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Ha noi local guide


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Free Ha Noi Local Guide
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Ha noi local guide

  1. 1. HA NOI LOCAL GUIDE Hanoi Essential information Getting There far as Ho Chi Minh City, as well as to Dien Bien Phu and the far northwest; Ha Dong By Plane Station is north of town and runs buses Hanoi is a major international gateway. Noi regularly to Lao Cai (near Sapa). Bai International Airport (tel. 04/3886- 5047) is about a 45-minute drive outside the city. Book airport transfer online at Getting Around Hanoi (17 USD/ Hanoi is divided into districts. Most sights 1 way). and accommodations are in Hoan Kiem District (downtown), centered around For domestic connections, your are picturesque Hoan Kiem Lake, and Ba Vietnam Airlines and Jestar (Add: Hoan Dinh (west of town) or Hai Ba Trung Kiem Lake (tel. 04/3832-0320). Ticket (south) districts. purchases are made on the second floor (at a good discount from prices quoted at By Taxi storefront travel agents) Taxis can be hailed on the street, at hotels, and at major attractions. The By Train meter should read between 10,000 VND Hanoi Railway Station, (120 Le Duan and 15,000 VND Hoan Kiem District; tel. 04/3942-3697; The three most reputable companies are ticket office tel. 04/3942-3949), is a Hanoi Taxi (tel. 04/853-5353), Hanoi terminal stop on the Reunification Railroad. Tourist Taxi (tel. 04/856-5656), and Mai Hanoi to Hue, air-conditioned soft berth to Linh (tel. 04/822-2555). Hue costs 460,000 VND, and its 1,003,000 Tip: Make sure the cabbie turns on theH anoi, the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is a pleasant and even charming city, in large parts because of its famous lakes, shaded boulevards andverdant public parks. The Hanoi city center is an architectural museum piece, its blocks VND to Ho Chi Minh City. By Bus meter. Be sure to get your change; drivers often seek a surreptitious tip by claiming that they dont have the rightof old buildings retaining the air of a peaceful and austere provincial town, contrary to Budget traveller cafes in the Old Quarter, amount to give back. mostly along Hang Bac or Hang Be streets,the fast-living and bustling air of Saigon. Hanois Old Quarter with unique characters offer low-luxe seat-in-coach tours. By Private Carrepresents the eternal soul of the city. The best time to visit Hanoi is during the three Services and prices are similar: About Renting a car is convenient. Bookmonths from October to December 690,000 VND earns you an open-tour ticket a car with a driver from $60 a day (or from Hanoi to Saigon with all stops in $35 half day). Book online at between. In this Guide... Local buses arrive at and depart from the following stations: Gia Lam Station By Motorbike (Nguyen Van Cu St., Long Bien District -- Motorbike taxis are a cheap and easy 1.The Essential information 4. Hanoi Walking Tour across the Long Bien Bridge and a few way to get around the city, but drivers go ? to Hanoi by air, train, bus How to get 5. Hanoi after Dark ?around Hanoi Getting clicks to the east of town) runs minibuses like madmen. Be forewarned: This is 6. Things do not miss Useful phrase in Vietnamese language ? and coaches to Haiphong, Halong Bay, transportation for the brave. Haggle hard 7. Top Attractions ?Hanoi ATM in Lang Son, and some destinations in the far with these guys. Motorbike taxi drivers in 8. Around Hanoi Embassies Contact ? northwest Hanoi can also be hired by the hour for 9. About 2. Hanoi street Food Ben Xe Nam Hanoi (Southern Bus 50,000 VND to 70,000 VND, and 3. What to Buy in Hanoi Station; 5km/3 miles south of the city) runs showing the driver the written address of regularly to all stops along the southern where you want to go. coast, starting with Ninh Binh and going as Hanoi Airport Transfer only 17 USD
  2. 2. Hanoi Essential information Hanoi Street FoodTry Mr. Cuongs Motorbike Adventure 5. And you? - Ban thi sao? (ban ty sao?) Embassies & Consulates Banh tom (Crisp shrimp pastry) Ho Tay( 1 Luong Ngoc Quyen St, tel. 04/3926- 6. Whats your name - Ban ten gi (ban Restaurant on the bank of Truc Bach The following is a list of the major1534) thane zee) international embassies in Hanoi: Lake, close to Ho tay (West Lake)Mr. Hungs Vietnam Adventure Tour, 7. My name is... - Toi ten la (thoy thane Australia, 8 Dao Tan (tel. 04/3831-7755); Cha Ca La Vong5A Dinh Liet St. (tel. 04/3926-0938), or la...) Canada, 31 Hung Vuong (tel. 04/3734- 5000);European Union, 83B Ly Thuong 14 Cha Ca Street ( Oldest restaurant,162 Tran Quang Khai St. 8. Thank you - Cam on (gahm un) about 130 years old but quite small and Kiet (tel. 04/3946-1702); New Zealand, 63 9. Youre welcome - Khong co gi (khom Ly Thai To (tel. 04/3824-1481); United dark.). . Daily 11am to 2pm and 5 to 9pm.By Cyclo 107 Nguyen Truong To, Ba Dinh Dist. go zee) Kingdom, 31 Hai Ba Trung (tel. 04/3936-Cyclos are two-seated carts powered by 0500); United States, 7 Lang Ha (tel. 104 Hoa Ma, Hai Ba Trung Dist.- Cha Caa man on a foot-pedal bike riding behind 10. Yes - Vang (vung) 11. No - Khong (khome) 04/3772-1510). China, 46 Hoang Dieu (tel. Kinh Kyyou. Being trundled along among 04/3845-3736); India, 58-60 Tran Hung 12. Excuse me... - Xin loi (seen loy) Dao (tel. 04/3824-4989); Japan, 27 Lieu Bun cha 13. Can you help me? - Ban giup toi duoc Giai (tel. 04/3846-3000); Laos, 22 Tran + Bun Cha Dac Kim I – No.1, Hanh Manh khong? (ban zoop thoy duc khom?) Binh Trong (tel. 04/3942-4576); Malaysia, Street, Old Quarters ( A bit narrow) 14. Good - Tot (thote) 45 Dien Bien Phu (tel. 04/3734-3836); + Bun Cha Dac Kim II – 67 Duong Thanh 15. Bad - Khong tot (khome thote) Myanmar, A3 Van Phuc Compound (tel. Street , Old Quarters ( a three storey 04/3845-3369); The Philippines, 27B Tran building, clean, bright and spacious). Hung Dao (tel. 04/3943-7948); South ATMs in Hanoi Korea, 360 Kim Ma (tel. 04/3831-5111); Rice flour steamed rolls- Banh Cuon, - Australia New Zealand Bank (ANZ)L Thailand, 63-65 Hoang Dieu (tel. 04/3823- 14 Le Thai To St. (tel. 04/825-8190) 14 Hang Ga St. (tel. 04/3828-0108), 5092). consists of minced pork and mushrooms - Citibank, 17 Ngo Quyen St. (tel. 04/3825-1950) rolled into soft rice crepes topped with - Vietcombank, 198 Tran Quan Khai crispy fried garlic and coriander. Cut-up (tel. 04/3934-3137) Hanoi Street Food pieces are dipped in a tasty fish sauce.whizzing motorbikes isnt always verycomfortable, but it can be a nice choice - Hanoi Sacombank: 88 Ly Thuong Kiet Pho Bun Bo Nam Bo, 67 Hang Dieu St. (tel.for touring the Old Quarters narrow (tel. 04/3942-8095) 04/3923-0701), serves only one mainstreets. You can pay as little as 40,000 Youll also find a few money-changing course: bun bo, a dish of fresh riceVND for a short ride, and 60,000 VND for storefronts along Hang Bac Street in the noodles topped with crisp fried garlic,a longer haul. Old Quarter and around the edge of Hoan Kiem Lake. bean sprouts, peanuts, basil, and beef, Tip: Avoid exchanging on the black market. that costs only 30,000 VND. No creditBy Bicycle cards. Daily 7am to 10:30pm.Rental costs for a bike are about $1 per Nguyen Sinh Restaurant Francais, 17-day from a hotel or tourist cafe. The traffic Hospital in Hanoi - Doctors & Hospitals -- International 19 Ly Quoc St., Youll find locals in beretsis daunting, but the brave quickly learn trying out their newest licks on thehow to just stay to the right and join the SOS, at 31 Hai Ba Trung. Hotline: 04/3934-flow. Helmets are generally not 0555 or their clinic at tel. 04/3934-0666, or saxophone, and French expats getting aavailable. v i s i t t h e w e b s i t e a t little taste of home, chatting with the Francophone clientele. Très chic. Daily - Hanoi Family Medical Practice, at Van 7am to 10pm.Useful phrases Phuc Diplomatic Compound, 298 Kim Ma Restaurant Lau Tu Xuyen, 163 Yen Phu + Pho Thin:13 Lo Duc Street (Beef only, (tel. 04/3843-0748), Long standing one but small and dank) and 199 Duong Nghi Tam, are a the best1. Hello! - Xin chao! (seen chow!) - Hanoi French Hospital, south of the place in town to enjoy the real lau, or + P h o 2 4 : w w w. p h o 2 4 . c o m . v n2. Goodbye - Chao (chow!) town center at 1 Phuong Mai Vietnamese hot pot. Add whatever you + Pho Ga: 34 Le Van Huu (Chicken only)3. How are you? - Ban co khoe khong? (tel. 04/3574-0740). + Gia Thuyen Pho: 49 Bat Dan St like -- fresh seafood, beef, poultry, and(ban co kwe khome?) Daily 6 to 11am and 6 to 11pm. vegetables No credit cards. Daily 11am to4. Im fine, thank you! - Cam on ban toi 10pm.khoe (gahm un ban thoy kwe) Hanoi to Halong Bay by Private Car only 86 USD Hue airport Transfer only 14 USD
  3. 3. What to Buy in Hanoi Hanoi Walking TourWhat to Buy in Hanoi branches in various hotel lobbies, is Warehouse (59 Hang Trong St; ) alsoHanoi is a fine place to shop for silk, famous for its silk clothing ranging from has an extensive wine selection. Thesilver, lacquer ware, embroidered goods, shirts to scarves, dresses and suits. Gourmand Shop (56 Ly Thai To) Tan My 109 Hang Gai St. Exquisiteand ethnic-minority crafts. Silk is good embroidery work on childrens clothes and Hanoi Walking Tourquality and an easy buy. bedding is what you will find at this Start: North end of Hoan Kiem Lake (at amazing shop. the Ngoc Son Pagoda).Traditional Items, Antiques & Finish: Return to the north end of HoanSouvenirs KAF Traditional Sculptures and Art Kiem Lake (to Dong Kinh Nghia ThucHong Hoa, on 18 Ngo Quyen St. Accessories 31 B Ba Trieu St. Sq.). Specializing in wood, stone and brass Time: 1 1/2 hours without stops; up to 3Giai Dieu, 82 Hang Gai St. also at 93 Ba hours with exploring, coffee, andTrieu St.), has interesting lacquer lacquer reproduction sculptures of religious icons is what this shop is famous the experience of walking around (or chatting.paintings and decorative items. for. photographing the chaos) is a reason to Best Times: From early morning.For fine ceramics, look to Quangs visit. Worst Times: Middle of the day (too hot).Ceramics, at 95 Ba Trieu St in the Old Art Cho 19-12 (the 19-12 Market) is one ofQuarter. Galleries are mainly in the Old Quarter and Hanois most interesting markets. Just Hoan Kiem Lake Ngoc Son pagodaFor decorative items and souvenirs, look along the shores of central Hoan Kiem. west and in the shadow of the Melia hotel, West from the square is Hang Gai Streetto the streets surrounding Hoan Kiem Dont forget to bargain, and know that, in youll find this labyrinth of local goods, (Hemp St.) Turn right off of Hang Gai andLake. A good place to start is Nha Tho most cases, the paintings you buy are not produce, and oddities. On the south end of look for a small street sign pointing to originals, but copies of well-known the market, near the main entrance, is theStreet. Here youll find silk and house "whole roasted dog" aisle, with crispy Tam Thuong AlleyYen Thai Street Turnwares designers in and among quiet Vietnamese artists. right at the end of Yen Thai Street onto Fidos stacked one atop the other. In thecafes. Books heart of the market are all kinds of che Hang Da Street Take a Break (Bun BoDelta Deco (12 Nha Tho St), a large Check out one of the many shops lining (Vietnamese custard) shops and local Nam Bo, at 67 Hang Dieu St) Turn rightdealer of lacquer ware and fine Trang Tien Street food stalls, as well as meat and produce off of Hang Dieu onto Bat Dan Streetfurnishings, is a popular choice. The Bookworm (15A Ngo Van So, south of stands. You wont be able to get over all the Turn left (go north) on Thuoc Bac Street the lake; tel. 04/3943-7226) dogs here. Hang Phen Street-- Turn right off of CuaClothing, Accessories & Decor In the Old Quarter on Ba Be Street, youll Don to Phung Hung Street Turn right offFor luxury foreign goods, and/or for a find backpacker book repositories Photo Stores of Phung Hung onto Hang Vai Headingglimpse of Vietnams burgeoning mall Try Love Planet Tours and Books, 25 A Dong Photo Company (128 Hangculture, check out Trang Tien Plaza. The east, Hang Vai becomes Lan Ong Street Hang Bac. Also try one of the similar Trong St) A quick left (north) turn brings you to Chatop floor features budget clothing, and budget shops on Bao Khan Street, a Konica Digital Photo Center (3B Le Thailower floors are all real name-brand popular nightlife area on the northeast Ca Street-- Returning to eastbound Lan To St)fashion and electronic goods, the likes of corner of the lake. Ong, turn left (north) onto Hang DuongLevis and Sony. Nguyen Cau Digital Camera Lab(1 Ba I n f o s t o n e s ( 4 1 Tr a n g Ti e n S t , Trieu St) Continue north on Hang Duong, and thenHang Dau Street, on the northeast has a great turn right on Hang Chieu Take a Breakcorner of Hoan Kiem Lake (near the selection of cooking books and the latest (bia hoi stand) Turn right onto Nguyenintersection Lo Su), is positively "shoe international magazines. Convenience To pick up good snacks for a long train or Sieu St Turn left (south) on Hang Giayheaven" and carries a wide selection of Street. Go straight 1 block. Then turn leftmens and ladies shoes. Traditional Markets bus ride, check out Intimex , down a smallLo Su Street meets the lake, youll find alley at 22-23 Le Thai To St., on the west on Hang Buom Street. Immediately on Dong Xuan Market is the citys largestbag sellers with loads of medium- to traditional market and a highlight of a visit side of Hoan Kiem Lake. your left is the important Bach Magood-quality reproductions of your to the Old Quarter. A massive indoor For Western wines and canned products Temple Continue east along Hangfavourite brands, like North Face or pavilion is surrounded by streets teeming from home, try the aptly named Western Buom Street Curves to the right (south),Adidas. with sellers day and night (early morning is Canned Foods (34 Cua Nam St), in the it becomes Ma May Street Heading best to visit). Find lots of Chinese knockoff basement level of the Vietin Bank Building. south on Ma May, turn right at its terminusSilk & Embroidery goods, produce, and stuff for everyday use For fine wines from the choicest regions of with Hang Bac Street Head west onConsider Thanh Ha Silk, 114 Hang Gai in homes -- but there are plenty of neat the world, as well as any kind of liquor or Hang Bac. Turn left (south) on Hang DaoSt. and Mavena Hanoi, 28 Nha Chung trinket shops tucked down the narrow aperitif, stop in at La Cave (35-37 TrangKhai Silk 96 Hang Gai St. This shop, with continues south and ends at Hang Gai lanes of this maze of commerce, and just Thi St). In the heart of the Old Quarter, the and the Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square Hue to DMZ by private car Hoian to Hue by private car: 70 USD
  4. 4. Hanoi After Dark Things do not miss in HanoiHanoi After Dark Bia Hoi: the corner of Ta Hien Street and Location: Around Town u s e f u l w e b s i t eTheater & Performance Luong Ngoc Quyen, in the heart of the Prices: Main courses 45,000 VND- Hanoi Opera House (Hanoi Old Quarter. The kegs flow as long as folks 180,000 VNDMunicipal Theatre), 1 Trang Tien St., are drinking, and sitting among locals in Youll find lots of good French and Things do not miss in HanoiHoan Kiem District (tel. 04/3933-0113), these cozy little joints is an infusion of local Vietnamese dishes at this popular cafe in Try Phohosts performances by local and culture, where you can make friends and It is Vietnams most popular breakfast get close to Hanoi street life. the south end of town. Started in 1995,international artists. Hoa Sua is also an NGO and training made from rice and different kinds of Restaurant school for disadvantaged youth herbs. Pho Thin: 13 Lo Duc Street Al Frescos Jaccs Bia Hoi Cuisine: Tex-Mex Cuisine: International Bia hoi is a very light lager made with no Hours: Daily 9:30am-11pm Hours: Daily 6:30am-midnight preservatives that is probably more Location: 23L Hai Ba Trung St, Hanoi. Location: 49 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi 4th floor similar to Bud Light than anything else Hoan Kiem District, Around Town Hanoi Tower, Around Town you might know. You can try at the Prices: Main courses 150,000 VND- Prices: Main courses 150,000 VND- intersection of Luong Ngoc Quyen and Ta 180,000 VND 450,000 VND Hien Streets. Bia Hoi Hai Loan, 41 Luong Run by Australian expats, Al Frescos two Set on the fourth floor of Hanoi Towers, a Ngoc Quyen floors of friendly, casual dining is sort of like popular executive service building and a T.G.I. Fridays reincarnated in Vietnam. apartment block, Jaccs is a busy bar -- Water Puppet Show in Hanoi With checkered tablecloths, good oldies music, and a great view from the second elbow to elbow during post-work happy Address: 57 Dinh Tien Hoang Street,The Hanoi Traditional Opera, 15 hours -- and the menu features great H a n o i . W e b s i t e :Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ba Dinh District (tel. floor to the street below, this is the place to04/3943-7361), has shows on Monday, bring the kids (or yourself) when theyre in imported steaks, fry-ups, pizzas, and www.thanglongwaterpuppet.orgWednesday, and Friday at 8pm. need of a slice of home. some good local offerings. Time: Daily: 2pm to 8pmCentral Circus, on the north end of The price: 60.000vnd ( 3usd) andThong Nhat Park (formerly Lenin Park), Brothers Café 100.000 ( 5usd).across from the Nikko Hotel, Hai Ba Cuisine: Vietnamese Spas & Fitness The puppets perform in a pool of water inTrung District (tel. 04/3822-0277), has Hours: Daily 11:30am-2pm and 6:15- Thanh Gia (38 Le Thai To St.; tel. 04/3828- 8196), where a 30-minute neck and front of theatre-like seating,shows at 8pm Tuesday through Sunday. 10:30pm Location: 26 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hanoi shoulder massage costs just $5. Its open accompanied by about a dozenIts a real circus done on a small scale, so musicians using traditional Vietnamesesee it only if youre desperate to entertain P r i c e s : L u n c h $ 11 ; d i n n e r $ 1 7 daily from 11am to 11pm. Buffet only, Brothers is an inexpensive QT Salon and Spa offers good massage instruments.the kids. starting point to explore gourmet and beauty services from its two locations: Vietnamese cuisine. 26-28 Le Thai To, on the western edge of Trekking in SapaBars & Pubs and Bia Hoi Hoan Kiem lake, and on the second floor of Sapa in northwest Vietnam is close to theHash House Harriers Bar Ciao Café the Hilton Hotel.( ): good way to Chinese border and serves as the Cuisine: Cafe For hair and nail treatments for ladies, look gateway to the stunning scenery of theconnect with local expats Hours: Daily 7am-11pm for Andre at the Y-Not? Salon, near NhaFunky Monkey Bar at 31 Hang Thung Tho Cathedral (1A Nha Chung St). Tonkinese Alps Location: 2 Hang Bai St, HanoiPolite Pub, at 5 Bao Khanh An outlet of this popular Saigon chain, CiaoApocalypse Now (Star Bowl Centre, Café is a cool two-story place just south of Golf Wander around Hoan Kiem lake andPham Ngoc Thach Dong Da) the lake, with cozy booths and a funky, Art Kings Island Golf Resort and Country old quarterGreen Ho Guom (32 Pho Le Thai To Deco style all its own. It attracts mostly Club is just 35km (22 miles) north of Have an ice cream, wander over theHoan Kiem Lake) Overlooking Hoan locals, making it a fun hangout and people- Hanoi. Call for reservations in Hanoi at tel. picture-perfect red bridge, see youngKiem Lake, the Vietnamese singers start watching perch. 034/686-555 or 04/3772-3160. locals flirting and around 9pm to entertain the mostly Chi Linh Star Golf and Country Club isforeign crowd. Hoa Sua Training Restaurant just east of Kings Island, some 68km (42 Try Cha Ca La VongClub Q (360 Kim Ma Street, Hanoi Cuisine: Vietnamese, French miles) from Hanoi, on the road to a five-generation family-run joint servingDaewoo Hotel) Hours: Daily 11am-10:30pm Haiphong. Contact the office in Hanoi at one dish: fried fish (cha ca). The most tel. 04/3771-9006, or book through the flavourful and delicious Vietnamese meal Hoian to My Son Sanctuary by private car only 35 USD Hoian Airport Transfer only 16 USD
  5. 5. Top Attractions Around HanoiThe Hanoi Hilton (Hoa Lo Prison) Cyclo Ride Hanoi Opera House Around HanoiThis isnt a hotel. This was a name given Go for a Cyclo Ride through the crazy Add: 1 Trang Tien St, Hanoi. Intersection Halong Bay is by far the most popularfor ironic reasons to the original Hoa Lo streets of Hanoi. This is one of the fun of Le Thanh Tong and Trang Tien sts., day trip, or overnight trip, for visitors toPrison that housed many American things to do in Hanoi. Be sure to District 1, Hoan Kiem District Vietnams capital.prisoners during the Vietnam War. The negotiate your price before you set off.list of prisoners included John McCain, Hoa Lo Prison (Hanoi Hilton)the 2008 Republican candidate for US Top Attractions Add: 1 Hoa Lo St, HanoiPresident, who spent a portion of his 5½ Army Museum Hours: Daily 8am-5pmyear imprisonment at this facility. Add: 28A Dien Bien Phu St, Hanoi Location: Off Quan Su St, Hoan Kiem Hours: Tues-Thurs and Sat-Sun 8- District, Hoan Kiem DistrictThe Presidential Palace 11:30am and 1:30-4:30pm Prices: 10,000 VNDDesigned in a uniquely Italian Prices: 12,000 VNDrenaissance style, this was the former Hoan Kiem Lakedwelling place of the French Governor Ho Chi Minhs Mausoleum Hours: Temples daily 8am-5pmGeneral. The former Vietnamese leader, Hours: Tues-Thurs and Sat 8-11am. Last Location: At city center, bordered by TranHo Chi Minh also resided here at one visitors admitted at 10:15am Nhat Duat and Phung Hung sts, Hoantime. Location: On Ba Dinh Sq., Ba Dinh Kiem District District Prices: 12,000 VND Cruise The Red RiverThe Temple of Literature Prices: Free admission National Museum of VietnameseNow used as a Confucian temple, the History Perfume Pagoda: Just 60km (37 miles)building was originally constructed in Ho Chi Minhs Residence south of Hanoi Hours: Tues-Sun 8-11am and 1:30- Hours: Daily 8-11:30am and 1:30-4:30pm1070 and was formerly the site of one of Location: 1 Trang Tien St, Hanoi. Justthe oldest universities in Vietnam. 4:30pm Location: Behind the Presidential Palace east of the opera, Hoan Kiem District Ninh Binh AreaHistorically, it is considered to be one of Prices: 20,000 VND The area is home to Cuc Phuongthe countrys finest sites and tourist at Ba Dinh Sq Prices: Guided tour 5,000 VND National Park, the nations first parkattractions. Quan Su Pagoda (from 1964) and a vast expanse of Hun Tiep Lake and the Downed B-52 Hours: Daily 8-11am and 1-4pm wilderness. Ninh Binhs popular Tam Location: Located just south of West Location: 73 Quan Su St, Hanoi. As it Coc (The Three Grottoes), with itsOne Pillar Pagoda Lake along Hoang Hoa Tham Rd., and a intersects Tran Hung Da, Hoan Kiem towering limestone karst towers, is short walk down Lane 55 heading south, District Prices: Free admission considered the "Halong Bay of the Rice Ba Dinh District Prices: Free admission Fields." Visitors can see the sight from Revolutionary Museum small local rowboats. One-Pillar Pagoda Hours: Daily 8-11:45am and 2-4:15pm Hours: Daily 6-11:30am and 2-6pm Location: 26 Tran Quang Khai St, Hanoi. Hoa Lu, the ancient capital area, Location: Right of Ho Chi Minh Museum, Hoan Kiem (east of the lake near the ring connects with Tam Coc via a scenic little near Ba Dinh Sq, Ba Dinh District road and just adjacent to the old Opera back road; Ken Ga is another scenic area Prices: Free admission Building), Hoan Kiem District -- but for its busy riverside market thats Tip: Its best to wear something full-length Prices: Admission 10,000 VND very much unlike Tam Cocs peaceful (skirt or trousers), not shorts. charm. Just south of Ninh Binh Town is Womens Museum Phat Diem, once home to a large Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts Hours: Tues-Sun 8am-4pm population of French missionaries. The Add: 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hanoi Location: 36 Ly Thuong Kiet St, Hanoi. towns famous cathedral is a highlight.Regarded as one of the countrys most Hours: Daily 8:30am-5pm Hoan Kiem Districticonic attractions, this historic Buddhist Prices: 20,000 VND Prices: 10,000 VNDtemple is a small structure constructedout of timber and perched upon a single West Lake Exploring the Old Townpillar of stone. Emperor Lý Thái Tông Hours: Park is always open Don’t miss: Communal Houses, Buddhistoriginally commissioned the structure in Location: Bordered by Thuy Khue and and Daoist temples, Bach Ma Temple,1049. Thanh Nien sts, Ba Dinh District Old Quarter tube house, European Prices: Free buildings, Hang Thiec Street, Hang Vai Nhatrang Airport Transfer only 18 USD Nha Trang to Mui Ne by Private car
  6. 6. About About Yourlocalbooking.comAbout Chi Minh Private transfer to all destinations in VietWho we are? Nam. You can hire a private car and driver and travel in your own is an ambitiousyoung company, launched in 2010 when All Hotels in Viet Nam. You can book onlineour founders identified a niche in the and get instant to introduce online instant Long Term accommodation in Hoi An.bookings for local travel businesses.Think of as your www.yourlocalbooking.comgateway to a large searchable database info@yourlocalbooking.comof local businesses in Vietnam, includingrestaurants, spa, tours, hotels, bars,airport transfer, car rentals, long termaccommodation. Its like having Our PromiseVietnam at your fingertips.How we start? - Money back guaranteeWe like you, as independent traveller. We - Best value at all timesnot only looking for good online travelbooking sites which offer best prices, but - No hidden feealso looking for something special such - Be there when you needas interact with local people, explorelocal culture, where to eat local food with - Value travel advicestruly local taste. We are looking for somehelps and support from local people who - Network securitycan speak your language in case someproblems arise while travelling. This iswhere we felt existing global onlinesources were not helping much. That isour core idea. We focus on localcustomer service; you never travela l o n e . T h i s i s h o was born.We also work with best local supplierswho could be small or large butconsidering quality and customerservice are priority like us. Localsuppliers are carefully selected to ensurethat they provide the best service at acompetitive price.What we offer?Airport Transfer services to Hanoi, NinhBình, Hai Phong, Hue, Hoi An, NhaTrang, Phu Quoc, Da Lat, Mui Ne, Ho Nha Trang to Da Lat, Phu Quoc Airport Transfer Ho Chi Minh Airport Transfer only 22 USD