clinical trials drug development process new drug discovery sn1 sn2 nucleophillic substitution reaction test qualitative test classification nomenclature synthesis aldehydes and ketones ketones aldehydes carbonyl types of clinical trials phases of clinical trials monitoring clinical trials managing clinical trials managing monitoring clinical drug development tetrachloromethane dichloromethane sn1 and sn2 reactions chloroform carbon tetrachloride car ccl4 iodoform sn2 sn1 nucleophillic substitution reaction victor mayer test dichromate test mayor victor meyer lucas test for alcohols alcohols alkyl halides ozonolysis alkenes alkanes dienes conjugated elimination beta saytzeffs zaitsev markovnikovs anti markovnikovs zaitsaivs alkanes alkenes dienes diels alder reaction diel's iupac nomenclature 1 introduction classification azepine quinoline isoquinoline pyrazole indole oxazole thiophene pyrimidine acridine thiophene oxazole pyrazole indole quinoline isoqui wolff kishner reduction.  oppenauer-oxidation and birch reduction clemmensen reduction reactions of synthertic importance organic chem me reactions of synthertic importance organic chem imidazole gastrointestinal agents gi agents git agents antimicrobials inorganic chemistry radiopharmaceuticals antidotes poison heterocyclic synthesis heterocyclic compounds classification nomenclature stereochemistry isomerism optical isomerism stereo selective and specific reactions optical pu stereo selective and specific reactions stereo selective reactions racemisation resolution steroechemistry haematinics hematinics astringents expectorant and emetics ipqc solid dosage forms major intra extra cellular electrolytes limit test arsenic usp limit test for lead limit test for iron limit test for heavy metals limit test for arsenic buffers chemistry pharmacy dental products dentifrice
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