, completelyNevada, owns and runs the Venetian Resort-Hotel- changing the perception of Las Vegas and offering visitors anCasino, the Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino, the Sands impressive collection of services and experiences such asExpo, Las Vegas Convention Center and the Sands Casino worldwide recognized restaurants, first levelResort Bethlehem in Eastern Pennsylvania. The company entertainment, shopping center, spa, gym and much more;also owns and runs the Venetian Macao Resort-Hotel- he virtually created a city within the touristic complex.Casino, and the Sands Macao in the Peoples Republic ofChina. It also owns the LVS Four Seasons Hotel in Macao In May 2004, Las Vegas Sands Corp. opened the Sandsand the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore. Macao, located on the Southeastern coast of China. The Sands Macao was the first casino run by the United States inSheldon Adelson is one of the most important businessmen the region and it laid the groundwork for the next phase ofin the world, widely recognized for fostering the Macao’s development. In 2007 the Venetian Macao openedtransformation of the city of Las Vegas from being a its doors to the public, beginning Macao’s transformation intodestination for gambling to become a model of international a business and leisure and leisure destination. Under his leadership, the company opened the Marina BayHis professional career of more than six decades has Sands in Singapore in 2010. This Integrated Resort followsincluded the creation and development of more than 50 the business and leisure model that has become the hallmarkcompanies, including the COMDEX fair that he developed for of LVSC and that guides its future projects.the computer industry. Under his direction, COMDEXbecame the largest commercial fair with presence in severalcountries.In 1989, Adelson purchased the Sands Hotel & Casino in LasVegas and, later, he built the Sands Expo and ConventionCenter, the only private property that runs the ConventionCenter in the United States.