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Are You Protecting Your Brand?


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We’ve reached the stage where there’s no denying the importance of social media, with over 1.08 billion active social media users in Asia Pacific accounting for more than half of all social media users worldwide, there are clear benefits for organisations across areas like marketing, customer service, sales and recruitment. At the same time, we must recognise the potential risk behind social media and the impact it can have on your business. What steps have you taken to minimise and mitigate these risks?

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Are You Protecting Your Brand?

  1. 1. PROTECTING YOUR BRAND? are you
  2. 2. 13,000 retweets overnight
  4. 4. WHAT ARE THE RISKS? 89% 81% 73% 67% 46% Legal & Regulatory Risk Brand & Reputational Risk Privacy Risk Information Security Risk Operational Risk Source: Forrester Research Ltd., Q2 2014 Social Risk And Compliance Solutions Wave Customer Reference Online Survey
  6. 6. WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? You have more employees who need social Legal and regulatory bodies are playing catch-up Social media can-of-worms
  7. 7. How Can We Manage Social Risk?
  8. 8. IDENTIFY
  9. 9. IDENTIFY What are your potential risks externally? What risks are posed with new activities? Can we learn from others?
  10. 10. ASSESS
  11. 11. ASSESS Establish a risk assessment framework Evaluate Likelihood vs Impact Prioritise efforts to mitigate
  12. 12. MITIGATE
  13. 13. MITIGATE Establish a decision framework and governance Train and educate staff especially on policies Deploy tools to faciliate
  14. 14. MONITOR
  15. 15. MONITOR Always on Always on Always on
  16. 16. remember You’re not immune Social is always changing Better, deeper customer relationships
  17. 17. contact me andy yeo twitter: @yeoa