What PACS Solution Is Right For You?


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iCLOUD WebPACS helps you achieve the access you need for a better healthcare future- Accessible Anytime, Anywhere! Comparison with On-premise PACS

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What PACS Solution Is Right For You?

  1. 1. Compare Benefits iCLOUD WebPACS Traditional On-Premise PACS *Comparison of Leading PACS ProviderInitial PACS set-up fee for PACS user No software to install! One-time minimal Significant Costs! Small site’s start at $30,000+licenses, software upgrades, 7-year set-up fee for configuration and USD for installation of hardware and software.storage preferences. Infinitely scalable, as much Additional hardware is installed in preparation or as little service as you need at any time for handling peak demand. If you needs grow beyond, more equipment must be purchasedRadiology Viewer Utilize existing, also able to view images Significant Costs! Each viewer starts at from Personal PC or PDA anywhere $15,000+USD plus an annual fee beginning at globally! $3000+USD = $15,000+ USD over 5 yr. (min. term). Viewers also are required and generally a site would want/require more than oneMonthly Access fee for licensing and Not Required! Entire infrastructure Significant Costs! Monthly costs begin atsoftware upgrades provided for you, seamless application $800+USD/ month or $10,000+ USD/yr. = $50,000+ USD over 5 yrs. (min. term)Hardware Obsolescence- Cost to replace Not applicable! Cloud technology utilized Significant costs! Time required variesservers and workstations (in year 4 or 5) with no onsite equipment servers *ensure Hardware covered in warrantyRIS (Radiology Information Service)- Included at no additional charge $10,000+ USD set-up plus ongoing monthlyintegrates billing and patient scheduling fee = an additional $5000+ UDS/year 5 yr. (minfor efficiency and information accuracy term) = $25,000 USDTotal Cost over 5 years to have on- With a 5 year agreement, monthly fee is Start at $500,000+ USD for a small site over 5premise PACS waived with only cost being initial one- year (average term). *An image upload time set-up + modest “per use” pay as maximum may be in place with additional you go upload fee structure cost/image charges appliedOn-site training Optional and only if required. Application Manufactures may charge in excess of $5000 is extremely user friendly with ongoing and require with every upgrade. Training support to answer questions at no cost! requirements are significant and ongoing.Minimum bandwidth requirement to 512K - 1.5Mbps recommended- users T-1 bandwidth, significant costs from local ISPutilize service with access can view over standard provider and not available everywhere. internet connection anywhere globally! Dedicated access costly *$3500+ USD/monthOther potential costs: Customization of Inclusive, NO HIDDEN COSTS! Imaging Additional one-time charges plus ongoingreports, physician and patient type set- equipment to be DICOM send otherwise monthly charge for each; Additional chargesup, customer set-up of logo and specs. Digitizer required generally exist for all featuresConvert AVI formatted video into DICOM Inclusive! Significant cost: $12,000+ USD plus monthlyto be stored and displayed in PACS fee = $15,000+ USD (5 yr. term)Image Capture- Digitizer or Vidar Imaging equipment needs to be DICOM If site doesn’t currently have in place, capitalequipment captures images from non- send otherwise Digitizer required, one equipment cost. Confirm if ongoing monthlyDICOM modalities time capital equipment cost only. Vidar applies. If existing in place, confirm enables you to archive previous X-rays. compatibility.Human Resources Zero maintenance, upgrades PACS Administrators required to manage automatically provided for you equipment with salary $80,000+ USD/yearEnvironmental Impact- Energy Green technology, running applications in Significant energy consumption required toconsumption and carbon emissions the cloud can reduce carbon emissions by run own infrastructure, facility space requiredconsiderations 30% or more, reduced storage spend for equipment*Cost-effective substitute for eliminating film and/or digital CD/DVD burning along with associated courier costs resulting in per examdistribution costs substantially lower than conventional methods with better image quality*iCLOUD WebPACS Interfaces and complements other PACS systems uniting healthcare globally CARIBBEAN | CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA | CANADA | USA www.i-cloudinc.com | info@i-cloudinc.com | info@7oceanz.com CARIBBEAN: 592.668.7947 | CAN: 647.955.6718 | USA: 817.400.6403 | TOLL: 877.880.3553 | FAX: 866.891.2953 | iCLOUD.SKYPE