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Socialtrafficdashboardreview 130902094745-phpapp02

  1. 1. Social Traffic Dashboard Reviews Welcome to Social Traffic Dashboard Review, you can get more detail information about Social Traffic Dashboard at here! Social Traffic Dashboard Overviews Social Traffic Dashboard is a new product from Sue Worthington coming on Sep 2 2013 . Here is more details of this launching ,please visit us more regular to get updated information : Product: Social Traffic Dashboard Author : Mrs. Sue Worthington Launching Date : Sep 2nd 2013 12:00EST Updated price : $ 10 Product Niche: Social Media Niche Money-back Assure : Yes
  2. 2. Delivery Period of Time :Quick Delivery The Social Traffic Dashboard is a video training product that reveals free Social Traffic generation strategies that are easy to follow, and if implemented will result in an explosion of traffic. They cover the 6 big Social Sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+ The basic level of the product shares tactics for preparing your profiles properly, getting targeted followers, followed by 24 traffic strategy videos – 4 for each site. Features of Social Traffic Dashboard ( STD)  Video based training course created to assist you to massively improve the amount of traffic to your business by using free Social Media strategies.  Show you how to be confident that your profile is ready for traffic, and you have the targeted followers.  4( four ) traffic strategy videos for each of the 6(six) big Social sites – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Google Plus. Author’s comments : STD is a video training course that disclose free Social Traffic generation tactics that are easy to follow, and if implemented will result in an explosion of traffic.
  3. 3. They widely mention the 6 big Social Media Sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+ Everyone in IM all need traffic and we always use Social Media, so we’ve put the 2 together to use Social platforms in the most effective ways to watch that traffic flow. The basic level of the product shares tactics for preparing your profiles properly, getting targeted followers, followed by 24 traffic strategy videos – 4 for each site. How to get Social Traffic Dashboard Click LINK below to find more: Some User Review about Social Traffic Dashboard
  4. 4. “Sue is fast becoming a rising star in the world of Social Media, with many success stories to report. Anything she puts out is always first class and I can guarantee that this is no different. This is something you need if you want to take your business to the next level using Social Media.” John Thornhill - “This girl Sue Worthington is ON FIRE RIGHT NOW and trust me this product is KILLER! I’ve seen it personally and when you see it I’m sure you’ll agree.’” Omar Martin -
  5. 5. “We all know that social media is rapidly taking over the world – and so is Sue Worthington! Social Traffic Dashboard is an incredibly comprehensive, detailed and easy to follow course which will show you the best (and easiest) ways to get a TON of traffic from the main social media sites. Without traffic, your business will die but with this course, you’ll have all of the targeted, buying visitors that you’ll ever need. I thought we used social media well… until I saw this course! So thanks for putting this together, Sue!” Marc Milburn - “Sue Worthington is my go to person for Social Media, period! She is following up her last product, “Social Media Spider’s Web” with her latest masterpiece…”Social Traffic Dashboard!” I’m one of the select few who have been granted early access to her product. It follows in the natural progression of learning Social Media. With her
  6. 6. last product, we were taught the fundamentals of Social Media…with “Social Traffic Dashboard,” we will learn how to utilize Social Media to obtain traffic to our offers. Without eyes looking at what you are offering, you will fail. Let me tell you, there are so many gold nuggets that I was able to glean from here. Are you kidding me, the depth of information covered is absolutely astounding! You will feel like you are receiving an MBA degree in Social Media. I can’t wait to see what else Sue Worthington has up her sleeves! Buy with confidence! This receives my highest recommendations!” George Nieves aka The Overload King - “Just finished reviewing the Social Traffic Dashboard and all I can say is WOW. Sue Worthington has created the prototype product concerning social media. This is the product you want to get if you want to make inroads into the fastest growing segment of internet marketing. Firstly, the dashboard is well laid out with 8 easy to understand subjects. The third button is Start Here, so I hovered my mouse over it and the three memberships were revealed: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  7. 7. The silver membership contain a video introduction, a well-written 118 pages E-Book, a mindmap of the process plus 6 modules. These modules are Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Each social media contain a total of 6 very well-laid-out short videos beginning with preparation followed by a how-to-find followers video and 4 more short videos encompassing different strategies for each one. I love the consistent approach that Sue has taken with each module. The bonuses for the silver membership consists of behind-the-scene peeks of Sue’s intimate strategies that she personally uses for each of her social accounts. I’m personally looking forward to joining her Facebook group which is only open for subscribers. I’m sure that’ll be worth the price of admission all by itself. Though I did not have the luxury of accessing the other membership sites, I did take a sneak peek inside to see what’s available and I’m totally impressed with the amount of valuable content and information she has produced. I’m looking forward to implementing the written information as well as following these videos because I recognize that social media is the fastest growing part of the internet marketing business and I don’t want to continue losing potential business and the friendships made along the journey. Thanks Sue for an outstanding product.”
  8. 8. Guy Martin & Bill Newland - & “Social media is never going to become an obsolete subject. In fact, interest in using it for business is only going to grow. And you are right on top of it, with your knowledge and expertise. I am totally in love with “Social Traffic”. It not only contains step-by-step clear and concise videos on how to set things up with major social media platforms, but it also has transcripts to accompany them, and a whole e- book on the subject…. Wow! It’s always a pleasure to hear your calm, friendly, clear voice explaining how things work, with pictures to go with them – for even more clarity. I have learned so much new regarding social media from your videos. I have looked at social media sites and business opportunities they present with completely different eyes. I must admit – I have been quite lazy with my social media marketing up till now. “Social Traffic” has helped me to see how much I was missing out on. I want to start re-doing my profiles and catching upon it, using
  9. 9. what I have learned, straight away! It is clear, easy to understand and remember, with lots of priceless tips which you have shared generously, links to websites which are aimed at cutting time and making work so much faster and easier… I am sure that it will be a very successful launch. Wishing you all the best with it! ” Galina St George - After Read many Social Traffic Dashboard Review, you can make a decision yourself! CLICK HERE NOW TO GET IT!