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iCloudxchange Brochure


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Exchange Managing Hardware and Software for Real Business Outcomes
Keeping your Data Safe, Secure and Internet Accessible

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iCloudxchange Brochure

  1. 1. Fully Managed iCloudXchangeYour backup data will be stored in iCloudBackup Vault located in our first classdatacenters, which have obtained ISO/IEC27001:2005 Information SecurityManagement (ISMS) Certification. iCloudalso offers fully managed services, givingyou peace of mind in data protection.1024- Bit Data Encryption,256-SSLYour data will be 1024-bit encrypted andcompressed before uploading to iCloudBackup Vault via a secure 256-bit SSLconnection channel. Only changes will beuploaded to the cloud during each backupoperation with file and folder nameshashed. These features can effectivelyensure the security of backed up data.Restore Data Anytime,AnywhereiCloud Backup Vault provides web datarestore function, which allows users torestore backed up data through the Internetat any location. For example, when a staffurgently requires retrieving a file fromiCloud Backup Vault during a businesstrip, he/she can simply do it by logging inhis/her backup account via any commonweb browser to restore that file.Monthly Backup Archive in Exchange Managing Hardware andYour Hand Software for Real Business OutcomesAny computer subscribed to the Dedicated Keeping your Data Safe, Secure and Internet AccessibleStorage Plan of iCloud Backup Vault willhave the ability to load with the archive of iCloudXchange delivers high performance, flexibility and scalability that enablesthe backed up data of the previous month customers to be able to expand their IT infrastructures as needed to meet suddenon to any hard drive they chose. The increases in demand while delivering a pay-as-you-go deployment model. Byarchived backup data are readily restorableby iCloud’s client application. Fast on-site modifying the way computing power is bought, sold, and delivered, the cloud isrestoration from the archive can be done if proving itself to be truly transformative. Businesses are altering how they runrequired. their onsite IT infrastructure enabling them to deliver services in new ways creating widespread benefits for the economy.Contact: (817) 400-5960 PERFORMANCE AND FLEXIBILITY It’s a fact of life- We hope you never need recovery service, but if you do, iCloudXchange offers peace of mind knowing that your data is backed up and easily recoverable saving time, money and a lot of frustration. | | USA: 817.400.6403|SOUTH AMERICA: 592.668.7947| CAN: 647.955.6718|FAX: 866.891.2953
  2. 2. Backup Your Critical Data FIRE DRILL!Securely on the CloudiCloud Backup Vault is an easy-to-use,cost-effective backup and disaster recoverysolution for business. You can easily backup your VMware and Hyper-V virtualenvironments, Microsoft Exchange Server,Microsoft SQL Server, Lotus MySQLdatabase, Domino/Notes, Oracle database,Windows servers, Linux servers, desktopsand laptops to iCloud’s highly dependabledatacenter for backup storage.Global Data ExpandingExponentiallyThe computer is becoming a necessity intoday’s world. Every day, emails, pictures,videos, personal and business records arebeing uploaded, stored and searched indigital format. With computer datagrowing at an annual rate of 60 percent,users look for online backup serviceproviders to safeguard their mission-critical data against disasters.Government Regulations Are All your Valuable Data FilesBoost Online Backup Protected and Accounted For?Governments around the world are Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United Statesimposing regulations and acts onbusinesses for data protection. These Business data are important assets of your company that you cannot afford toregulations are making it clear it’s vital forbusinesses to setup proper offsite backup lose. No matter how disaster strikes, every business wants to be prepared forpolicies in preventing data loss. Adopting eventualities such as power outages, equipment failures, data corruption andonline backup solutions offers the most human error. The most effective method to protect your data is to back up yourconvenient and safe way to fulfill data data regulations.iCloudXchange DON’T FALL VICTIM TO DATA CORRUPTIONMinimize downtime, lower costs, and Through iCloudXchange, customers are able to minimize downtime and quicklyreduce risk: These are the three goals your recover their data from common events while being protected from catastrophicdisaster recovery plan must meet. Discover events such as fire, theft, and natural disasters. Through intelligent cloudhow a cost-effective, high-availability computing, iCloud Inc. brings value to businesses through reliable offsitearchitecture powered by iCloud Inc. canhelp your enterprise meet the key goals of remote backup of your data offering low-cost operational efficiencies,a viable disaster recovery plan. automation and convenience.Call: (817) 400-6403 The sheer volume of data collected by enterprises of all sizes is a key driver of cloud adoption. Understanding the importance of data integration and back-up of your critical information, we are here to help with processing, storing, and archiving your data, safeguarding your critical information against disasters. | | USA: 817.400.6403|SOUTH AMERICA: 592.668.7947| CAN: 647.955.6718|FAX: 866.891.2953