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Kuwait Market Opportunity


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Kuwait Development Plan. Kuwait is one of the richest nation . It has disposable income. Government has started massive development plan. The oil and Gas sector is under going vast expansion. This opportunity is almost USD 100 million. Kuwait will vast expansion in in new Projects.

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Kuwait Market Opportunity

  1. 1. Kuwait Market Opportunity
  2. 2. Development Plan and Oil and Gas Sector
  3. 3. The Growth Unlimited Oil and Gas – E.P.C.
  4. 4. Current capacity Planned capacity (bbl/d) (bbl/d) Mina al-Ahmadi 466,000 346,000 Mina Abdullah 270,000 454,000 Al-Shuaiba 200,000 N/A Al-Zour N/A 615,000 Total Capacity 936,000 1,415,000 Kuwait Market Opportunity Kuwaiti Refineries and Expansion Plans Facility Source: Middle East Economic Survey, Middle East Economic Digest
  5. 5. 4,800 MW (4 Phases) Al-Julaia 1,000 MW Gas Turbine Shuwakh 2,000 MW Gas Turbine Shuaiba South 1,400 MW Steam Turbine Doha East 2,300 MW Steam Turbine Total Capacity 11,500 MW Kuwaiti Planned Power Plants Project Plant typeCapacity Al-Zour North Gas Turbine Source: Ministry of Electricity and Water, Middle East Economic Survey, Middle East Economic Digest
  6. 6. Project Existing Value KD Time Line Average AnnualMaintenace Contracts KNPC 300,000,000 Average AnnualMaintenace Contracts KOC 350,000,000 Average AnnualMaintenace Contracts JO and Other 150,000,000 Average AnnualMaintenace Contracts MEW 200,000,000 Total 1,000,000,000 Kuwait Market Opportunity Annual Average Maintenance Work Contracts
  7. 7. Project New Value KD Time Line Refineries 16,000,000,000 2014-2020 Upgradation Clean Fuel 15,000,000,000 2014-2020 Oil and Gas New Projects 5,000,000,000 2014-2020 Power Projects MEW 15,000,000,000 2014-2022 Northern Gas Turbine Station 1,430,000,000 2014-2020 Project Kuwait* 3,000,000,000 2014-2020 Oil Recovery Of War 850,000,000 2014-2020 JO Development/PNG 2,000,000,000 2014-2020 Total 58,280,000,000 Total Market Opportunity
  8. 8. Development Plan Project Value(KWD mn) 1. Silk City 25,000 2. Railroad System 4,000 3. College City in Shadadiya 1,597 4. Boubyan Island Development 1,500 5. Northern Gas Turbine Station 1,430 6. Jaber Al-Ahmed Bridge 1,036 7. Mutlaa Residential City 890 8. Boubyan Port Development 872 9. Khiran Residential City 424 10. Kuwait International Airport 329
  9. 9. Why Kuwait • Kuwait is one of the world's top producers and net exporters of oil. • Kuwait holds the world's sixth largest oil reserves and is one of the top ten global producers and exporters of total petroleum liquids. • Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Kuwait's national oil company, and its subsidiaries control the entire oil sector from upstream to downstream and exports. • Kuwait has implemented enhanced oil recovery measures to boost stagnant production rates. New discoveries have been made, but Kuwait's regulated oil sector hinders further exploration and production. • In an otherwise nationalized oil sector, Project Kuwait attempts to incentivize foreign investment to bring production capacity to 4 million bbl/d by 2020. • Territorial dispute between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia led to the creation of the Partitioned Neutral Zone. Both countries divide equally the production of oil and gas in the zone.
  10. 10. Why Kuwait • Kuwait's domestic consumption has been increasing, but a majority of its production heads to Asia. • Kuwait has recently become a net importer of natural gas, leading the country to focus more on natural gas exploration and development for domestic consumption. • Kuwait's gas sector is also managed by the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. • Kuwait plans to increase gas production to 4 billion cubic feet per day by 2030 in efforts to satisfy domestic consumption and decrease imports of LNG. • Kuwait's electric sector capacity has been extremely slow to expand despite rapidly rising consumption rates over the past decade and persistent power shortages during peak demand periods. • Facing rising electricity demand, the Gulf Cooperation Council, comprised of six Gulf countries, is developing an interconnected power grid.
  11. 11. Changing Skyline • With a population of just 3.8m, the Kuwaiti market is relatively small in global terms. However, abundant oil wealth means that Kuwaiti nationals, who comprise about 1.1m or one-third of the population, tend to be comparatively wealthy, enjoying comfortable salaries and pensions. At an estimated US$45,900 in 2014.
  12. 12. Oil and Gas – Kuwait's Shinning Sector with more 100 Billion KD Projects in Next 5 Years
  13. 13. Kuwait – The Future of Middle East. Opportunities Unlimited
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