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A quick rundown of how to get the

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Posting images to a Drupal site from your mobile phone.
  2. 2. Run into an interesting blog post
  3. 3. Bare-bones but working prototype. Not in the Android market, you have to 'build' the app yourself. I want to try this, so lets see how far we can get with this…
  4. 4. The code needed is on – Android app to send pictures – Drupal module to receive and store said pictures as content items.
  5. 6. Drupal part is easy Install the module, fill out some settings.
  6. 7. Now, to turn this code from github into a working, installable Android app…
  7. 8. Application source code lives on Github. Download it.
  8. 9. Specific tools are needed to turn the source code into an Android app you can install on yer phone: – Eclipse – Android SDK – ADT plugin for Eclipse to use that SDK
  9. 10. Download, install Eclipse IDE
  10. 11. Install extra libraries, plugins, whatnot…
  11. 12. Not only the SDK, but also the ADT plugin, sure!
  12. 17. With everything in place, import the source code as a project in Eclipse
  13. 18. Look up how to 'build' this thing
  14. 19. A lot going on in the right-click menu…
  15. 20. My phone won't even mount on OS X anymore, so Dropbox to the rescue. It installed! I got it working! The UI was really bare-bones!
  16. 22. Discussed this a bit with the developer over IRC. He asked me to put my suggestions in an issue on github. I did.
  17. 24. One day later the suggestions were implemented.
  18. 25. --- Posted with Drupoid: --- Enjoy! Roy Scholten @royscholten